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Yesterday I uploaded my first backup data from my home server successfully. Then I checked my Wasabi bill and be shocked.


What's the Timed Deleted Storage? This item costs too much. I guess I was misled by Wasabi's advertisements.


The price of $5.99 / TB / Month, no upload and download traffic fees, is my first impression of Wasabi and the reason why I choose Wasabi. But I didn't read the other charge entry carefully.

Here is an example on the Wasabi official blog about Timed Deleted Storage.


In a word, when you upload data, Wasabi directly charges you a one-time data fee for 90 days, whether you delete it or not. After 90 days, Wasabi charges by the day.

Now I know why Wasabi do not charge upload and download traffic fee.

So I have to change my storage strategy to save money.

The backup data will be updated every about 90 days.

After starting Steemd, Syncing 90 days data will not a long time thing I think.

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Thank you!


Why not give hetzner storage box a try? 4 euros per TB per month approx. Plus unlimited traffic!

It seems great. I'll try that later.

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