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Last month I migrated my steem backup data service to Wasabi( And my home network was the worst thing to avoid my backup data uploading.

My home network operator will be automaticaly redialed every indefinite time, which means that the network will disconnectd at an indefinite time during data uploading. The official aws cli tool does not support breakpoint resuming. So the new version backup data is still uploaded failed.

I had to write a tool to support breakpoint resuming and it effects like this:


You can see that when the network is unstable, my upload tool can still run normally and can keep retrying.

Just finally finally finally completed the transfer of the first steem backup file. Other type backup data is on the way.

In order to reduce operating costs, it is really heartbreaking.

Thank you for reading. I'm a witness. You could find more on my site

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Thank you!


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