My New Phase in Steem - A New Challenge - This Post Was Written With My Heart and Soul For All You of This Amazing Steem Community!

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Hi dear steemians!

Today I would like to share with you all about one more step that I'm starting on Steem! I also want to share with you a part of my journey here so that those who have not accompanied me from the beginning and know why I say that a new challenge begins for me and for all of you because I just equipped myself and decided to become one WITNESS and I would like to share very important topics in this post so you know why this decision is so important to all of us.

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I started on Steem about 1 year ago through an invitation from a friend. I hesitated because as many of you already know I have a very busy life as an entrepreneur, speaker and as a public figure because I have my artistic career also requires that I dedicate a lot of time to it.

But after a few weeks I started and invested between 5-10 thousand steem and began to dedicate myself to doing my posts with always with the intention of sharing my life experience and helping people to program their mindsets to reach their goals and to this day I have written about 500 posts so far.

It is hard work but I am sure that we have built a community with very clear foundations for all of us being respect above all, generosity and positivism even in difficult times for some people, but without these fundamentals I can guarantee that nothing can be prosperous .

On this journey I met incredible people who helped me on a new world because they believe Steem is an incredible platform and in steemit you have many things to learn.

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So I had a strong desire for my message to reach as many people as fast as possible and when I had about 30 days on steemit it was the beginning of the Bid Bots.

I started using the Bots for the purpose I described above and at the beginning I was very attacked by it but I did not care because when we do things with good intention our soul is clean and light to continue with our goals.

I have never attacked a person in steem even when attacked because I always talk about the fundamental basis called respect and I learned this from as a child with the education I received from my parents and with all my baking that is reported in many of my posts especially those from the beginning where I talk a lot about her and always be very clear and honest with all of you!


When I started growing up on steem and was still a dolphin I started receiving many messages in my steem chat from people asking me for help with basic things like money for food, requests for votes to help them earn some money so they can survive and it is Of course among these people had some fake ones too but with my life experience was able to quickly identify those.

But I am very proud to say that I have never denied help to someone I really needed and many of you here know this and then I started making many donations of votes for many people to help them and I did a calculation stoma and only this year I donated about 10,000 dollars to people or noble causes that I had been presented here at steemit.

What many do not know but now I will be very clear with you is that these donations were made with my profits obtained with Bots, I donated all the profit I got with the Bots and a little more than that.

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I always defended the Bots. I know that at the beginning of the Bots they were a shock to many, some agreed, others not, but I always bested the Bots as part of the ecosystem and I've never seen any problems with this because it's a way for you to invest and make money turn in platform and everyone wins with it. Authors, curators, Bots owners, developers and one thing is inevitable: Any change will never please everyone but we have to adapt and progress with the changes so if you ask me I will always be transparent in responding.

Did I use the Bots? Yes!

Why? Because at first I wanted my message to reach the greatest number of people and then it became the main path that enabled me to make many donations.

And I lost money with the Bots? Yes at first but then I started to study better how this worked to make a profit.

Then people began to ask me for help to teach them how to use the Bots and I taught them almost a hundred of them how to use the bots to earn a little more money and believe me! None of these people had too many steem I did not teach anyone who had a lot of money and that was very gratifying for me because I started getting messages from people I taught me thanking me because they had made a profit of 7, 8 10, 15% with the Bots and many times they sent me pictures of what they got compared to a few steems more in their wallets.

They were pictures of shoes for their children, food, really basic things, and I get a lot of it because at that moment these people came to understand that they could make money with steem without depending on someone else's help to survive.

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I was able to develop the mindset of many people? Yes, I'm sure of it. It's very easy for people to criticize what you do but do not really know what you're doing like teaching people, donations with my profit and many things I'm not going to stay here talking about.

We live in a complicated world today and we have to be aware of it but there are people who do not seem to understand that we have to be more generous, respectful to all cultures and people, to be charitable when we can be.

I recently made a large donation and set up a wheelchair donation campaign for needy people and believe me, only the people who had less SP gave the most donations for this campaign, I did not see a dolphin, whale or witness make a donation to that cause noble and it is very difficult for me to understand some things. What will be missing for anyone who has 10, 20, 30 steems 20, 50, 100 thousand or more steems?

Today I was talking to a friend and he asked me: chbartist why are you in steemit? Why do you want to be a witness? You already have everything and a busy life.

I told him that I do not know for sure but I have made many friends here knowing true, honest, generous people and that this made me believe every day more in the steem and I believe that many people are still going to benefit a lot from steem and me thanks to all the developers for working to always do the best even if sometimes someone does not agree with some things, but every effort must be recognized and I am very grateful to all of you developers.

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I decided to become wittness for some particular reasons:

I receive over 100 messages a day in my steem chat from people asking me for help and I really can not alone help everyone and also do not have time to read all messages.

But as witnees I saw the possibility of being able to help more people because as soon as I reach a position in the ranking that I can pay the maintenance costs of this structure and earn some profit:


But I thought: What is the best way to make these donations?

A friend told me about people who were doing a great job with causes and introduced me to @fundition and really they have done an amazing job.

I talked to them and I understood how they work with the causes and I was very pleased with what I heard from them because they check all the causes to make sure they are true and legitimate and help people a lot with the way they work because they They really are generous and very kind people.

We talked for a while and I decided that @fundition will be a guide to my future donations and if similar projects arise as theirs I will be with my eyes open to noble causes as I have always done.

I am looking a lot for many countries but I really want to develop steem culture in Latin America because it is very unknown to people and I will do whatever it takes to make steem known to people in Latin America and I am sure that few with the help of all of you to spread this message we will achieve this goal.

In addition, I will also continue to look at the whole world because I believe we can make many people from many countries invest in steem but for this we need to build a real community that is attractive to the investor and I believe that the best way to do this is show the world that we respect all cultures, we are different because we have education, we are positive and with positivity everything happens and with the help of the excellent developers that we are lucky to be able to count on steem we will conquer this day after day and we will all gain a lot if we walk that way in this way.

We can not be hypocrites, we are all here to make money but we can do this with the ingredient of generosity.

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We need everyone to make an extra effort and invest in steem, I remember a post that I almost begged people not to sell their steems when it was 0.20 cents and make the extra effort to buy steems and not sell.

Some people listened and today they are enjoying it because the steem is more than 100% valued and I congratulate all those who have tried a little more to invest and I believe that we are only in the beginning.

I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to read this post and I would be very grateful to receive your vote.

What does it mean to vote for the chbartist?

It means that you will be helping me to climb positions in the witness ranks and the more votes we have, the faster we will all be able to achieve the main goal of that decision, which is to be able to donate part of the profits to very great noble causes like Steem.

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For you to vote, simply click on the link below and log in to steemconnect and give your vote!

Vote for chbartist here:

I apologize that something might have been misunderstood in this post but I can assure you all that my intentions have always been and will be the best for the whole community and I could write many more facts in this post but it would be very extensive. But really that you understood my words with good intention.

Witness Server:
Intel i7
1gbit/s network

I would like to special thank you all for having been together with me so far on this journey.

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Your following reason to become witness is quite unique one.


Wish you all the success in this new venture.

And a little witness promotion on Twitter to my #Seven77 pushups friends and to #steemtweets

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Oh Man, Thank you so much for your support and engagement!

Beautiful seen look like gold 🥇 on the sea 🌊

In what ways do you engage or add to the community?

I just see you promoting yourself to trending each day.

I'm really unclear on what you have to offer as a witness.

Please advise

Absolutly agree with you.
I am also happy to read that he support charity projects but that is not a solution for us. That right now just hurt the steem ecosystem.
I think we are not in that stage right now.

Will be much happier if that steem will be in a hands of those people who power it up and useing it.
Bringing more content creators to the platform instead of cashing it out.

When the steem will be stronger and we have a 1 million active users than i dont mind.
I also like the positive mindset posts but even i can boost it if i want i dont feel that i should do that. I give a small boost and thats it but not every day to a trending.

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I don't fully understand how steem works but I agree. Content creators are vital to the platform.

I respect you and you are free to your choices and concepts. Regards. If you want talk better with me you can use discord or steem chat. Regards

Yeah, why would anyone give this guy a witness vote when he does not even use his steem power to up vote people everyday. Currently has 96% power right now.....

congrats buddy, I will get all the members of the Steeminati to vote for you...
our bots will becoming online shortly as well...


About 231.59$ has been spent to promote this content using Steemium

hello everyone ...

From @sc-v, we support this @chbartist initiative, we know that you are a noble person, with good ideas and constructive advice.

Community, stewardship, positive force and focus...

All of these things are integral to the forward path of this Steem'verse, yes...
I have not been here long; June of 2017 but had to take an extended leave due to a Multiple Sclerosis flare. However, I have returned and I am trying to make a difference. Brought here originally by @bearone, I have learned there is much more to this place than meets the eye! Currently... I am writing for the @steembasicincome group; founded by @josephsavage... also; I am a Moderator at the #SteemTerminal Discord group... there are wonderful people there like @xcountytravelers, @thekittygirl, and @brittandjosie... A place for new Steemians to go and learn. Also a member of #steemusa; a great group of people there as well; @tattoodjay, @dswigle, @old-guy-photos... too many to mention.

I recently did an interview with @ecoinstant; we discussed the very things you speak of...helping, community... he is in tune with @nathanmars as well...

Look, this isn't a plug session, but rather, my agreement with your reasoning; we must realize this "place" won't benefit or help...without ALL of us thinking about ALL of us. You use a bot to get votes, and have the transparency to admit you are doing to help others? Bravo...

Thank you for being real...and for what you are doing...

Love and light


Dear @chbartist
Best wishes for being #steem vote witness
I am here on your post after more than one month. I apologise for it..
I want to see your growth day by day..
Thank you

Hi @certain! How are U? we missing you here! Thank you so much. Good see you. Regards!

Sorry dear @chbartist
There was an opportunity for me to growth on steemit, so I was busy on my post. Now you can see, now I have reached near about 63 reputation and near about one thousand SP.
I was daily posting 4 post. so I could not participate on your post as much others. Now I am feeling relax and will contribute on your post.
Having good guiders like you feeling good.
You can see my daily one post inspired by your post..
Thank you for everything.

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I'm following you bro help me also

Muchas felicitaciones @chbartist. De verdad muchísimas gracias por todos tus post. Soy muy nuevo en esta pagina y desde que llegue has sido mi ejemplo para poder sobresalir acá por que con trabajo inteligente y con muchas ganas me va a ir muy bien acá.
No se si llegaras a leer mi comentario, pero de verdad cuenta conmigo para cualquier iniciativa y causa que sea para mejorar al mundo y también a esta hermosa comunidad.
Gracias otra vez por tus magníficos post y por enseñarnos a como triunfar en la vida y en esta plataforma.

I really admire the work you've done.
Truly we need motivation from people like you in our lives. If we give up our greed and start caring, the world would be a better place then.

I am new at steem and I don’t really know what I am doing here and what is the way to actually donate something here or even earn something. But I can see, you have a really good heart and good things happen with people with a good heart.❤️ Keep up the good work. I wish there were more People like you in The world.

People like you need in the world, you're great! humility, humility and more humility.

This post has been resteemed!

good work. keep it up

I support your witness. Let's keep the flag flying for humanity sake

Sinceramente aplaudo y felicito tu decisión y tu campaña. Excelentes razones... Saludos from Venezuela

We are and always be together as a good community! hopefully I'll recieve soemof readers in my profile too as lack of readers is demotivating, always reading, commenting and upvoting your post to be a part of this rising community andhopefully this participation might help me too in order to bring on few of my community member's interest in my post.

nice one, if we believe in, it will be here for us to share thoughts

Nobless is what we miss in our world.
Wish you the best. We all, steemians who follow you, thank you for the help you offer to newbies.
We are here to help each other. And I am here if I can do anything to help.
Best regards.

felicidades @chbartist , eres increíble y realmente eres lo que mereces!!!! saludos cariñosos desde Argentina 🙋🏻‍♀️

I would like to thank you for your great job.
I encourage you.
Good luck.

Thank you for what you do, you inspire to be better.

chbartist in this post the main reason to become the popular post is that you reply many people and many people got upvotes,
And you rewareded people with high votes,
you can get 2000 comment every post if you awarded every one with 0.01 or 0.001 reward people wih little bit of vote you can reward with smales vote I swearly you will the highest coments and up votes on your every post.

lt is so beautiful,it is more important post than a other post.i thing you will be send most interesting post.

Best of luck becoming a witness. In your post you speak quite alot about using bots. Personally I don't mind if people use them or not. Sometimes good content needs to be pushed a bit more. It's your money so you should make no apologises whether you use them or not. If people don't want t read them the there are plenty more posts . I have seen you attacked on here which I don't know why. People can get a bit salty when a successful person comes in and starts trending using bots. Anyway best of luck with the witness thing. I will hold off my vote for now as I like my witness's like I like my politicans. To come to my doorstep and tell me why I should vote for them. Maybe some interaction. So why should I vote for you as a witness? What are your ideas for future of steemit? And have you any games in the pipeline?

I don't know you personally, but reading this article, I KNOW that you are great person and please continue with your great work!

Wish you the best!

Thanks friend, it is very emotional for new users

Hi chbartist, it is nice for you to share your story with us. I have recently began to explore the potential of bid bots and I feel like I'm just scratching the surface while struggling to break even with investment.
How exactly do you calculate your investment with bots? I came to the conclusion that I must calculate my investment to be lower than 70% of the received vote value in order to cover the curation rewards and make a little bit of profit.
Am I doing it wrong? Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

My friends I meet true generous is you @chbartist Godbless to you a lot of people recieve your help througth votes

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Thanks for focusing on growth and giving back. You have my vote! Best of luck.

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My vote might not mean much but I gave a witness vote for you. Good luck on your future initiatives!


WITNESS @chbartist
best of the luck boss

Congratulations @chbartist.I really believe you are truly a nice person.

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I think that is very interesting your porposal. Thanks for sharing it. In today's complex world it is really important to mantain noble causes alive and support each other.

Congrats chbartist. More responsibility in your shoulder.Best of luck

An inspiring journey sir. I salute you for having a heart to help for a cause. I will vote for you sir.

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Wow a masterpiece.. good luck. 👍

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Greetings [email protected] of the greatest sincerity I congratulate you. You really have a very big and noble heart. I congratulate you for all that and that is the greatest and important achievement that we can achieve and always help our neighbor and more when we do it from the heart. A big greeting from Venezuela

Good luck, you have my vote! 👍🏽

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Hola, muy buenas palabras amigo. Es esencial para todos nosotros pensar asi y podamos avanzar personalmente construyendo valores para asi tener un mundo mejor con personas que sepan valorar todo a nuestro alrededor. Todo esta en nuestras palabras y acciones, espero que muchos tomen en cuenta tu reflexion. Saludos desde Venezuela

To support people who need help I find very good.
Surely there are many people who have to fear for their food every day.
As a mentor you have a big responsibility and can change a lot.

Yikes! After reading this post I am wondering how I got here! I was not referred by anyone but somehow came across this website and started reading the posts and immediately joined to get richer, yes, but not to make money.

The comment "we are all here to make money" threw me for a loop. I did not even know we could, much less how. I guess I must have skipped the 'read about' part. At the risk of sounding uninformed, I do confess.

I do feel so much wealthier being here and reading the posts, yours being one of my favorites to follow. As I read up and figure how the money making part and voting works I would be more than happy to donate and vote.

Meanwhile, I offer my deep gratitude for all you give.

Dear @chbartist

Thank you for sharing link to your publication with me. I already voted on you a moment ago.

Personally I'm not sure why would you like to become a witness. It seem to be a very "dirty business" to become one. Loads of unwanted attention, judgements and clashes with other whales and witnesses is what is ahead of you.

Would you be able to tell me what will be your respnsibilities? Just wondering.

only the people who had less SP gave the most donations for this campaign, I did not see a dolphin, whale or witness make a donation to that cause

There is a saying, that wealthy people are wealthy because they do not share their wealth. Instead they expand their wealth.

And poor are poor because they like to help others and end up always not having enough resources to become rich.

Voted already
Yours, Piotr

Dear Pete,

"There is a saying, that wealthy people are wealthy because they do not share their wealth. Instead they expand their wealth.

And poor are poor because they like to help others and end up always not having enough resources to become rich."

Those words are true to the core. But there is one truth hidden within this truth, which throws light on everything and proves rather simply that humanitarian attitude is much more important than money.

All of the religions preach just one simple thing, but maybe in different ways/with different words/through different examples, but as we all know, the TRUTH IS ONE AND ONLY ONE.

"Protect Dharma and it will definitely protect you."

I am citing this one from Hinduism as an example.

In a very crucial period of our lives, we need the support of some good souls to survive the acid tests that comes our way. If you would have offered timely help to some x or y, the Almighty would return back the same to you At the moment you need it most.

At the same time, while doing a good thing, we should not expect anything out of it and we should also do not reveal it to anybody.

If suppose a person needs to be enlightened about the greatness of sharing our resources, we may reveal the truth to him so as to bring a change in his mindset and attitude. This is what @chbartist is doing and that has to be appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.

Just thought of sharing my opinion and hence this comment to your comment.

Dear @marvyinnovation

Thank you for that amazing comment. I only had a chance to read it now. Appreciate.

Yours, Piotr

Thanks Sir for your kind words.

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I wish you much success with your witness, @chbartist! I see it as a positive for the community to have another "community oriented" witness in the mix.

Whereas I was never a fan of bid bots, I can see their purpose when used to promote content that has authentic value to the world, but most often they seem to have been (mis)used by those using low quality content to simply fuel their usage of Steem as a glorified "cash machine," while primarily making the bot owners rich and everyone else poorer. And the ones who are simply using Steem as a "cash machine" are also the ones you mention who keep selling their Steem and thus putting downward pressure on the price.

But no mind — much success to you!

Bright Blessings!

I wish you the best friend you are a source of inspiration for people like me that we are just starting with this really we will continue to support you by people like you the world has improved we must do what we designate the heart when we create it right and know that these L Ogrando something positive in doing so follows determined and determined because God is powerful

So inspiring. I am compelled by your generous heart and love for the community

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What a beautiful publication friend. I have been following you for a long time, and I can say that everything you say is true, I have received your support which has helped me a lot, and that is something I thank you very much. I am very happy that you have reached this goal of your life, I am sure that everything you set out to achieve. I congratulate you and wish you the best in this new stage of your life in steemit, I know that you will do very well. I will continue to support you always, because you have helped me a lot without asking for anything in return and I am grateful to you. Thank you so much. I have already voted to support you as a witness. Successes and blessings for you, your family and all your projects!

I was just asking myself if I should continue to post on Steem since it has become so Bot dependant... Your post definitely gives me a boost to keep growing here, that way hopefully I too can give back in a bigger way some day :)

Thanks and best wishes

Buddha gold small.jpg

artwork by: @ArtZanolino

Gracias por compartir tan excelente edición..!! Saludos desde Venezuela!

Keep up the good fight. Also keep in mind that, doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason, never needs justification.

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More Power for you.
Hope for your success.
Greater things are yet to come hopefully if your there.

You have my vote, sir.

Today is my 7th day on #steemit platform, and I have had the opportunity to read two of your posts. I have been Wowed each time. Your post has impacted me positively. I appreciate the way you put matters in perspective.
I joined the community initially with the aim of achieving financial freedom, but I also belief that we rise by uplifting others.
Though I am still taking baby steps on this platform, I will support this noble cause of yours in every way I can.
Thank you It was a good read!

You are very welcome @ayojewels! Success

I don't run a witness node myself, but I've looked into running one and besides the cost, running a witness node requires someone technically proficient with setting up a node, keeping it up to update, handling patches and other issues, having to scale resources as the blockchain grows.

Your content is never technical, you post faux inspirational posts multiple times per day and bot them to trending. It's your money, your choice, but are you technically capable of running a witness node or are you just going to outsource running the node like you do with your writing?

It takes more than buying a server and installing the software to be a witness. Ask any of the prominent witnesses in this community, it's not easy. Ask them how the last hard fork went for them...

You're not going to make much money being a low level witness. You're going to lose money on the prohibitively expensive server costs being a witness. If you're lucky to get close to the top, you might cover your costs if the price of Steem recovers and holds.

If you truly wanted to donate and help good causes, why aren't you donating part of your bid bot profits to these causes and needy Steemians?

You want to become a witness to help people, but you're already in a position where you can help people now. Using witness votes for bargaining power to help people, smells like a politician running for office and soliciting donations, so when they get into power they can "help" people.

I don't know you personally, so I am making assumptions here. Maybe you really are doing this for good intentions, but money changes people.

You detailed why you want to be a witness, but gave no assurances of your technical competency. Money can buy you upvotes, but I don't just hand out witness votes. Are you technically capable of handling the required server tasks needed to be a witness?


Perfect! lol

Your comment shows that you do not know anything about me. I have 3 technology companies, but I'm not going to be discussing it publicly with you because if you knew me and knew that who I am as an entrepreneur something about my journey, my hand would be saying that. But I respectfully just say that your comment does not make sense, I am an authority for being a coach and speaker in my country and I am a public figure, and if you understand that my content is not good for you it is because you already know everything of life and I'm glad that's because it shows that you probably should have $ 1 million in your bank account to be able to talk that. So I wish you a lot of success, and I understand that you too are a comedian, I could see it on your blog in your wallet. greetings

Hello dear chbartist I often follow your post. I am very inspired by seeing you this article today. I have been a steemit community for a month. There are currently no achievements. I hope you can teach me how to do it. I really want to get this job and pay.

Your comment shows that you do not know anything about me.

I only know what you let myself and other Steemians in the community see. To my knowledge, you've never once posted anything other than your rhetorical life coach motivational content. And this is not a criticism of your content (even if I am not a fan of it). Maybe if you want to be a witness, it's time to open up and post non-out sourced content every once in a while.

I have 3 technology companies

Having technology companies do not make you technically capable of being a witness. Anyone who can make the investment in people and capital for starting a business can start a technology company. If you're running 3 companies, where do you find the time to post the content you allegedly write? Because we both know you don't write your own content.

But I respectfully just say that your comment does not make sense, I am an authority for being a coach and speaker in my country and I am a public figure

If you're an authority and public figure, why do you choose to remain anonymous on Steem? You want to be a witness and you say it's because you want to help people, a noble cause, but if you're not willing to let us see behind the mask, you can say and do anything you want.

Please bear in mind I am not attacking you, but I am sceptical. Being a witness is no walk in the park, you're more than welcome to be one, I am not saying that you shouldn't, I was more so asking why should I or others vote for you? Because this post says a lot, but also manages to not say a lot as well.

you're not willing to let us see behind the mask

Dude, all of his first post had picture of him with his name.
I don't know why you'd need to see or know more than that.

Well said.


You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

How are magically supposed to know your technical skills. Of course we don't know you.

You post one plastic "feel good" article a day. That does not meet any criteria for being a witness.

Please tell us without being butt hurt what you have to bring to the role.

Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Hello my dear friend @chbartist I apologize with you because I don’t write a quality comment in all your post.

Since I met you and read all your post I say always to myself that your are an incredible person because in all your content you are showing something especial for people and trying to help them.

I remember when I had a just small 1 Steem Power in my account and get some Steem just for commenting and voting just 3 times, it was very difficult at the beginning and I’m still at the beginning..

I just try to be very polite and show a lot of Respect all people. I you said respect is everything for us.

About donations: Yes. as you said I never saw a dolphin or whale helping this campaign about wheelchair. But in that time with my small account I did my small donations to them ..!!!

I’m trying to help more people and my biggest post was give 100,000 Steem as a bounty for Venezuelan People, and send some small transfer 3 or 4 people, but as we know this is not enough for them..

Actually I remember one of your post where you said and invite us to invest on Steem and I want to give you a big thanks for that recommendation. I did. I invested some money and doing that yet. And my account is working more everyday..

I asked you to tag me months ago, but I know you are very busy and difficult to read and reply all of them, that’s ok for me I respect that.. I WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU TO TAG ME IN YOUR LIST ...

And be sure you count with my vote for your witness...

As always say, you have all my RESPECT.

Edgar from Mexico.

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Extraordinarias reflexiones @chabartist cuenta con todo mi apoyo , con seres como tu estamos construyendo un mundo mejor, donde la solidaridad es imprescindible para que la raza humana pueda superar los grandes males que nos afectan, agradecido a la vida por encontrarte en mi camino espero podamos seguir compartiendo por muchos años mas, sería muy interesante que pudieras visitar latinoamerica y que pudieras llevar tu mensaje de esperanza y amor, saludos y abrazos nuestroamericano

Hola amigo @josevsierra, no te preocupes todavía voy a hacer un concierto o una conferencia en América Latina. Gracias y no se olvide de dar su voto a Witness! Y me agradecería si usted pidiera a sus amigos votar también.

¡Estamos juntos!

All the best to you @chbartist, this post is a good read and it explains your motives and goals succinctly. I admire your achievements on this platform in only one year along with your side projects helping others which is admirable. Although I have only been part of your community for a number of weeks, I have read quite a few of your older posts and am grasping your mindset concepts and can see how my own life has lacked certain aspects of self respect and self worth. Helping others who maybe didn’t deserve it and not valueing myself enough to ensure my own success and subsequent growth of wealth. Had I done so I would now be in a much better position to aide others and initiate projects that could really make a difference to others lives.
About 11 years ago I made the decision to stop helping people who would not help themselves, it had brought me a lot of loss financially and to my soul. So I started volunteering for two not for profit groups, a community technology centre with my IT skills and a wildlife group as their records officer. Immediately this service to my community halted the stream of no hopers that had always found their way to my door. I am starting to see now why I have not had success in the world, but I am not overly worried about it, just see how I could have done things differently. I hope you don’t mind me making this comment on your post, I just felt that your inspiration needs recognition from those of us who have been reading your wise words and making small changes in our lives that will hopefully one day make a difference to ourselves and to others. Good luck with your witness project. If I can find a way to make enough solar power to run a server I would also love to do it. Maybe one day.🙏

Thank you for your amazing comment! Regards @enjoycompany

Thank you🙏 I voted for you as witness, all the best

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Saludos @chbartist. Es admirable tu trayectoria y la generosa meta que te trazaste de ayudar a los demás, eso dice mucho de ti como persona. Apenas he compartido en tu espacio pero me gusta lo que haces y cómo lo haces. Cuentas con mi apoyo y mucha suerte en este nuevo reto.

Witness game is hard. Good luck out there!

Thank you so much @aggroed! You are a very kind person! Regards

I understand @aggroed but I can assure you that if it's a hard game I can assure you that I've played worse on my journey. Anyway thank you and I would be very grateful for your support! Regards!

Hello @chbartist!
I like your job, I voted for you!

Waoh ....! This is outstanding journey in steemit and it's worth emulating. However, I want to congratulate you on your next level of becoming a witness this is good vision. I got into steem about 9 months ago to be sincere it's has not being a palatable journey so far somehow, I just kept going on,I have not gotten anything as profit and this really limits me to share steemit with others because they will always ask "Have you really gotten profit on steem ?" to be sincere it's difficult to answer this question because people want to see evidence of your work. Though I have not invested in steem as doing so will give a lot of steempower and that will directly shot up the value of my upvote according to a fellow steemian. However, I will also want to know about Bot operation on steem but I will also recommend to have a discord server this is were you can start a community you can mentor and rube minds together. There are lot of steemit community on Discord serving their purpose.... Please kindly consider this it will go a long way in carrying out your witness project. All the same kudos @chbartist.

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@kingsleymond, Thank you so much for you words! Don't forget! Vote chbartist for witness!

vote without hesitation.

Because it seems to me that you do an excellent job not only for your reward, but with every writing that moves us and makes us react, you feel your desire to help people, I usually read you through @nothus however sometimes I visit you, I liked this writing because it was a close experience, it has been a successful year for you, we have almost the same time because I have not run with the same luck but willing to learn. regards

Greetings @chbartist

The strength is in the joining

ready the witness vote.

Lets keep working

my greatest respect @chbartist
Not many words, voted you for witness
Have a wonderful day

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Thank you so much! We are together! @zanomi

You're welcome 💝

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I believe I have free witness vote for you.

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Bartist bro your all posts are amazing.

Voted! I enjoy reading your posts and always learn a little something. Keep doing what you do!

Encouraging words my friend! It has been quite a journey for many of us here and the opportunities remain attractive as we are still early adopters in the blockchain space. Focusing on engagement and community is a key aspect for the future growth and value creation we expect to see in the future!

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Thanks for the support.
And success in your new stage.
Your way of helping is inspiring.
Based on respect for cultures.
Great sample of compression and empathy.
"Support, to whom support deserves"

What an incredible journey lots of respect & regard for you @chbartist! sir.

And how will you grow the Steemit community as a witness? All you’ve said is that you’ll donate part of the profits. What skills do you have that are applicable to being a witness? Your post contains a lot of words but doesn’t say much.

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Please, read again! Regards Friend!

Once was enough. This is one of your most poorly written posts to date.

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If you think that help peoples is poor, this is enough and say to much about you Man. Regards

Don’t give me that shit. You’ve failed to state who you will help or even the percent of profit that you will be donating.

At this stage all you have said is that you will give “some of the profit” to “something that you deem as someone in need”. That could literally be anything. That could even be a secondary account that you choose to channel your profits into. If you do in fact make a profit with your witness node.

There are plenty of people here buying into your bullshit but also a decent number of people who see through your bullshit.

So far you’ve failed to communicate how you will be an effective witness, how you will contribute to the growth of Steem, and the skills that you possess that are applicable to being an effective witness.

Make whatever assumptions you like about me. It’s no skin off my nose. But if you are going to sit here and ask people to vote for you as witness then start showing some transparency as to how you will make a good and honourable witness who possesses the right skills required to be a witness.

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Dear @chbartist

I wouldn't be personally worried about @mazzle opinion. He has been clashing with people here lately. He clashed with me, with juanmolina and now with you.

Just do what you do. I value and respect your work and I believe we should support people who are actually creating some value within Steemit platform, instead of bringing them down right away, without even giving them a chance to prove themself. After all witness votes can be canceled or changed anytime.


I didn’t realise that my polite request for you to stop spamming my wallet was a “clash”. I’m sorry if you took offence.

And this isn’t me clashing with people. In fact I have rarely been rude to anyone on this platform. It’s simply an expression of opinion. And an opinion that is supported by anyone that understands that a witness node shouldn’t be created by someone with no intentions to grow Steem. And this chap has said nothing about wanting to grow Steem.

Dear @mazzle

I didn’t realise that my polite request [...]

Indeed you were polite but you seemed to be quite upset with those memos. That was my impression.

Currently the moment when I read your words "Don’t give me that shit." I had similar impression. You said that "this isn’t me clashing with people" but that's how others can perceive you. And that's how I did.

I’m sorry if you took offence.

Thank you for saying that.



I don't know you personally, but reading this article, I KNOW that you are great person and please continue with your great work!

Wish you the best!

Thank you so much for your kind words! Regards

You are most welcome!

Enjoy reading this post, and always considering your ideas and advice, all the best sir!

@chbartist WoW!!! I do enjoy your blog. Very inspirational.

Wish you success in this new venture

I love all your publications, they always give a teaching and we can have a better thought and better works

Good luck! Steem seems to have more and more bots!
I am a writer, photographer, artist. Horses for Everyone!

One of my Original Painting's in a new series: Circle of Light


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Wishing you all the best and good luck. I have voted for you and I hope you meet your goals

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Sir you are doing well and great I Always Redding your blog post I appreciate your job.

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Thanks for usefull sharing. After this topic, I has plan my account.

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