☂ Witness Update ♦︎ Sept 22nd 2017 ♦︎ Rank #45 ✌︎

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Just a quick update on the witness side of things.
Everything is going well.


Is it just me or does that face seem a bit ominous?

My Witness Server (+backup) is going strong, with no issues. I had actually missed a block a week ago or so, without an real reason, but sometimes these things just happen... I suppose?


♨︎ my current ranking amongst witnesses.

I'm of course happy with the ranking as it is an improvement since last we spoke, however, I actually went down the the amount of Voting Steem Power which was at a high around 23,731M and is now 22,776M which is obviously a disappointment to me. I feel I should always be moving forward and not backwards, I'll have to try harder to gain more substantial votes it seems, which is fine, I'm on it.

I have many many things going in both Steemit and my life in general, and will do my best too maintain a intimate level of community interaction and witness related duties. I may have to lurk bit around all of the various forms of communication us Steemians use... but I am there, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Current Going On's

Steemit World Map

Lastest Post & some fun ✌︎
!steemitworldmap 37.237 lat 115.806999 long What is this location better known as? d3scr

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My Survival Story

➥ Coming soon... Reference Post

And Many More...

Too many to list out and bore everyone to death... lmao

The Little Things

tiny little list of things I would like to work on myself or have come into the light
⇾ Mentions
⇾ Better Search
⇾ Show/Hide ReSteemed
⇾ DTube Video Embed
⇾ Show Main Post Image (On/Off)
⇾ Turn Self Post Main Image Off
➤ Easy Navigation of Blog via filters: tags, search, and or timeframe!

You Will Go To STEEMFEST. You Will Click The Banner Below.


1. Go to the Witness Voting Page on Steemit.com
2. Scroll down to #45 blueorgy
3. Simply Click the UpVote Button!

Witness Stats

RankWitnessApproval%MissLast blockReg feeFeedBiasAPRBlock SizeVersion

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@blueorgy I appreciate you doing witness updates and I just voted for you as a witness which puts you back over 23GV because of seeing this update and learning about the Steemit Worldmap!

I will vote you witness...i will unfollow and follow you again....

awww! Well I just voted you as witness! :) Hope it helps. Thanks for all you do.

well done. Excited to see how you progress through your witness journey. Might inspire me to finally join in as a witness.

I try to vote you as witness, keep it up ^_^

Very cool @blueorgy. I like the Steemit World Map and the list of Little Things you're working on. Very cool stuff. Keep up the good work and you have my vote.


I like your post.

Ooops I just voted for you ! Cheers.

Thing that is a great little list of things to work on!

How much do you make in a day being a witness.

Witness you say, eh? I like you a lot!

Are you using the same handle via Wire? :) (If I needed to reach out?)

Now I will give you a witness vote. Great. Work

Best of luck dude :)

Goond work