♨︎ blueorgy's ☞ STEEMFEST 2 ◇ Ticket Giveaway ✯ Call For Entries 3!

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Look out for updates here shortly... I just wanted to get this out while I work on the list of current entrants and determine a group of finalists. I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to enter so... get those entries in, you have 4 days left!


The Giveaway

This contest is for 2 Ticket(s) to STEEMFEST 2 (No Flight / Hotel) - 2 separate winners or one pair 🙂

How To Participate [ & The Rules ]

I am looking for unique individuals and therefore I am making this contest very open ended. I will be looking for creative, passionate, driven users who will be a great addition to the event for everyone around them! So I will be accepting entries in any form, but be creative and unique!

Step 1.

Dream Up Your Entry
Examples: Artwork, Poetry, Photography, Writing, Animation, Initiative, Interview, Steem App...
Anything you think separates you from the rest!

Step 2.

Submit Your Entry


@firepower had some solid rules that I will borrow for this contest as well

  • You can nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else.
  • Feel free to mention if you made any contributions to the community!
    It will add some weight to your entry.
  • only quality content creators with no history of abuse/exploit such as copypasta, plagiarism, tag spam, high frequency posting, one YT link exploit, etc.
  • only users active in community (upvoting other minnows' posts, active in chatrooms and discord. etc.). Not those posting content for the sole purpose of gaining a reward from the community without interacting with the community.
  • If you nominate someone, please inform them of the rules or have them take a look at this post to avoid missing out on it!
  • I will be manually picking the winner, that being said, I will listen closely to the community which will weigh on my decision.
  • Winner has to show up for SteemFest 2017 in order to collect/redeem the ticket and participate in our global conference.

Good Luck Everyone!

UpVote & ReSteem to spread the word!


1. Go to the Witness Voting Page on Steemit.com
2. Scroll down to #46 blueorgy
3. Simply Click the UpVote Button!


I would love to nominate @virtualgrowth. This guy has done so much for the community and done so much more behind the scenes.

He has helped so many Steemians such as myself and others and has been a true Steemian for over a year.

This guy is one of the main reasons why many Steemians find success on Steem and in part of making this platform such a great place.

Please consider him @blueorgy.


definitely full support for @virtualgrowth's nomination, he's helpful, always willing to share valuable information and is very involved with the growth and development of the community.

I third that and fourth that.

@virtualgrowth for sure. He's an asset to this community and he can't keep funding his trips... We need him to in as many places as possible.

Please @blueorgy consider him.

I second that, @virtualgrowth is one of the more active Steemians. He helped countless already! I'd love to thank him in person there!

I second the vote for @virtualgrowth - for his continued involvement in so many different aspects of the steemit community.

I nominate @virtualgrowth!! He has been such a huge help to me and @jessamynorchard and probably countless other steemians that have looked to him for advice in all things steem. Sorry @luzcypher this was a hard choice sir... you are also amazing for for all the things youdo for the music community here!!! Hell send em both @blueorgy!!

Thank you very much @jasonrussell! I appreciate @luzcypher as do many others I interact with and hope that maybe we both may win! Best to all those nominated.

No worries buddy. It's all good.

Nominate @virtualgrowth. He helps build up our awesome community and helping out in the ecosystem of graphene as well.

Thank you very much for this and everything @cybercodetwins! :) ❤

I do hope someone has nominated @virtualgrowth. He is exactly everything this is. Between the work he does with the different tokesn and the travel to meetup other steemians and collaborate on projects. Making things happen in the world of steem.

on this RIGHT away. me and @dayleeo are DESPERATE to go. she's even coming from america to the uk so we can try and pull the funds together. i'll submit our stuff soon! :) --- ok @blueorgy it's live! --- https://steemit.com/steemfest2/@teamhumble/steemfest-2-application-ticket-giveaway-make-mine-and-dayleeo-dream-come-true

Sounds good looking forward to it!

These two are so active on steemit and have nothing but high quality posts, all my support for dayleeo and team humble!

Thanks for the kind words @juliakponsford! <3 Feeling the loves!

yeah just waiting on @dayleeo video and i'll post it.

Lol sorry for the delay! 5 hr time difference and all! I hope you all enjoy! @blueorgy <3 Fingers and toes crossed we can find a way!

Go go dayleeo!!!!!! GO GO HUMBLE DO THE THING!

I'd like to nominate @luzcypher. The amount of work that guy has done for the community over the last year is huge & its about more than just entertainment.

The open mic competition here has:
Improved my confidence.
Encouraged me to develop new & existing music skills
Helped me to interact with new people.

If those things can be true for me then I'm sure that many of the ever growing number of participants have felt the positive effects in a similar way.

I can hear all that in your music and glad to hear it. Thanks for the nomination.

I'd like to nominate @luzcypher. In my book aside from being a much liked character of the steemian seas his biggest contribution to steemit is that of a Community builder. I have not found anyone on here being able to rally up as many musicians as steemit open mic and the event has become huge.

Thanks a lot.

I nominate @luzcypher \m/

i'd like to nominate @luzcypher for the brilliant support, inclusion and care with the steemit musicians through the openmic contest.

Thanks, @douglasferriera for the nomination.

I nominate @luzcypher .
In my relative short time on steemit I have found him to be very supportive of my musical contributions not to mention the support and opportunities he provides to other musicians through his openmic program.
And he writes some good posts too.

Thanks buddy. Keep jamming and Steeming!

I'd like to nominate @luzcypher. I am a newbie here(20+ days old) and I always stumble upon his Open mic competition. This is so popular and interesting for me. Through the competition that he is hosting, people who have a heart for music are able to share their talent and it brings more fun in the community. He has so much dedication that he put in this community and for that, I think he would be the best pick. ❤

Thanks for the nomination and welcome to Steemit. You're going to love it here.

I nominate @luzcypher! because of his dedication and professionalism in bringing people from all walks of life together in the most positive way - thru the universally shared love of music!

Thank you for the nomination and your involvement in Open Mic.

I nominate @luzcypher! Because he made the internet a musical playground for us. It's amazing how the open mic brings the community together.

I nominate @luzcypher. He is a Steemit gem, so I made this ruby image to grab your attention.

I ran into @luzcypher as the host of open mic, where he deserves a ton of credit for fostering what has become not just an amazing weekly display of Steemit musicianship but is also a genuinely supportive community as well. I think he deserves to go for Open Mic alone, but don't be fooled into thinking @luzcypher is a one trick pony. I have immensely enjoyed some of the reads that come from his blog. Good luck in your deliberations! Cheers - Carl

Thank you for your support. We're having fun at Open Mic.

@blueorgy this is so great and i want to participate in this contest am posting my entry..

Thanks for all the nominations everyone and thank you @blueorgy for sponsoring this SteemFest 2 ticket giveaway. Best of luck to everyone!

Here is the Steemit Open Mic contest that so many wonderful people are part of each week. It really is a lot of fun and a very thriving part of Steemit.



I nominate @luzcypher because he runs the Steemit Open Mic which I participated on week 45. Great place for artists to showcase their talent. I didn't win but I was surprised when I got rewarded for submitting an original song. Now that my friends is the shit!! lol


It feels good to share your music and get rewarded for it, doesn't it? That holds true for sharing your art, thoughts, and insights as well.

Thanks for the nomination

I would like to nominate @luzcypher, open mic is a great way to get musicians to come to the forefront and put themselves out there, it encourages growth and a greater feel of community .. I appreciate what the open mic project has done for musicians abroad.. hey we all need cash for touring right ?!?! Yours in metal DevilSpeak

Thanks for the nomination.

I'm nominating @luzcypher for his work in the Steemit Open Mic community.

Thank you for your nomination.

I wholeheartedly nominate @luzcypher for his work on the Steemit Open Mic.
This week we celebrate his dedication to 52 weeks of Open Mic's... and may there be many more to come!
The Steemit Open Mic is an outstanding, encouraging and supportive platform for new and emerging artists.

Thanks for your nomination. Much appreciated.

What would Steemfest be without music?
And what would the Steemit music community be without Luzcypher?
Therefore I would like to nominate Luzcypher for the Steemfest trip for all he has done for the Steemit music community. His tireless work on the SteemIt openmic project has been a boon for all us musical type Steemians and is the main reason that I spend so much time interacting with the SteemIt community - what a great idea it is! Go Luzcypher Go!

Thanks, @wethepatsies. Keeping the Steemit flame burning.

I would like to nominate @luzcypher for his brilliant and constant support of the communtiy .
He hosts one of hell of a music talent contest and is apart from that posting valuable informations day in and out.
He really is one of steemits finest and therefore should receive the opportunity to go to the steemfest.
Thanks alot @blueorgy for this great giveaway !

Thanks for your support.

I nominate @luzcypherI

love music of all kinds but am not great at making it myself. But what I really enjoy is the unheard street artist the musicians that are not main stream and thats why I like @luzcypherI because the openmic idea is great.

Glad you're enjoying it and thank you.

My nomination goes to @luzcypher. Not only does he host #openmic, he consistently posts valuable information for minnows, as well as words of wisdom for those of any reputation/status on the platform. Personally, I can't put a price tag on #openmic, which has become the central hub for musicians and artists... He has been such a valuable asset to the community. @luzcypher not only promotes and hosts it; he engages and interacts with each user that participates. I can't imagine the time, energy, and dedication that it takes for him to do this. I can't think of anyone better to represent the openmic community and the platform as a whole at Steemfest!

Aww, thanks for the kind words and your nomination.

I have to give my full support to @dayleeo and @teamhumble because they are both top of the line content creators, they are in love, they are beautiful and they have no plane tickets, something has to be done.

Haha you're the man! Thank you @vachemorte! <3

@dayleeo and @teamhumble are totally deserving of a chance at this!!!!! pleas please pleasee help them help you help the minnows and help themselves to an amazing opportunity to network and meet new friends and experience things together!

Love you @blueorgy

here is my post of self nomination.

i find it strange nominating myself .. but here goes

Online chatter says that just a handful(subjective) among the tens of thousands of Steemit users will be at the meet.

Obviously, I mean to say that flight and hotel expenses are quite substantial, not ironically compared to the layman's payouts here.

My only request is that every useful event at the meet should be duly recorded and uploaded to DTube for the benefit of everyone.

I didn't know where to put this request, hence posting it here trusting that it will reach the right ears.

This, of course, is a great initiative - kudos to @blueorgy.

See you there! I just booked it all 💫

See you there too! :D

👋 Will Do!

Can't wait to see everybody again 🐬🐬

Nominating @luzcypher! His contest is great I really have so much fun with that. Thank you!

oh I would love to go to this.

@blurorgy,thanks for sharing updates in detail about contest, nice job you have done for steemians.i appreciate much your this initiative.

I posted my entry some days ago :)

Ohh I know :) I got it! 👍

Great idea! Thanks.. Here's my post.

@ura-soul i have a question how to do that (here's my post) and in that way your phrase is already a link??? Someone help me :'(

Type this:

[Text that you want](link that you want.com)

Thanks for this tip :D

there is a guide to writing 'markdown' here on steemit when you go to the 'submit a story page' - it explains the codes you can use. to create a hyperlink just wrap the text part of it in square brackets and then immediately follow that with the url part, wrapped in normal brackets. ;)

Thanks it really helps to construct my post :)

Great..contest......I wanna win ...thank's for your sharing...upvoted

I upvoted you for witness good luck @blueorgy

I don't usually do several featurings, but this seems important! Advertised this post in my last beer tasting! Cheers!

Thank you. :)

Thank you 🍻🍺

I like your post

I would say yes but why not do another post, a new one, I'm sure some things have changed!?

For expert only, i think iam not qualified for this contest . I stay and see rhe update

If I would be there and get my suit from digital to real live I would be @ the sign in desk during the first day ;-) https://steemit.com/steemfest/@rival/rival-introducing-steem-power-ranger-costume

I'll make a post. Every event needs a photographer :D
Voted and resteemed!

I want to participate, but could you please elaborate this part?

'Winner has to show up for SteemFest 2017 in order to collect/redeem the ticket and participate in our global conference.'

Just stating that I will not be flying the winners to STEEMFEST but just providing a ticket.

Quite interesting.
Looks like I've got some work to do.

I kind of want to join the contest, but I feel like that would be unfair, haha!

Welcome back!

Fingers crossed for us :D