For all of you wondering, I am alive... maybe?

in life •  last year

The past 6 days have been epic, insane, enlightening, painful, joyful, friendly, rough, high, drunken, a FULL SEND weekend with unlimited possibilities yet a very simple plan... no holding back , no quitting, no sleep.

Not sure how detailed I will go with what happened, but first wanted to write a short post that simply stated the fact, that I had survived.

Talk Soon,

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Awesome glad to know your ok! Been missing your post

Glad to see you back, take care.

that sounds like an orgy of cool stuff! ;)


Good one 😏

OK, let's see what you will write the next.

yes,,, i like your life plan ...thanks for sharing post in everybody....upvoted

congrats on survival. remember if they make zombie noises it's a double tap ;)

If you are alive continue living in that way.

Good on you!

See you at SteemFest soon!


Sounds like an epic experience! 😊

Glad you made it!

Those words are exactly how I hope to describe my experience at STEEMFest (minus the painful and rough)


painful and rough came into play on the way home...
deathly sick, hungover, annoyed , angry... patient however lol without that I really might be dead. haha


Patience is most certainly a virtue, one I tend to lack haha

Glad that you are alive my dear @blueorgy ...I have been wondering where the heck you are...upped and more success to you.
I wrote some posts and needed your input on the subject feel free to see my post when you are free..your support will be well appreciated. More success to you.