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RE: Steem Witness Vigil: First We Kneel, Then We Rise!

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I pray for the Steem community to rise and be a shining light upon the world, touching the hearts and minds of men, woman and children everywhere, uplifting and supporting people who need it the most so they can live well and work at being successful doing what they love.



I pray for STEEM to change the lives of the many, the ones without riches, the ones living day to day. Supporting people to change their life as it has changed mine.

I want you to Steemit


I pray that the Steem community will empower everyone around the world to join Steem. I have no doubts in Steem, and as we saw with @darthnava, if someone is having a personal health issue, they can come to Steemit and we can crowdfund for them! It's beautiful! So, I pray for the future of Steem & SteemSports to be bright as a light!

I wish you and the whole team the best of luck. I hope to see this community grow and that a greater number of such initiatives take birth in this platform.

I'm Ben, aka Panda.

I pray that the Steem community and project continues to stay strong and grow together - individually we are unique, but together we are a strong, vigilant community full of compassion and power. We can all band together to bring good to the world, as I've seen happen already multiple times here. Let us continue this tradition and carry on forward!

Were going to make Steem so


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