Steemhunt Shutsdown Witness Node - We will Focus on Building DApps that Achieve Mass-Adoption

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From today, Steemhunt has stopped the witness node operation and has made a decision to focus on running Steemhunt (, Reviewhunt (, and more upcoming DApps. We have become a DApp-based community member and we will support witnesses who can effectively help the DApp ecosystem.


In the past year, the Steem ecosystem has become quite hostile to new users and normal users who have an average SP. The massive downvoting pool attacking non-English-based communities killed so many existing/new users. Also, waiting for the SMT launch has left many users feeling fed up and because of this many great DApps have left or gone into maintenance mode.

For these reasons, we are delighted with the new waves created from the TRON partnership and @justinsunsteemit because we believe that the Steem ecosystem needs an influx in terms of new users, management, investors, and DApps.

Set Proxy on @proxy.token

However, we’re concerned about the recent battle between old witnesses and @justinsunsteemit and this is NOT our expert area. We’re too busy running our DApps and not interested in being involved with this political battle. We were highly impressed by how @proxy.token manages the battle and tries to lead the direction for a more positive surplus (if you are not familiar with them, please read this article).

We have set our witness vote proxy on @proxy.token because we believe that their recent actions are bringing positive movement to the DApp ecosystem on Steam for the following reasons:

  1. Their action is helping @justinsunsteemit make a step forward together with Steem community rather than fighting, which will highly improve the DApp ecosystem on Steem.
  2. @proxy.token becomes a great intermediary party that empowers many users to keep an eye on the main witnesses and raise our voices.

Our Goal

We launched Steemhunt on March 5, 2018 and it’s our 2 year anniversary. It’s been a place for over 25,000 hunters whose active passions can empower the community. We strongly believe in making a DApp where the normal users can empower the place, not just the big whales.

Reviewhunt launched the public version last month, and is skyrocketing in a j-curve with 2,000+ new users joining everyday (Please read the announcement yesterda - Reviewhunt has reached over 15,000 users. We are so thrilled to make a DApp that is used by so many people outside of the crypto world. More than half of our new users are experiencing the world of crypto for the first time ever via Reviewhunt.

Screenshot 2020-03-06 09.24.19.png

Our goal is simple. We build DApps to achieve mass-adoption and create platforms where average users with passion can empower the place. The following roadmaps are what we’re working on, and we will maintain our roles as a DApp player on Steem.

  1. Reaching over 500K daily active users on Reviewhunt
  2. Launching Steemhunt 2.0 to reinvent how the self-sovereign community grows
  3. Leading HUNT token to empower many digital nomads
  4. Building more DApps to achieve mass-adoption.

Suggestion for @justinsunsteemit

We’re highly excited about your upcoming roles on Steem, and we’d like to lead these collaborations to bring more DApps to achieve large-scale users. We strongly believe that the Steem community is the best place on earth and that DApp founders can dream their success and make something great in the crypto world. The following items are our rough thoughts and we will be delighted if you share your opinion about them:

1. Connect SMT with the investor ecosystem

SMT could have been the best-ever-blockchain invention if it was launched at the scheduled time (March 2018). But still, we strongly believe that SMT can become a game-changer. The problem with the current SMT roadmap is the lack of the investor ecosystem, not interface/features.

We think Tron ecosystem can bring more investor pools, exchange market support, and so much more. We hope that the Town Hall meeting can show that SMT can become a platform for a lot of great blockchain startups/communities.

2. Make Steemit more non-crypto user-friendly

We have no doubt that the Steemit devs were great. They made so many great products with limited resources compared to any other blockchain projects. However, the one thing that Steemit inc. did not have top designer resources. Honestly, almost all products/splash pages from Steemit inc. are not user friendly.

We think Communities is such a great invention, but it is definitely NOT easy for new users (even for some current users including me) to use and follow the interface. The onboarding journey on is still very basic. has nothing to cheer about. Steemit inc. really needs to have top-level UX designers who can reinvent every design aspect of Steem products. We hope that the new management of Steemit inc. has the same vision too.

3. Combined DApp Hub for Steem and Tron

The biggest difference between Steem and other blockchain platforms is the existence of real user case-based DApps such as Splinterlands (@steemmonsters), @actifit, @appics, @dtube, @steemhunt, @esteemapp, @tasteem and so much more. It is highly unique compared to the other blockchains that have mostly gambling/game DApps.

Unfortunately, people outside Steem can’t see this unique value because we don’t have a place like I’m not sure if you had a chance to look at Steem Apps. It would be great if we could collaborate with you, @therealwolf (who runs the Steem Apps), and other DApp founders to create an integrated DApp hub for Steem and Tron together so that we can show how amazing the current DApps are.

4. New Witness Voting System

We’d like to discuss how to make a better witness voting system. This is just our rough idea, but definitely we can come up with a more effective witness system that motivates them to work harder for the Steem ecosystem.

  1. The number of witness votes should be reduced from 30 to 3 per account.
  2. All the witness votes the user makes should reset every new quarter (meaning that all users must renew their witness votes on a quarterly basis).
  3. A Town Hall meeting with the top 50 witnesses should be set by Steemit inc. so they can pitch their quarterly work/achievement (I think @pennsif who runs MSP Waves can be a great host for this operation).
  4. The Witness voting reward pool should be set to reward the users who have renewed their witness votes.

Again, these are just my rough thoughts, but the point is that we should begin to discuss the new witness voting system.

I know you are a busy businessman, but it will be highly appreciated if you can answer these suggestions.

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I was pretty happy when I heard the news about Justin Sun taking over from Ned. Tron is definitely a huge BC with huge user-base, but I am unhappy with the things that are happening now. One thing I think all of us here must understand is: Justin had his plans before acquiring Steemit stakes. If someone needs to be blame here, it is Ned who could not manage what he created. Turning things to fight could eventaully hurt us all on the long run.

When you guys (Steemhunt) started here on the blockchain. Utopian was the interesting project then, but Utopian is no more for now, but you guys has been working so hard in bringing users to Steem through your wonderful Dapps. I quite agree with your decisions, and your suggestion could help grow here as well. Well done!

It is good to see an objective post about this witness fight. I am sick of seeing the war of whales. I (like most of Steemians) just want new users and investors to come to Steemhunt, Steemit and other dapps. I want new makers on Reviewhunt. I don't want to see a fight everyday. I just want everyone to be allied for improving this wonderful platform. We see Steemhunt's great team again with the right decision.

Steemhunt is a platform which I trust the most, because of its team, so I set my proxy @proxy.token . I agree with everything on this article . I am not interested in political fight. I just want dApps to be improved more. Thanks for this post.

Thanks so much for your words!

You are welcome @project7 and thanks to @steemhunt 's rightminded, discreet team (all of you)

I was a bit disappointed yesterday after discovering that you tilt towards Justin but after reading this, I am not as disappointed. I agree with virtually everything you said but I've got some reservations.

  1. The downvoting feature is necessary as long as upvote feature is still available. Otherwise, abusers will reck the platform and bring the value of steem to nought. The current downvote policy can be reviewed but I don't agree that it should be jettisoned totally.
  2. Everyone is excited to have Justin on board steem, the problem is they don't trust him based on some of his social media posts about moving steem to TRON and other similar posts. The fundamental feature of steem is decentralisation and some of the posts by Justin have been pointing towards centralization. This is a bit worrisome and has been a major red flag for the community.

I love steemhunt project on the steem blockchain and I've been an ardent follower and supporter of your project. You guys are one of the most hardworking team as far as dapps on the steem blockchain are concerned. Do I want a breathe of fresh air in steem? Yes! But we need to be sure the air will not later turn toxic to investors and content creators.

I really hope that proxy.token will not be swayed by superficial promises and learn to see through fake or unrealistic promises.

Thanks for your opinion. Everyone has a different opinion. Honestly, we just want to quite this drama asap and move forward. For the downvote, it has more side effects than the limiting abusers in my opinion. We can think better way to prevent abusers. Also, there are now many downvoting abusers too who want to earn from the downvoting pool.

The role of proxy.token is so simple. They want to settle two extreme-sides to combine. We believe this role becomes very important nowadays. But it's the very beginning stage, so let's see how it will go.

The truth is, it is not like the consensus witnesses have been fantastic or that the community is entirely pleased with them. If proxy.token shows a good sense of judgement going forward, I forsee a lot of users setting him as their proxy. We all want positive changes.

I also think the issues about downvoting policy can be sorted with smt. The steem reward can be entirely replaced by community's tokens that can easily be swapped for steem on the dex. Each community can then decide on how to address abuses.

There are no rewards from downvoting.

oh my point was "free" downvoting mana pool, that are kinda rewards to smash down other authors' reward shares to increase their own shares.

What an utter bullshit. The people using downvotes the most don't even post regularly. And even if they did, the reward shares that are returned to the pool are split between all other posts, which means less than one cent for a single one.

One of the best project. Your suggestion is actually good. I always support this project. It is improving day by day. Best of luck.

Very good effective work. DApps is really amazing. In past few weeks I am using steemhunt and its just mind blowing. I am not in the political point of view but in this time your DApps is the best things. I am always with you.

Well done with the decision and the way You have put it back. I think that is smart if You can keep growing Your business and also helping more and more people to be part of the blockchain. I feel that is a very good mission and I am glad You guys decided to focus on that.

Good job and plans. Nice to see a business-oriented mindset. We're sick of politics.

Thanks for the update. I greatly admire the KR community for the way you handle the matters calmly.

@justyy - the author of

Taking down your witness node to focus on something else (Dapps) isn't a bad idea. I believe that was done to shift focus and be properly productive.

Pertaining to the fight with Justin, I believe he caused that for himself. All his lists drove towards centralizing the steem community project. He bought and owns the largest share, but he should respect the fact that steem is a community based economy that should be treated as it is. No one derive joy from fighting him.

Ned could not manage steem well or should I say, he didn't take steem seriously, but if Justin and the witnesses can work hand in hand, there would be a rapid growth on the steem blockchain. The truth is, he cannot decide the fate of steem on his own. If he dim it fit to do things as he thinks right without putting the witnesses into consideration, steemit will become a battlefield for writers.

Most of your suggestions for @justinsunsteemit cannot be achieved without a collaborative measure with the right bodies on the blockchain.

Working well together is the key to success. I hope things get back to normal betweeJustin sun and the witnesses. One love keeps us together.

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