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RE: Steemhunt Shutsdown Witness Node - We will Focus on Building DApps that Achieve Mass-Adoption

I was a bit disappointed yesterday after discovering that you tilt towards Justin but after reading this, I am not as disappointed. I agree with virtually everything you said but I've got some reservations.

  1. The downvoting feature is necessary as long as upvote feature is still available. Otherwise, abusers will reck the platform and bring the value of steem to nought. The current downvote policy can be reviewed but I don't agree that it should be jettisoned totally.
  2. Everyone is excited to have Justin on board steem, the problem is they don't trust him based on some of his social media posts about moving steem to TRON and other similar posts. The fundamental feature of steem is decentralisation and some of the posts by Justin have been pointing towards centralization. This is a bit worrisome and has been a major red flag for the community.

I love steemhunt project on the steem blockchain and I've been an ardent follower and supporter of your project. You guys are one of the most hardworking team as far as dapps on the steem blockchain are concerned. Do I want a breathe of fresh air in steem? Yes! But we need to be sure the air will not later turn toxic to investors and content creators.

I really hope that proxy.token will not be swayed by superficial promises and learn to see through fake or unrealistic promises.


Thanks for your opinion. Everyone has a different opinion. Honestly, we just want to quite this drama asap and move forward. For the downvote, it has more side effects than the limiting abusers in my opinion. We can think better way to prevent abusers. Also, there are now many downvoting abusers too who want to earn from the downvoting pool.

The role of proxy.token is so simple. They want to settle two extreme-sides to combine. We believe this role becomes very important nowadays. But it's the very beginning stage, so let's see how it will go.

The truth is, it is not like the consensus witnesses have been fantastic or that the community is entirely pleased with them. If proxy.token shows a good sense of judgement going forward, I forsee a lot of users setting him as their proxy. We all want positive changes.

I also think the issues about downvoting policy can be sorted with smt. The steem reward can be entirely replaced by community's tokens that can easily be swapped for steem on the dex. Each community can then decide on how to address abuses.

There are no rewards from downvoting.

oh my point was "free" downvoting mana pool, that are kinda rewards to smash down other authors' reward shares to increase their own shares.

What an utter bullshit. The people using downvotes the most don't even post regularly. And even if they did, the reward shares that are returned to the pool are split between all other posts, which means less than one cent for a single one.