Reviewhunt has reached over 15,000 users

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Today, Reviewhunt has reached over 15,000 new users and is still skyrocketing in a j-curve. This milestone was achieved just a month after we launched on Feb 1, 2020.

Screenshot 2020-03-05 16.37.02.png

Since the speed of new users is faster than we expected, many new quests are quickly finished as soon as they are created. Already 1,300+ quests have been created so far, and 44,000+ quest submissions have been made.

Screenshot 2020-03-05 16.40.57.png

Many hunters are also enjoying the token rewards. 1,900+ token withdrawals were made via Reviewhunt just this month!

Screenshot 2020-03-05 16.44.45.png

We are so thrilled to make a DApp that is used for so many people outside of the crypto world. Many great Youtubers whose subscribers are not related to the crypto world have featured Reviewhunt as below, and we assume that more than half of our new users are experiencing the world of crypto for the first time ever via Reviewhunt.

(99,746 views, 285 comments)

(8,464 views, 282 comments)

(6,288 views, 119 comments)

(3,676 views, 265 comments)

In order to achieve mass-adoption for our DApp, we are building second layer products on top of Reviewhunt that target makers within each industry even those not related to the crypto world. They won’t even notice that they are utilising the blockchain and crypto system for their marketing via the second layer products.

Stay tuned!
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The most valuable dapps will be the ones who onboard the masses and not just crypto twitter people.

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