Latest Patch For & "steemgigs" Witness Update.

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For weeks now, we have been trying to figure out why posting on SteemGigs, have many times failed to publish to the steem blockchain but there is some good new..... "we have finally found out the root cause and we are about to implement a solution".

This took weeks to find out even though, the solution ended up being very simple. 

We rely on feedback from users and analytics based on their use to our UI, to ascertain where enhancement is needed as well as to determine the root cause of errors (issues) and possible fixes. This time though, anytime we got feedback related to "inability to post successfully", we would to try these editors from our end and coincidentally, our attempts to post to steem happen successfully

This led us into looking for deeper solutions than was required. 

But the community came to our aid and after series of chats, discussion and tests by our members of our growing SteemGigs development team, we were able to ascertain the cause of "failed posts" and proffer solution.

Note that, we have increased our developer-base to include more teams and this will help us drastically in completing the UI of SteemGigs and attain resolutions faster and more efficiently. 

If you are a developer/coder and you have some interest in the SteemGigs organization, consider joining us on our Slack server.

The cause of failed posts

Before now, images where directly uploaded from the PC (files) etc without any form of compression. Thus, many of posts that have failed to publish on steem, from have contained large images, constituting eventual post-sizes, bigger than the block-size allowed by the steem blockchain.

e.g if a blocksize on steem is 256 KB, a SteemGigs post (especially those with large images) with an eventual size of 300 KB, would fail to publish to steem.

Ultimately, since text or characters don't constitute much in terms of size, whenever we had tried to test for  "errors" with a post containing only text/characters, it was very likely to publish successfully. 

Coincidentally too, we would try posts with small-sized images and these would pull through too. What this simply means is: "we needed to compress images" or apply the same method "steemit" uses with their editor, where images are hosted externally, returning only "a simple image URL" which is embedded into posts. 

This enhancement is now being worked on and will be available on really soon and this is such huge relief for us and great news for SteemGigs users.

We want SteemGigs to be reliable for users and convenient to use!

While the patch hasn't been fully implemented yet, we created a "temporary solution" that currently allows you to post successfully to steem, by simply paste the URL for your "image location" directly into the body of your SteemGigs post 

e.g if you use IMGUR as host for your image, simple visit, upload your image on there straight from your PC files and when the image has uploaded, right click on the image and copy the "image location URL", usually ending in ".jpg or .png" and paste it into the body of your post on and you will now notice that the image loads up during "post preview" and your post will now publish successfully.

Look at the screenshot below, assuming you want to try out our "untalented editor" in creating your next enviable steemit post:

For now, anytime a post refuses to publish, simply remove the image if it was directly uploaded and insert an image location URL instead and the post will publish successfully.

Don't worry, this is temporary because in a few days, when we eventually implement an auto-image compression algorithm, you will be able to directly upload images from your PC files, without needing to visit IMGUR etc, which will be more convenient.

Another good news is:

We have now implemented GIF capability on

Yes, it is now possible to insert GIF(s) into the body your posts, using any of the editors on, having these GIF(s) appear in your eventual posts both on SteemGigs and Steemit etc.

Even on steemit, for GIF(s) to appear successfully in your posts, you will have paste the URL of your GIF directly into the body of your post as text and the same applies with any of the SteemGigs editors.

See screenshot:

Witness Update:

Note: anytime we talk of the "steemgigs" witness having an update etc, it has nothing to do with
The steemgigs witness is simply one of the many servers ran, to maintain the steem blockchain. 

The "steemgigs" witness have missed several blocks in the past few hours and this is an issue from @privex, the hosting provider that we use. 

@privex is handled by a reputable steemian and is very popular here on steemit and among steemit witnesses.

Unlike them, we weren't informed this time of any impending downtime etc. Basically, we aren't able to access the witness server currently inorder to disable it temporarily, incase it needs some fixes but we have sent several emails to @privex with dire hopes that they tend to us ASAP.

It may just require some tweaks or a reboot from their end for the witness to be back up and running as they don't offer a UI portal that we can manage, this tweak is likely going to happen from their end. 

If you support the "steemgigs" witness, please consider sticking with us as we will work hard to reduce the frequency of occasions like this. 

We recently migrated to a 64GB RAM VPS to sustain the steem growth requirement and as soon as necessary, we will not hesitate to increase RAM or server capability, to sustain more growth. However, this current downtime is one where we have to wait on @privex to fix.

Thank you alot for all the support and patience at times, when the going is challenging.

 If you are coder or developer, kindly look the code for SteemGigs on Github. It is open-source, both front-end and back-end. We writing updating the Github constantly with a list of tickets and we need many hands as we want SteemGigs to be built by "everyone".

 This is a screenshot of how the repo looks: 

We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means of utopian or  direct contributions. I would like to invite all coders/developers, to  show up on our SteemGigs development channel.


Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today

Note that on SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your general reputation even  within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our "untalented editor".

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers 

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.       

Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented)

Join the Steemgigs Community on discord:  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?


I'm happy to know the Good news!

"we have finally found out the root cause and we are about to implement a solution"

Because I had a problem before in posting on but now it's updated so I'm excited to use it again.

If you support the "steemgigs" witness, please consider sticking with us as we will work hard to reduce the frequency of occasions like this.

We are always on your side and sticking with #steemgigs no matter what...
this is how we show our gratitude for everything..:)

My gratitude of being here on Steemit specially having @surpassinggoogle my whole appreciation on him, and because of the development of I think this is the best place to stay.

I'm glad to hear that it is really a good news.

that's good news
I tried 4 times to post on the untalented editor from wednesday until yesterday, all failed.
thanks again sir terry for the update :-)
i'm excited to use it.

Yes same here,I tried visiting and exploring the sites but I failed to posts. Now thank you for the updates.

I encountered the same as you.

That's a good news, error finally found out now. That was also happening in other social media when the picture has a larger size, it fails to upload/post. And steemgigs team have already a temporary solution for that. And thanks for another feature of @steemgigs. gif file is now working :)

Hope everythng will go smooth so we can all enjoy using the platform...

Yeah I hope too, this platform is good for us, thank you to the steemgigs community for always making a solution.

Wish a goodluck to the improvements. It is right and good to improve this kind of community where everyone has something to offer because it really helps us to find ways on how to see solutions to our problems.

Indeed! It's a bug help to us.

e.g if you use IMGUR as host for your image, simple visit, upload your image on there straight from your PC files and when the image has uploaded, right click on the image and copy the "image location URL", usually ending in ".jpg or .png" and paste it into the body of your post on and you will now notice that the image loads up during "post preview" and your post will now publish successfully.

Steps on participating this wonderful flat form..:)

Nice update... Funny it had to take that long to decipher... Great all the same

thanks for this update @steemgigs , sir Terry @surpassinggoogle , this will indeed be very helpful to all of us, i can feel you are too busy , just always take care specially your health, you really deserve a super duper fun and relaxing vacation . Stay awesome and thank you always ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for the good news sir Terry @surpassinggoogle... now there will be no problem uploading poctures on thank you for improving more the site for the benefit of everyone... 😘😘😘

Gran trabajo @steemgigs es bueno saber que estan mejorando la platarforma, siga haci :) siempre tendran mi apoyo

Thank you for updating us on the patch @steemgigs. This is very helpful for those that fails to publish their post. Now, that the cause have been identified it's only a matter of time before a real solution is made. Thanks again and more power to you guys.

@steemgigs is almost there. @surpassinggoogle, you guys are doing a great job.

As always...
Steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle really doing well and always take the initiative to help us in many ways.

I think is a great site. It is welcome. I love it. Thanks for solving the small issue

Getting something and having the wits to use it...those are two different things....Great update ..............I think it will be effective update..
ROCK @steemgigs and our leader @surpassinggoogle

thats good thanks for sharing this post,

I want to work with yours so how can i do it?. Regards

Thank you for the wide information.

I'm so happy to hear you got this figured for everyone. As you say, what seems complicated at the beginning often turns out to be simple at the end. I'm tweeting your post so others might see it and get on board with their steemgig. We are all stronger together than apart.

wow i think i ll publish my next post using this website, it seems to be lit..thank you for the great work

Thanks for the update information I have chosen you as a witness.

Post your good broder @steemgigs

I had the concern as I msg you on your fb page if you can remember, now I used to edit those post on steemit as image adding for testimonial was almost impossible, thanks for fixing it.

Thanks for this sharing, good information for me and other steemian. U are my Witness, keep spirit...

Thanks for the information, steemgigs is back and better

Thanks for the information can't wait to start posting on steemgigs

Thanks for the info.. there are many changes and updates that needs to be done.. but thanks for all the effort

Thanks for share informative post. Steemgigs is best opportunities for future.

Steemgigs has been one of the awesomest thing that has happened to steemit.

Keep it up sir Terry.

Truly, everyone has something to offer.

Thank you for this post. Truly a very good news. Thanks @surpassinggoogle for the update. You never failed us.

This is a great development. Way to go @steemgigs.

This is really lovely. We cant wait to start enjoying this great modification for easy posting and navigation. Thanks a lot.

Voted for you

Hello @steemgigs @supassinggoogle I had voted for you as a witness and I want to know if what will happen if I would use steemgigs website for my posts?

Am very happy to know about steemgigs, is a place to be, long live steemgigs and more grace to your elbow

thanks Sir. terry, I hope all are now going very well in using this platform

sir, after looking for several means to get across to you to appreciate you for making my two months on steemit awesome and was constrained, I decide to make you aware of how grateful I am by placing a coming of Thanksgiving to your posts and hoping you see it one day.

Among numerous that contributed to my steemit journey, Sir you stood out

Thanks so much

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