FUCK YEAH!!! Witness Upgraded to STEEMD v19.12 (After Much Failure & Hardship)

in witness-update •  3 months ago

( A picture showing my recent block production and it's sweet 1.024 STEEM reward )

After much failure and troubleshooting along with the help of my fellow witnesses I'm glad to announce that I've finally got my witness server upgraded t steemd v19.12! Admittedly with the new software setup combined with an overall sense of being rusty in the sysadmin side of things on our STEEM network it took about 500% longer than it should have, none the less I'm happy to once again be part of the block production on STEEM.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

( A screencap showing my current witness rank as well as the updated v19.12 software )

Not going to lie, ole @KLYE felt like an absolute mongoloid type after he failed to get his witness server to run properly following the compiling and deployment of steemd v19.12... Something that was normally second nature to me seemed perplexing and honestly I felt like a noob witness again. But with this now passed I'm eager to say that once again I'll be hammering out blocks and looking forward to the upcoming HF20 deployment which will bring new functionality and fun to the STEEM network.

A New v19.12 Block is Born...

( A screencap from my MobaXterm client showing the first v19.12 block from my witness )

Ever wonder what a STEEM witness server looks like on the console? The picture above is a sneak peak at the bread, butter and block maker end of the network. While it's not the prettiest thing to the untrained eye to a block producing witness for our STEEM network it's just about the prettiest thing one can see.. Especially after a prolonged downtime due to not being able to wrap my head around the new configuration file and being to proud to ask the other witnesses for help. Oh well, the experiences I've had on this network are all learning situations and I've certainly learned plenty on this rollercoaster ride!

A Plea for Witness Votes

Firstly I'd like to appologize for meandering away from the flock and ultimately losing focus on productive life ventures involving the STEEM netowrk in the past. Not only was it incredibly stupid of me to lose focus and neglect my duties and projects here on our STEEM network but it was also downright dangerous. The community here and the support I receive through my previous development endevours is literally the way I make a living and with that being said I've not been living as well as I should have been in light of straying from the community.

STEEM and the projects I'm working on to supplement the network are my day job. This summer was not a good example of how my work ethic generally is and between my house/office being moulded out and not resettling fast enough to get back into work mode it's certainly been a struggle. Health wise I'm starting to get better which s a blessing all in itself, but financially I certainly took the whole thing for granted and lived far beyond my means and was far to giving to those around me whom I thought were my allies, most of which are no where to be seen after the money got tight. A learning experience to say the least.

If you've got any spare witness votes I'd beg you to consider voting for me or revoting me if you had in the past and had unvoted me due to poor performance. While I can't force your hand to do so I can certainly say that every witness vote helps and I'm in a spot in my life I could certainly use the help once again. After the rise and fall experienced over the past 6 months it seems my living situation is in serious need of an enrichment plan through hard work and dedication to our STEEM network.

Please consider voting my witness, I need it more now than ever.. <3


Every Single Vote Helps, Thanks for the Support!

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You've had my vote the whole time..


<3 You're a gem Dave. Thanks for making me smile.

I also have you on my steemauto fanbase, not that my votes are worth a whole heck of a lot at the moment. I've definitely been following you, though, and just voted you as witness as we speak. Love reading witness reports; technologists, like myself. Can't wait to become one myself, as well, so I'll probably be tapping the community on this subject, including you.


Thanks for the witness vote my friends.

I'll be revising my old witness guide here in the nbear future.. It's been like 2 years since I wrote the last one... So a revision is in order.. It should come in handy for those wishing to become a witness.

Cheers man!


Thanks for the hand. Keep us updated.

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Welcome back!. I was just thinking/worried about ya the other day when I saw how far you went down on the witness list. Keep fighting bro. I will keep voting for ya hard times and good. You have been a good OG.


Thanks! Itr's always refreshing to see old faces come back to my comments even after being out of commission for a while. Rereally apprecaite the support and kindness.. <3

Very much congratulations.

Congratulations Klye! 👍🍀✌❤ Happy 4 you -X-


Thank you kindly. I needed that boost of confidence. <3


You are welcome 😘