Witness Update - Voting Bots & Listing Requests

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Hello everyone! I would like to start this update off first and foremost with a big thank you to all of my supporters. I have now moved into the top 50 witnesses on the platform and I take the position very seriously.

I have more money invested in STEEM than I have ever had invested into one single thing in my life. This is not money I made buying Bitcoin early - it is money I have earned and saved through years of working as a software developer.

I have also recently set up a self-directed IRA account so that I am able to invest in STEEM with some of my retirement funds. You can read about that and learn how to do the same thing yourself here: A Guide to Investing in STEEM Through Your IRA!.

Suffice it to say - I am committed to the Steem platform for the long haul and will do everything within my power to improve the community, the platform, and the value of the STEEM token.

On that note, here’s an update of what I’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks…

Voting Bots

As probably everyone reading this knows, my main focus on the Steem platform has been around the voting bots and other types of content promotion services. I know many people here dislike voting bots and they certainly have the potential to be misused, however it’s important to recognize that they do provide an important service that doesn’t exist without them.

When I first joined steemit.com I had the same experience as many new users where I spent hours of my time making some posts that I thought were pretty good and provided value to the community - but almost no one read them.

It’s not surprising that no one read them - I was a nobody, I had no followers, my posts were instantly lost within the thousands of other posts submitted each hour.

Many users just give up at this point, not wanting to waste more time. I don’t quit easily though. I understand that to get visibility you need to advertise, so I tried spending some STEEM to promote my posts in the promoted section. I quickly learned that that is pretty much as good as throwing your STEEM away.

Again I didn’t give up and eventually I stumbled on the voting bots. I started to use them to promote my posts and for even a few dollars a post I started to get on the “hot” section for a few smaller tags. For $10 - $15 I could get in the “hot” section for more popular tags, and then people started reading my posts.

Each time I used a voting bot not only would I get back the money I sent to the bot from its vote value, but I also increased my follower count and the number of organic votes I would get on my posts.

At this point I found myself spending a lot of time looking through the wallets of the bots I wanted to use and summing up all the bids that came in every 2.4 hours to see when would be a good time to send in a bid for myself. As a software developer, I have an instinctive urge to automate things so I created a tool to do that work for me.

You now know that tool as the Steem Bot Tracker and it has come a long way since I first started it!

My goal with the bot tracker is to allow all new users who are in the same position that I was to be able to more easily promote their content and give it a chance to be seen. Previously less savvy users would send bids to the bots and just hope for the best and get taken advantage of by more advanced users who knew how to check the profitability of the bid windows.

Now everyone has easy access to the same information and I hope that eventually this lead to an efficient market for content promotion services. That means that using voting bots won’t be directly profitable - ideally you will break even from the bot’s vote - but the ROI will come from the new followers and organic votes on your content from the increased visibility.

The Post Promoter Voting Bot Software

In addition to just tracking the bots, I have also recently created my own voting bot software in JavaScript. As someone who used the voting bots often and recommended them to others, I noticed a number of issues with the existing voting bots that I wanted to fix.

The main issue is that of refunds for invalid bids. Many of the existing bots would consider any invalid bid as a donation, which I thought was a really bad experience especially for new or less tech-savvy users.

One of the first things I built into the post promoter software was the ability to automatically refund invalid bids. The idea is that you will either get a vote or a refund 100% of the time. Since doing this there are now 12 voting bots that do automatic refunds whereas I believe there was only one that did it before. All such bots are clearly indicated in the bot tracker site as well.

The Post Promoter software is now running over 4 million Steem Power over 9 different bots and I work on improving it constantly to ensure that no bid is missed and that bot users and owners alike have a seamless and profitable experience.

New Investors

Off the blockchain I have been doing everything I can to promote STEEM to everyone in my network to try to bring new users, and most importantly, new investors into the platform.

In the interest of privacy I’m not going to reveal too many details about this, but I am happy to announce that just this morning a colleague of mine made a fairly significant investment in STEEM on my recommendation.

Since he doesn’t plan to be active on the platform, one of the big selling points was that he would be able to delegate his Steem Power to one of the voting bots and earn a very nice return on his investment even without any appreciation in the price of the STEEM token.

For those of you who have access to larger investors, I would recommend letting them know about this opportunity which isn’t available with any other cryptocurrencies I’m aware of. If you need any help or ideas for pitching STEEM to investors let me know and I would be happy to help out!

Requests to List STEEM on New Exchanges

In the same vein as the above section, I’ve been trying to follow the lead of @timcliff and request that STEEM be listed on some new exchanges. I agree with Tim that getting listed will be a key catalyst to a potentially huge jump in price for the STEEM token.

I have voted for STEEM to be listed on CEX.io and you can too by following the instructions here:

Attention Steem Community - Get out the vote campaign - Help us get listed on the CEX.IO Exchange!

As Tim mentioned in his post - please write your own original comment and do not copy/paste what we wrote.

Additionally I have also sent a request in to Binance to list STEEM. I have been using Binance a bit personally so I have a verified account and some funds there which will hopefully give my request a little more weight.

I very highly encourage everyone here to petition all of the exchanges to list STEEM. It takes only a few minutes of work and if we are successful it could really help propel the STEEM token to the next level.

Help Support My Projects!

Sorry for the long post, but for those of you who made it this far thank you very much for reading! If you would like to support my projects and/or my ideas and vision for the future of the Steem platform, I would greatly appreciate your witness vote. To cast your vote you can:

Love what I’m doing / hate what I’m doing - let me know in the comments!

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I think bots are going to prevent meaningful curation from getting good content to the top. They can't read, they have no sense of "quality." If making money and getting noticed is more important than finding quality content and devoted content creators, steemit will suck in the long run. If you want my vote for witness, you will need to stop supporting bots.


Thanks for your reply @fishyculture. I believe the bots do more to help devoted and quality content creators than to hurt them. If you are a new content creator you can write the greatest posts in the world but you are quite unlikely to get noticed, and quite likely to end up giving up and leaving for another platform.

The bots provide a way to get your content in front of others here which then lets the curation system take effect. If people promote poor content using the bots, then they won't get many new followers or organic votes, and they might even get some downvotes which will ultimately discourage promotion of poor content.

On the other hand if an author uses the bots to promote content that is high quality then it will receive a lot of organic followers and votes and help bring that author up to the top, which is exactly what we want.

I mention in the post that I don't think bots should be about "making money", at least not directly from its vote. That's what I mean by my hope that the bot tracker site will help create an efficient market for post promotion.

The bots are not going away, even if I stop supporting them. So rather than fight against something that is going to be a part of this platform either way, I think it's better to work to discourage the negative uses and encourage the positive ones. That is precisely what I am trying to do.


The ability of bots to vote on humans could go away, people do not want it to go away because they are making money on vote bots. That is what it looks like to me. Whatever, I will keep doing what I do, you will keep doing what you do. You will get rich, I will feel good about what I do.

Thanks for all you do. I have been spanked by bots at times and at times rewarded. @bellyrubbank ran with my money. That is what I find offensive about delegations and bots etc. I have refrained from investing for such reasons as security seems to be an issue without legal binding contracts.
I have appreciated your work with steembottracker. It did help me spend my money better. Bots should definitely always be a part of this platform. I hope your bot works out phenomenally for you.
You have my witness vote. Stay honest always.


Thanks @nedspeaks! Yes the bellyrub situation was very unfortunate for everyone involved. Hopefully we can all move on from that stronger and smarter than before.

I think the work that you are doing is great for the community. I know that there are pros and cons to bots, but I agree that they are here to stay so it's a benefit to provide good tools to the community.

Glad to see you cracked the top 50! Congrats! I’m glad I could be a small part of helping you get there.

Very interested about the ira and how you can make an investment with steempower to gain a nice profit. Would love to hear your pitch or way of words to pitch to other possible investors.

Good Morning. Sorry for my English but I use the translators. Interesting your post, gave me several ideas. I still do not understand many things, especially because I have to translate, at least at the level of terms but to advance in this world, because that is good. I wish you success in your project. I hope you follow me then I follow you. Thank you.

Reading your post gave me an idea...

A lot of the bots on the Steem Bot Tracker have been giving negative returns after curation. People just seem to be using the bots blindly without checking to see if it's going to do more harm than good.

What if the bots were to automatically give a 100% refund to anyone who makes a bid at the point where doing so would become unprofitable?


yaa u r right @penston

@yabapmatt should consider this to make more attention of the new steemians.


You should know - you are the expert, after all! I think you've just inspired me to make a post about a broader problem that I've seen.

Thanks for the outline Yaba. I'm just now learning about witnesses and their contribution to the crypto world and or Steemit. I'm very excited about this platform so up-voting you as a witness seems like the least I could do to show my appreciation for your hard work.

Cryptocurrency can be a rather complex system that I'm doing my best to understand. There are some good video's out there that help explain it, which is how I came across your Steemit Profile.

Keep up the great work!

@yabapmatt I just voted you in as a witness brother!

i am new in steemit. I am currently to get a great vote will definitely use the bot. because I think bots can make it easy for new steemit users to speed up steam power so that it will increase my account level. if i expect to be upvote by that has a big steem power. I like to fantasize because the average has a great steem power they do not like their upvote who is still a beginner. the solution should be to find a bot to upvote my post.


support the supporters as compassion work

What bots do you trust the most? Im really new and only trust @jerrybanfield just because of his videos and reputation...

Hi @yabapmatt, thanks soo much for posting this. I recently got involved with promoting posts and am actually in a very similar situation as you mentioned in the post above about your investor friend. What I mean by this is that I have a friend who doesn't really have time to get involved in Steemit, but wants to support the cause as well as earn some, so I was thinking about creating a post promoter but alas, I am no coder.

Do you think it is possible for a layman to create one in JS or would I need to hire a coder for it?
I mean I can probably manage to understand the basics as I went through a small course in computer science back in uni.
Could you please help out?


Hi @ngfx, my first suggestion would just be to have your friend delegate his Steem Power to an existing voting bot. He can delegate to @postpromoter and will get his earnings paid out daily. There are also other bots that pay out earnings to delegators such as @boomerang and @msp-bidbot although I can only vouch for @postpromoter since it is my own.

If you really would prefer to run your own bot, I offer a service to run and host a bot for people who are not technical such as yourself. There is a minimum requirement of 10,000 SP in the bot account for that though. Feel free to get in touch with me on Discord or Steemit.Chat if you want to discuss it further.

Love doing things, release pain and hate, then get compassion!

Thanks for all the work you do for STEEM!

Hey can you add @yourwhale to vote bidding bots?

You got a 21.45% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @yabapmatt!

You are a witness for me. I don't know what that means but I am trying to figure things out. I tell everybody on here that somebody is giing to get rich figuring out how to "mentor" or "shepherd" folks like me into the system. Assuming someone as ignorant as me can produce good content but is clueless about crypto and steemit. If I had a step by step I would follow it. I mean do I need to get a bitcoin wallet to buy bitcoin to buy steemit whatever to convert to whatever to give money to a bot (how much and how) which one when. What are all these terms? I know nothing but what I produce and how to get along with people. Remember most (millions of people) don't have a clue but every day they like and share and create all kinds of posts. This platform makes more sense but has a learning curve. Whoever fixes the curve wins.

@yabapmatt How does someone get their upvote bot listed on Steem Bot Tracker? I am new and just learning.


I review all bots before listing them on the site, so you will need to get in touch with me and let me know the details of your bot so I can review it an list it. I'm usually available on Discord.


Thank you I will.

I'm late coming to this post, but I've been reading a lot of your content lately and I just wanted to say that you have my witness vote!

Hi good luck. Love the robot 🤖 plus good luck you recived your witness vote from @johnskotts 🐶❤️

I doubt, but I take the liberty to choose you,@yabapmatt

You doing good man.

@yabapmatt, voted you for Witness

Bottracker is an amazing interface and I will vote for you for witness just for that. I do think bots if used correctly can do a lot of good, I think the main thing we need is a limit on how much individuals can send to one bot like 5 SBD to discourage extremely high upvote bids and provide a little more resistance to mass upvote bidding.

Hi @yabapmatt, I love what you are doing & I follow you & have voted you for witness. I also hope you will look into the notification at steambottracker.com. I wrote about it in my recent post. I hope you can help. Thanks a zillion.