Attention Steem Community - Get out the vote campaign - Help us get listed on the CEX.IO Exchange!

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CEX.IO is currently listed as the 29th exchange on the CoinMarketCap exchange list based on volume. They list a lot of coins, but STEEM is not one of them. STEEM is listed as one of the top 50 currencies on CoinMarketCap (currently #34) and does several hundred BTC of daily volume. It is one of the fastest blockchains in existence - with 3 second confirmation times, and zero fees for transactions. STEEM should be listed on their exchange!

I contacted CEX.IO and asked what the process to be listed was. They let me know that they base their decisions to list new coins on the number of votes that they have in their form. I know there is one thing us Steemians are very good at: voting :)

Let's send them a message they cannot ignore.

STEEM is an amazing currency and it should be listed on their exchange! Our blockchain confirms transactions in three seconds and doesn't charge any fees! We have one of the most active and involved communities across all the crypto projects. We already have hundreds of working apps fully functional and running on the Steem blockchain today, doing amazing things. There are tons more reasons why the Steem blockchain is awesome!

Everyone - Go Vote for STEEM:

(1) Go to:
(2) Login. (You will need to signup for a CEX.IO account if you do not already have one.)
(3) Vote:

(4) Add a comment explaining why STEEM is great! (Be original, don't just copy mine.)

(5) Share the link, and ask your friends to vote.

If we can get STEEM listed on CEX.IO, it will be a big win for the Steem community and for CEX.IO.

  • It will put STEEM in front of more potential investors, which means more demand.
  • Having STEEM listed on more exchanges means existing token holders will have more options to use if existing exchanges are having maintenance issues.
  • I'm sure CEX.IO will be happy to have the hundreds of thousand of active Steemains exposed to their exchange =)

Let's make it happen!


Thanks @timcliff for putting up this post. I've been using for some months now, especially since it supports other good tokens, besides bitcoin and ethereum. The fact is that is a very good and highly secure exchange, where one can even exchange cryptos for fiat (USD/Euro/GBP) and spend them using a visa card.
My vote for steem to be added to has been added as 145th .

@maryfavour .

The community behind Steem is huge. A little more mobilization and Steem will be voted thousands of times. I just voted for Steem and left a comment which reads.

Steem is still a highly undervalued cryptocurrency (even at $3.9) because it is so much better than some speculative coins. Steemit is a working and evolving platform with Steem being used to reward content creators and curators. Steem has no fees. It's transaction confirmation happens under 3 seconds. Steem's wallet on Steemit website is the most securest place to store a coin, protected from theft and fraud if vested or held in savings. I can go on and on.

Let's get it listed on all major exchanges in 2018!

Great information! Yes, it would be very advantageous to be able to exchange them on directly for our national currencies.

I wonder why we keep getting disabled on Poloniex? Is it something we said???

Voted. thanks for the initiative.

this is very good. @olsm
I also voted
An initiative that excited you
good job @timcliff


This is a great idea! My country Sri Lanka, we can buy BTC for the cheapest rate via CEX.IO. Most of other exchanges are not allowed here! So, this is a great opportunity to all Sri Lankans to buy and sell STEEM with CEX.IO! I will definitely upvote and will spread this news to all Sri Lankan Steemians!
Thank you very much for sharing this news!


Seen this too late :(
New registrations are suspended, hope it was because of the flood of steemians voting!

Interesting.. You mean they aren’t letting you create a new account on their exchange?

Yes exactly that new registrations are disabled...

Hey @timcliff, are not allowing any new users to register.

Yeah, it sounds like they have been getting a flood of new users. Only people with an existing CEX.IO account will be able to vote for now. We at least got in quite a few votes before they closed registrations :)

I will probably do another post if/when they open up again.

Still closed as of today - 28 Jan :(


Good information! Thank you, because I often use and it would be very beneficial. Obviously, mentioning you, I ask your permission to translate this post for the Italian community, it is very important to let know. thank you.

Yes, please do!

I did, I leave you the link if you want to take a look. First I mentioned you and inserted your link for the original post. Thanks again :).

Many thanks :).

Wow! This looks out of my mind. I am a very old user of CEX.IO... never though possible to think it would get STEEM there!

Nice... Voted!

Voted. I wish all steemians will vote as we all shall reap bountifully from this if realized.

Great initiative @timcliff, I just registered, voted ad commented.

Took about 2mins, easy.


If we relise that, will SBD added to their list too? And I just don't understand why don't they add it to the list by them self. I mean. Isn't in their interest to have it on their site?

Right now the discussion is just about STEEM, but if they decide to add that, it might make sense to include SBD too.

It is fairly expensive for an exchange to add and support a new coin. They want to make sure there is sufficient interest before taking it on.

Hi. Great news for stemian. Steem is most popular and Growing cryptocurrency and Steem is listed in Top 50 Cryptocurrency on coincapmarket. Now Steem is listed on exchange that's great.

It is not listed on CEX.IO yet. We are trying to get it listed.

Ok. Try. it will be listed on exchange.

Great idea Tim! voted, and left them an enticing comment I believe, using some of your ideas and a couple of additional ones :)
hope others will follow:
"Steem definitely needs to be listed on CEX.IO! With its amazing qualifications for a winner cryptocurrency, such as 0 transaction fees, 3 seconds block generation, DPOS, and great front end social networks (,, and, it is definitely heading to be one of the fastest growing currencies in no time!"

Hey @mcfarhat really a great idea he has up there. Gonna do my bit now.

@eurogee of @euronation

UPDATE! I registered on CEX.IO.

I also submitted a request for them to add STEEM to their exchange, and gave my very good reasons for them to do so.

In times where poloniex and hitbtc disabled the withdraw of Steem / SBD and sites like bittrex disabled the account registration this is even more important than it was in the past :)

As always a great initiative @timcliff - I've voted =)

Hello @dez1337

Please I seem to need a little explanation here sir....

In times where poloniex and hitbtc disabled the withdraw of Steem / SBD and sites like bittrex disabled the account registration this is even more important than it was in the past :

What's the significance of this?

@eurogee of @euronation

If you want people to use Steem they need to be able to buy it and even more important: To send it to their Steem wallet/account. At the moment I do not know any other possibility for newcomers to do so beside of openledger because of the reasons I showed above =)

Thats why it is even more important right now to have additional market places on board than before (imo)

There is also BlockTrades, but yes - you are correct :)

I already have an account and i m doing it right now.
Anything positive for steem network is hardly welcomed.

I saw this 3 hours ago, but I was quite busy. I have voted now. It is annoying, the fact that so few people voted and it took this long to get people to vote again. I wrote a post about it anyways.

90th vote ^_^
it's great to see you back on expanding steems reaches

Did it, it was very easy !
Will try to empower the french community too ! :-) Good job @timcliff! As always !

Awesome, thanks @roxane!!

I have voted as explained and I will also spread this message to my friend circle so that it can go viral and its one of the great initiative by people like you @timcliff.

We are grateful to you for this initiative.

Voted! Adding Steem is a no brainer, let them know! :D


@timcliff thanks for the heads up and simple instructions to vote for Steem on the exchange
In your mind, what’s the greatest benefit to having Steem on and exchange? Would it inflate the value of Steem falsely?

The price of STEEM is based on supply and demand. The supply is relatively fixed. The demand can be increased. By adding STEEM to more exchanges, it puts it in front of more people that may be interested in buying it, which should hopefully increase demand.

Voted, upvoted and resteemed. We do appreciate the good work for making steemit better

Great! Thanks :)

Voted :) !

Vet nice initiative, @timcliff! We should always aim to get Steem added to more exchanges to attract more investors to this platform.

Hey Tim I can see and feel your effort and total support to us and to the platform, I'm wondering if you would let me translate this post without copy and paste of course haha but to translate several parts of it into spanish so the other part of the comunnity also can read this and see how can they help!! Let me know :)
PS: Already voted, thanks for sharing you rock.

Yes, please do!

I did it :D Thanks for approving!

Hi dear @timcliff its very nice feeling for your initiative for the sake of steemit's future. People from leading end in any organization should take the decisions for betterment. I'm really very happy that the responsible people like you from leading end are taking interest for the community. CEX.IO will add steemit by all mean. And people will definitely enjoy the uninterrupted services. All the best and keep sharing great idea. Stay Blessed!

Just voted... this is a very good initiative... hopefully steemit makes it! Upvoted and resteemed!

If we vote this in does that mean they will do all the work to add it or will they need Steemit Inc to help?

In general, exchanges do all the work to get themselves setup, but myself and several other witnesses, as well as the Steemit dev team are all happy and able to help with whatever guidance and troubleshooting they need.

Thank you for responding so fast and for getting this started. What do you think about me planning a tutorial post on this showing how to sign up, vote, and use the exchange?

That would be awesome!

Yeah that would be great I translated the post to spanish so more people can read easily :D

Thanks for the update! Vote sent!

Voted, resteemed!

Thank you for the effort, @timcliff. Upvoted and resteemed.

I have just voted. My vote made the total 118.

Actually, I think we can easily do better than this.


it is worth steem to enter in the trade there because steem has many investors from big to small. i am sure if steem enter the trade there will enter in big 10 kripto coin thanks @timcliff ... you have great idea

Although the exchange has always proven to be very expensive for me, I am thankful that I have an account there. Surely voting for Steem and resteeming this post to get more support.

Hey dear sir, you are doing great job for the betterment of Steemit Community, as after the reach of new exchange there will be more opportunities to enjoy the Steem price movement, so it's a great movement and your contribution will be the milestone in the path of Steemit growth.
Thanks dear sir, for such great job.
Best wishes, let's spread it to the world and vote for the listing.

Just voted...... Great initiative @timcliff !

Wow!! Its a big and great news. vote for Added at the no of 146th. Waiting for what is happening next? best of luck Steemit.

@timcliff With all of Steem's technical advantages I SERIOUSLY can't understand why there's billions and billions being invested in other, slower cryptos. Maybe it's just too early yet, maybe all it needs is a little time! I can see it skyrocketing!

Highest Regards

I guess giving Eugene's post a thumbs-up counts as a vote? I was hoping for something more direct. Did your contact give you any indication of how many votes are needed to get steem listed? My vote was the 122nd.

Yes regarding the thumbs up to vote.

No, just that if we got “enough” votes they would list. Based on some of the other coins that are listed, it looks like the number is probably around 400.

Voteeed!! Hope this get listed soon and with that the SBD can also take part in it in a near future!! Reesteming and totally supporting!

Just voted for steem, you should too. Great initiative by the way

awesome initiative, we need to get steem on binannce too! Can you use your power and influence next to make that happen!

Lots of people are trying.

Registered voted and left lil comment

Done! Thank you for sharing, and that you gave all steemit's users the opportunity to become a part of a company for its promotion and growth! Everyone can feel involved in the success, spending just a few minutes.


Voted! Hey, how about trying to get it on cryptopia as well? Cryptopia is a small, yet efficient and quite popular exchange. I'd love to see STEEM and SBD on there as well.

I actually just reached out to them earlier tonight. (Still haven't heard back.) Do you have any contacts there? The more people reach out the better.

Hey, that's awesome! I hope we get to vote on that as well

Where can I find a list of all the exchanges that currently trade STEEM? What is your preferred exchange?


I usually use BlockTrades if I am buying or selling STEEM/SBD. Bittrex is usually my second option.

I have voted for STEEM.

Great initiative. Let's get it done!

Great initiative, I'll set up an account now and support the request!

-edit - done

good idea @timcliff resteemed to help get the word out :)


I'm having problem login to my account right now but I will definitely vote for this.

And I also ask your permission to re-post your article in my blog so other people outside Steem community will know about and also vote for it.

Let me know and thank you for this initiative.

Resteem away :)
(You never need to ask permission to resteem btw.)

Thank you

Thanks for sharing post.

Did you vote for STEEM on CEX.IO? :)

Sure Tim, this Botty will be voting for it to be listed on CEX :]

Go Tim Steem, uh I mean Team Steem ;]

@tim cliff voted it. I am 53rd vote. We all work together to make this a more successful platform.

What a great initiative @timcliff I'm just about to register and vote, thanks for sharing the idea.

Thanks for the info @timcliff. I gave my vote. Let's make this happen!

Thanks I voted

Contributing to STEEM's growth is the duty of every user.

Agreed. Did you vote? :)

I really forgot my friend :D I use it now

Do you want to follow me? :D This will honor me :D :D

always impressive and positive thinking @timcliff, i really appreciate your plans and initiatives for the development and betterment of steemit forum. my support with you and best wishes always for you.

I just voted as explained in the article.

Its good for steem to get listed in this exchange and I want to say thank you for this campaign for steem.

So my gratitude.

Steem on and stay blissful.

Just voted it man and thank you so much for this initiative.

have a great day.

Great initiative @timcliff! I upvoted and added the following comment.

The STEEM blockchain processed more Transactions than any other Blockchain and is also among the fastest in processing Transactions. In addition there are no fees. These two facts alone make STEEM probably the most undervalued blockchain around.

Lets hope that more users will follow your lead to make actual changes.

Ill go check it out and vote

Voted! If we get added to many major exchanges it will help give Steem a price jump, increase stability(no more waiting on slow exchanges) and most importantly introduce ourselves to new users. My hope is we eventually get onto a fiat to crypto exchange!

Agreed, me too :)

let the vote begin! time to get listed everywhere

Yes, we shuld promote steem at anyway.

okay, i should vote...

Done and Resteemed. After next target should be bitfinex

I've given them a try but no response yet. Not sure what their process is. If more of their active users send them messages, I suspect that will help.

I emailed them but they didn't respond to it. I don't know on what criterion they add up coins to bitfinex. IF YOYOW can be added why can't steem? #bitfinex

Resteeming and I will vote very very soon

Steemit needs marketing,→ low trading volume. We can reach 10$ easy.

They will know the value of steem in few months.....then there will be no need of voting and explaining because steem is beyond than a crypto.... @timcliff ...thanx for promoting steem...

We have to jump through the hoops though. Voting is how they decide on their listings :)

Upvot complete..

Now voted.

Have you got any other target exchanges to go for? Or anything that moves?

I am reaching out to a large number of exchanges. Most of them do not allow any details about the discussions to be shared unless/until they decide to list the coin though. No news yet, but I am continuing to try :)

That's good. I will look out for any calls to action like this. Hopefully we will attract the attention of more exchanges in 2018Q1.

Done @timcliff sir! If this gets listed on more exchanges like this... soon STEEM will go to the moon! :)

I have registered and participated in this matter by vote, comment about the greatness of steam, hopefully steem can progress and develop

Really it have don't exchange fee.Really good thing

Thanks for the information timcliff! :D

Have you voted?


totally. From my point of view, steem seem superior to bitcoin given the various applications and uses. I don't see why steem should not be listed on the exchange. Great initiative!

Done. Thanks for this!


Voted, mainly just because I hope another listing will bump the price a bit.

I am onboard with this plan!

Thank you, I just signed up. (Edit - works now, voted)

Binance should a top priority, by the way.

I agree. Their application process only accepts requests from the 'core team' though.

Time to apply pressure on the core team, then. :)

Lots of people have :)

Hello @timcliff

This is good idea and I will support it and I will resteem the post for even more visibility. I will also post it on the floor of my team and other communities.

@eurogee of @euronation


Voted! There are only about 100 votes or so.. We could do a lot better! Why don't you put down your referral code so people can subscribe easily. If nothing else, then to vote.

Agreed, we need a lot more people.
I don’t want to put a referral code, since it adds a conflict of interest.

I am all for seeing this platform go to the moon.

Me too :)
Did you also vote for STEEM on CEX.IO?

I will try when i get inside from work but I am limited in CEX because I am from Barbados