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RE: Witness @reggaemuffin

You gave all the information I was looking for and it seems like you'd be a great pick. My only worry is that you're not deeply invested in Steem but I think I'll still give you my vote. Goodluck!


Thank you for that concern @travelersmemoire. I'm a student so I don't have that much money to invest into steem. But I am deeply invested and don't plan on leaving ever! So witness me getting more and more (monetarily) invested into steem ;)

I'm not saying you need money invested but a low Steem holding means you haven't created as much content either or you've sold earned Steem.

Well, I'm on steem since the start of this month and I already created valuable content and powered up 100% of that reward :) But I give away a big chunk of my earnings to other users I feel bring value to the community.

I invested over 100 STEEM on my first days:

And I delegate a huge chunk to other users I want to boost:

What happens when you delegate to a user? I received it but I don't what it does. Sorry for the stupid question.

It means someone is lending you steempower. They can always take it back, but for now it is completely yours ☺️

Thank you :)

On what conditions take the witnesses the delegated steempower back. And what can one do with the delegated steempower. I'm new so I'm just trying to grasp how things work here.

Some may delegate steempower to new users. So, when a user is not so new, the giver of the steempower might take it back to distribute to a newer user.

As for what you can do with steempower, it boosts the rewards for curation, making your upvotes worth more.

Hope this helps.

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