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Steemhunt has started to run the witness node since October 7th, 2018. The purpose of our aim as a witness is simple:

To create more company-wide participation in the Steem blockchain, and push it to be more scalable and user-friendly from Steem dApp’s standpoint.

Luckily, there are many Steemians who support our mission, so now we are ranked no.37. Thanks so much for all your support, and we will definitely bring “something” that adds value to Steem blockchain!

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In this report, we are going to introduce our two main activities as a witness:

  1. Our new partnership that will bring corporate-wide opportunities for our SMT (Smart Media Token) strategy
  2. Integrated whitelist/blacklist database and user verification API shared from Steem dApps

1. New Partnership with Tokenomia by Chain Partners

Today we are happy to announce our new partnership with Tokenomia to foster our SMT-based token economy.

Introducing Tokenomia

Tokenomia is founded by Chain Partners, the largest blockchain company in Korea and has received over $12 million in equity funding. Two weeks ago, Chain Partners recently opened Daybit, an Elixir-based exchange whose 24h trading volumes have already reached the top 12 globally in terms of Coinmarketcap stats ($153 million as of Oct 21, 2018, 5pm KST).

Screenshot 2018-10-21 10.33.06.png
(Daybit Exchange is launched two weeks ago, and already reached the top 12 globally in terms of 24h volumes)

Chain Partners created Tokenomia to enable blockchain projects to have a real business impact with a well-structured token economy. They are not just a conventional advisory firm that only focuses on how the project can have a “profitable” ICO launch. Rather, they focus on how the blockchain product can create a user-based fundamental that will attract companies and many other market players.

Main Goals from this Partnership

As we explained above, Tokenomia will mainly help Steemhunt to foster our SMT-based token economy. With the partnership with Tokenomia, Steemhunt has set two main goals to add value to the SMT project:

  1. Promote exchange markets to adopt SMT protocol by listing HUNT tokens.
    Tokenomia will help HUNT tokens to become listed in the global exchange markets. If HUNT token can be successfully listed in an exchange, this may open the path for other SMT tokens.

  2. Create an expandable pipeline in our token economy that enables companies/brands participants.
    It is highly important for an SMT project to connect the value of the platform/service to the participants of the token economy rather than just creating another reward coin. For example, Steemhunt is trying to invite many companies/makers to utilise our hunters geeky passion to boost their launching hype. We call it Geek Capita, and our goal is to connect them to its value exchange via HUNT tokens. Tokenomia will help us to create this pipeline successfully, which will be easily applicable to other SMT projects too.

2. Integrated Whitelist/Blacklist Database and User Verification API Shared from All Steem dApps

We are excited to introduce our initiative to create an integrated database and API to share the user white/blacklist and phone number verification information among all other Steem dApps.

Background - Fighting against Alt Spamming Issue

When SMT becomes mainstream, alt account abuse will become a far more serious problem because of two features: 1) ABV (Account-based Voting) system, and 2) account creation by dApps directly.

The alt abuse problem from ABV system is simple - the voting unit is based on each account rather than staked Steem Power, so it's easy for alt abusers to increase their voting impact by running numerous alt accounts.

Steemhunt has been running the ABV system since June 13th, 2018, and has tried to minimise the alt abuse issue by operating our own user score system calculated based on Steemhunt activities, Steemit reputation, and Buildawhale Blacklist (huge thanks to @buildawhale for your dedicated work). You can check the details here.

We also initiated our direct sign-up interface last week, and the phone number verification is required to prevent the creation of multiple alt accounts. When other dApps start to provide the new account creation feature, users can potentially create alt accounts through different dApps with just one phone number because it's currently not possible for dApps to share the signed up user's numbers.

Solution - Let’s Share Whitelist/Blacklist Database and User Verification API among All Steem dApps

In order to minimise the alt spammers on Steem blockchain, we created a Steem account black/white list repository.
Screenshot 2018-10-21 14.53.31.png

In this repo, there are two main databases:

  1. User white/blacklist
  2. Boolean returnable signed up phone numbers

Each dApp can update their white/blacklist and verify phone number data to create the integrated database that enables any dApps to utilise this repo to prevent alt account abusing attempts.

For the white/blacklist, there are two json files - whitelist.json and blacklist.json in which there are Steem usernames. Any dApp can add their list by requesting write access for us.

The signed up phone numbers are run as an API that enables dApps to check the existence of each phone number whether it was verified or not. To prevent brute-force attack and public access of potentially sensitive information, this API requires private API keys and only gives access to authorized dApps. Once you’ve received the access key from us, you can implement API interface in the following way:
-> { "exists": false }

For more details on how to use this integrated repo, please read the -

Please Vote for Steemhunt Witness for the Company-wide Value Stream and Scalable dApp Experiences

Steemhunt has started to run the witness node since October 7th, 2018. We have two main goals to perform our witness mission:

  1. We will encourage companies/makers to be involved with the STEEM token economy at a global level.
  2. We will drive the Steem blockchain to be more scalable and user-friendly for many Steem-based applications.

We will constantly share how our activities are contributing to achieve the goals via the witness updates. Please also read our witness initiative article.


Please follow @steemhunt account and join our chat channels (Discord is more active):


I've read this three times now, what a power move. I was concerned at first but now I'm just wanting you to pull it off! :) incredible foresight and getting this moving now! :) proud to be a mod.

I would have joined under a referral code for daybit if it is the future of hunt token.
If anyone is considering joining there you can use this ref as it boosts your rewards apparently and is a parking space :)
Ref Code vqRJA8nq

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Moved to the Hive platform.

I have no regret of being on steemhunt from the beginning. Great progress!

Awesome stuff with the partnership!

@steemhunt This news looks very promising, congratulations and many successes in this new decision making

Voted for witness! 🤞

Wow, you guys are definitely going the right directions with that partnership. I already voted for you as witness and I hope that more Steemians will follow. You are leading the professional way for other SMTs to be successful and not only here on Steem but also outside from it. Great job guys!!!

This will be very helpful. Thanks!