Steemhunt Witness - Focus on Company-wide STEEM Value Stream and Scalable dApp Experiences

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Hello Steemians, today we are excited to start running a witness node and share our vision of becoming a witness. We will focus on building the company-wide value stream and improving scalability of dApp experiences on Steem blockchain.

Our Journey so far

Steemhunt was introduced on March 5th, 2018 with the aim of becoming a Steem-fueled economy for hunting products. We started with a small vision, but after observing the power of Steemit’s community, we decided to push Steemhunt further by creating a blockchain-powered community platform that brings tech early-adopters and innovative makers/companies together.

The HUNT Platform initiative was announced on May 22nd, 2018, and now Steemhunt has grown to become a strong community where Geek Capita is recognised as a genuine power by innovative product makers. Check out how powerful and invaluable they have become:

  • So far 25,475 cool/innovative products have been dug out and $108,337.12 hunter rewards have been generated in the space of 233 days on top of Steem Blockchain.
  • Over 250 Steemians back this project with over 1.6 million Steem Power delegation.
  • Steemhunt traction has sharply increased by 800% in just two months with over 72K monthly active users at this moment.

Thanks a million to all the hunters, sponsors, and Steemians for your great support on this project. It’s been an amazing journey and we feel lucky to be onboard the Steem blockchain. Without Steem-community, this Geek Capita power would not exist.

Steemhunt Witness Mission - The Next Level of Company-wide Value Stream and Scalable User Experience

We strongly believe that Steem blockchain is the first-ever and most powerful blockchain where REAL USER activities exist. However, we think there are two missing parts that will enable us to move on the next level.

1. Company-wide value stream

Even though Steem is one of the top 3 most active blockchains based on Blocktivity, most of the STEEM values are generated based on individual user activities, rather than company-wide activities. It’s important for company activities to increase the value of STEEM token economy because their actions always bring a large amount of scalable transactions and network effects. In other words, the base unit size by companies will highly surpass that of individual users.

2. Scalable dApp Experience

We think the HF20 successfully created the foundation of scalable blockchain by introducing RC (Resource Credit) system. Now it is time to focus more on creating/maintaining the Steem blockchain to become more scalable and user-friendly based on the standpoint of Steem dApps. We believe that the success of Steem and SMT will be heavily affected by how many dApps can successfully create a large number of active users from outside of Steemit. It is highly important for dApp-based witnesses to be located in the top 20, so that they can improve the new user scalability and new user on-boards on Steem dApps.

What Steemhunt will do as a Witness?

Steemhunt witness will concentrate on two main activities, as well as basic responsibilities:

  1. We will encourage companies/makers to be involved with the STEEM token economy at a GLOBAL LEVEL. Steemhunt is a bridging platform for makers to reach out to early adopters for the successful launch of their product. With our global presence roadmap, Steemhunt will offer a clear value stream between the users and their services/platforms by constantly inviting makers to utilise the SMT-based token economy to escalate their business activities.

  2. We will drive the Steem blockchain to be more scalable and user-friendly for many Steem-based applications. Steemhunt has focused on the innovation of user experiences above the blockchain layer, and we believe that this is highly important for generic users (not just for crypto enthusiasts). We are also working on a scalable new user sign-up/on-boarding interface directly via Steem dApps. Steemhunt attracts more than 5K unique users from outside of Steemit everyday. Our aim is to develop 1) a new user sign-up system that directly converts generic outside users to Steem app users, 2) a user-friendly on-boarding interface that makes it easy to understand the Steem community and token economy, and 3) pipelines that transfer them from one Steem dApp to another.

Steemhunt Witness Server

Steemhunt will constantly improve the specs of our server, and maintain the stability by using our own algorithms and operations that cover almost every time zone.

  • CPU: 4 cores
  • RAM: 90GB
  • SSD: 700GB

Vote for Steemhunt, and Build a New Chapter of Real-User based Blockchain Together

Please vote for Steemhunt witness via SteemConnect. We can lead this Steem blockchain to attract a wide range of real app users and real product/service providers.


I have almost a half a whale vote (combined voters) for any witness that gets STEEM on a major exchange. This is a major issue that Steemit Inc refuses to address. Unlike other currencies, STEEM is severely lacking on the number of major exchanges that it is available. People won't use the platform when this currency is not on their favorite exchange.

If you want to make a difference in the STEEM economy while significantly up your witness votes, then accomplish this task. Remember, you will need to provide proof that you were instrumental in getting a major exchange to list STEEM.

Steem is on most of the major exchanges...with the exception of the BTC specific ones. However all of the alt coin exchanges really.

Hey Nice post!

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I don't understand.

Hello steemhunt team! Will anyone be making an official announcement of the recent manipulation of hunter score? Based on my research it seems to be a change in the algorithm that has caused many user's hunter scores to drop below one without any bad actions, in fact in the case of my best hunt ever, a top 50 hunt, my personal hunter score has fallen to below 1!

I have some evidence that this is not a bug, so I cannot submit it as such on utopian.

I thought that only happened to me but I see that no, drastically from one day to the next, my hunter points went down to 0.30, then the next day of nothingness went up to 3.75, then fell back to 1.10, I really do not know that that's what happens, we'll see what steemhunt administrators say.

I'm very interested in knowing about this too.

Yes, great. You got my vote. Thanks.

Hey Nice post!

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Are you voting for hunts as well as submitting hunts? I'd be interested in seeing your research...

I am also troubling with the same issue...
My hunt score has fallen to below 1 too.

Hey Nice post!

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Hello, we are analysing/testing some algorithm to detect the alt account voters. During the time, other user scores may be possible to be fluctuate too.

Hey Nice post!

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I agree and would like to know whats going on as well.👍✌

I've haven't heard of steemhunt before, but it looks like an interesting concept!

this is great

Voted! ;)


A huge hug from @amico!

Awesome! Just voted you in :-)

FYI, @gmuxx and I turned our witnesses off months ago and consolidated along wth @Anarcho-Andrei and @rhondak to a new witness name, @noblewitness - I see you have muxxie and i voted, and our servers have been disabled for a long time, so it's seems like you may not have realized that, as visible on or alike. (Red means dead) and you may want to confirm your other witnesses votes if you haven't made sure they still exist in a long time. We recommend checking your witness votes fairly frequently, and following witnesses you vote for to get update. Things shuffle constantly.

We sent direct message notices to all voters over 1mv as well as posting many many times about it...

Nice promo! Four of the best, In one! Saving votes, for everyone!

Hey Nice post!

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Do NOT click these!!!!!!!!

Looks like phishing links

I am one of your witness voter❤️❤️


I prefer that you have a witness vote than the whales after HF20 who aren't really contributing to a proper review of code.
Witness granted
Cheers to future growth and development.

is anyone can explain to me what is the witnesses exactly ?

and what are they do ?

just to make sure from my knowledge please ?

This is the news of the week!

Hi @steemhunt I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

Steemhunt is a great project and they are more organized too. So my witness vote goes to Steemhunut without any doubt.
Thank you Steemhunt for the awesome work you have done for this community and introducing a project like Steemhunt. And surly your effects will ultimately make the steem bockchain a better place.


Voted ... Good Luck.

Always excited to see now updates on @steemhunt!! You got my vote for witness.

Great job~!

You have my vote!

Awesome! Great job Just voted you in....
Followed and upvoted

Wow! Just like yesterday steemhunt started, it grows higher and higher everyday .it is really a nice place to be.💞💞

You have my vote !

Keep up the good work champs, this just a warming up. Big things are coming!


congrats! you have my vote!

Upvoted us a witness

That's a great news. I voted you!!

impressive growth in a short span of time. we should help spread the word to make this even more productive project. btw, just voted!

i am voting steemihunt as a witness, for their future goal in creating more dapps and making steemit great,

So the Right move and great for the project to launch a witness for it ;)

This is nice

now an official Steemhunt witness! done voting! more info to come and updates to share.

I voted for steemhunt and I resteemed this post !!!
Go fot it !!


Very good job! Here ist my upvote for witness

Just voted for you.

Thank you for all your work!

THIS. IS. EV.RE.THING. so proud to be along for the ride- no brainer! great job guys <3

You rock my world Steemhunt. I'm also one of your witness here and I voted you up. Great job and good luck on your project. I gave my 100% support for this project.


Voted! So glad that you are running a witness now as I fully believe and back this project. Great job you guys. I will continue to support you and want to see you succeed for your sake and also for the sake of the entire Steem community.

Can you give me some more technical details about the people running your witness. What is their tech history? How much experience do they have of running production level environments?

Let's go fellas!

This is exciting! Good move!

Good proyect, God we trust

And it begins!! Right on SH team!

Moved to the Hive platform.

Wow! Kudos to the team.

Sounds interesting. I voted you up.

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Hey Nice post!

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Great project!

YES! This is the news of the week!

What a great job congratulations, mate!

Hello guys spare a few minutes to take a look at this

Great news! Just voted.

Hi @Steemhunt great that you guys will serve as a witness. I hope that you probably also thinking about a crypto/fiat gateway to your steemhunt portal. The steemmonsters project also achieved to get other cryptos and fiat into there system. I would love to see a corperation with Easydex and Steemhunt so that both projects can benefit from each other.

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This is worth a try.

well done thanks for sharing this information

Thanks for information

Great step taken, I have already voted you as witness, i love the work so far...sure we shall carry on.

This is really awesome! You got my full support, and of course my vote!!

We agree with yr vision. Our vote is for u.

Steem need to evolve from blog only to much wider range of applications. Therefore, it is important that witnesses have that change in vision too to support dApp related initiatives

@steemhunt congratulations on this new and important step they have taken, I wish the whole team many success
You already have my vote
I wish everyone a great day

Wow Your post generate positive vibe within me. Now I'm really trying to do something productive on steemit☺️☺️😊

An appreciteable blog 👏👏👏

Write more like this✍️✍️✍️

Vote completed! 😊

I wish I had time to support you more...

But seeing you as a witness, and especially in a situation where you are all going into the SMTs... I have one big ask!

Please strive to help on the code factoring... to help the memory problem to NOT be a problem!

I mean... see EOS for example... it has become so much more easy to deploy small nodes that can help the network. Yes, the requirements for transactional behaviours are a LOT different, but still possible provided the size of the STEEM community.

I believed on Steemhunt since I have laid eyes on you... and I am prepared to give my little help, on whatever I can, making joined communities a power driver of disruptive decentralized evolution.

Awesome job , im excited to see your running a witness node @steemhunt , love what your doing I just added you to my witness list! keep up the great work! 👍✌👌

very intersting event steemhunt

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