Someguy123 Witness Thread

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My name is Chris, also known as Someguy123. 

I run many community services for Litecoin, with very high reliability. The Litecoin Block explorer has possibly up to 99% uptime over the past few years as a good example. I have a lot of experience in system administration, as well as development in various programming languages including Python, Javascript and PHP.

You can check out my Bitrated HERE. It shows all of my various online accounts, and vouches from other people, combining my reputations. You'll find my Bitcointalk, Bitcoin-OTC, twitter, reddit etc. on there.

I've also worked to bring the Litecoin community into Steemit, possibly benefiting both communities, you'll find two of the Litecoin Association directors own introductions ( @mlpfrank and @therealmage ) here and here.

I made an introduction post here detailing the services I run:

I decided that I wanted to try to contribute to Steemit however I could, with one of my first plans being to make the process of setting up a seed and witness as easy as possible, with installation scripts and thorough up to date guides on the process (as I learned, the documentation for this is currently very spread out and some of it is outdated). Within the next day or two, I'll be publishing those.

I am now running a witness someguy123 on one of my most powerful servers, and I am aiming to have a perfect uptime, along with the seed. The witness is located in France, on a dedicated server with 16gb of RAM allocated to the witness, and 4 cores of an 8-core AMD Opteron.

My seed is available (on a completely different hosting provider in a different region) at on port 2001, use it by adding this to your config.ini:

seed-node =

Please vote for me by running the following:

vote_for_witness YOURACCOUNT someguy123 true true

OR you can vote directly from Steemit by going here (at least when/if I get into the top 50):

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I'm also going to try to contribute to various STEEM projects where I can.

Here's my first piece of work on Steemit:

Finally, you'll be able to vote on witnesses who aren't already in the top 50!


Nice read and great work

Just voted for you

Just voted for you. Wish you have a node running already.

I want to become a witness to/i have taken jerry banfields u coarse..

Thanks for your work!


I just read your interview with @necrophagist. Thank you for all the time and effort and money you put into making this community work. You have my witness vote.

I can tell your awesome. Have my up-vote future witness.

Gotta have diversity! You mentioned Litecoin. :) And based on have my vote. Well done Chris!

It would be nice if we can add a question answering functionality to steem, something like qoura, should not be hard.

Got voted by each of my accounts. Congrats :)

4 times:
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by @ravenking semi- retired account cause I lost the owner key, I use it to hand out small votes and resteem content.

Very nice,,,

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hey @someguy123 help me. My bandwidth is empty. Need your help.

Tell me your france machine is not in OVH datacenters ;) they suck hard
Good luck i voted you mate


I'm not going to confirm or deny that, but OVH has given me 99%+ uptime on pretty much all of my servers. - check the explorer, that's on OVH, and has flawless uptime.


very nice ! I used OVH for years i still have 2 dedicated debian in their datacenter at roubaix and Strasbourg, but turns out i have a friend who worked in one of the datacenter and it was a big mess .. If you have any problem it is very common that you may face some troubles fixing it
but you can also be one of the lucky guy that never face any problem with a server

wish you the best luck


I'm probably one of the lucky ones. Sadly other server providers are extortionate. Even Colocation often costs twice as much as a powerful server from OVH/Hetzner.

I just voted for you :)

i voted for you, and you should also do for me.

holla, steem alanhenry, gat ur back

Have no clue what voting does yet, But I voted for you :)

Hey @someguy123, voted for you to give back just a little. Thank you so much for keeping this community running. Without you we wouldn't have the chance to do, blog or write anything and I hope my vote will help a bit :)
Let's grow this community together!