I'm Someguy123 - a well known developer in the Litecoin community

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My name is Chris, or more commonly known as Someguy123. I'm a developer in many programming languages, and also a very highly trusted individual in the Litecoin and Bitcoin community.

I run various major services in the Litecoin community including:

Each service has at LEAST 20,000 users if not more, and LitecoinLocal has been on the International Business Times.

I also work with the Litecoin Association (a registered non-profit org) on various community services including the (currently defunct) Litecoin Forums, SomeguyNetworks Slack (all crypto people welcome, mainly LTC targetted), Litecoin Wiki, and #litecoin on Freenode IRC

I came to Steemit with the simple intention of helping out @frosty with a giveaway that went horribly wrong.

I decided to stay and try out the platform, I had never really looked into what Steemit or STEEM was until yesterday. It's likely that other litecoiners who see me using the platform might be encouraged to try it out (quite a few came over the other day).

I have my doubts, being that I was attacked by a downvote brigade, but maybe the platform will go somewhere, and the problems will improve.

Image: Downvote bots targeting any comment where I mention them, or just random comments like my payouts.

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welcome to steemit Chris looking forward to your insights


Thank you!

Welcome to Steemit Someguy123. I joined yesterday and loving the platform so far!

Hm, only thing I remember is that u scammed a friend of mine for 70 btc...
Stay away from this guy !


I don't know who you or your friend is, but I've never scammed a penny from anyone.

Check my OTC ratings: https://bitcoin-otc.com/viewratingdetail.php?nick=Someguy123&sign=ANY&type=RECV

Why have you down voted my post???


Hi Karen,

I've responded on your most recent post.

I'm not sure that it's very appropriate to randomly leave comments on peoples posts who down-vote your content. I apologise if my actions have angered or upset you.


I found the comment to be unoriginal , and not very funny, so I down-voted. If you don't feel the same way, that's fine. I shouldn't really need to justify my down-votes.


well..that's ok. I am not a vindictive one. It is just all about the karma, dude) good luck.


Why do I want to down-vote this post?...