Witness price feed update

Following the lead of @abit I have begun adjusting my witness price feed to 12% below observed market price. Although not formally announced, I had previously been using a 10% adjustment.

I continue to update the feed manually at least once per day (but often more frequently) which means my feed is independent of any automated script issues which may negatively affect the integrity of the feed (as happened in the past when Bitfinex stopped providing updated BTC prices).

I support and will continue to support the goal stated by @dantheman and subsequently acted upon by most of the witnesses to establish and maintain a reliable prevailing value for SBD of about 1 USD, which is what makes SBD a useful component of the Steem platform.


This will make my job SO much easier!!!
Yes please do this and thank you so much smooth and every other witness!
Upvoted & resteemed and of course always following ;)

At last you have a post :) Good day/evening @smooth

Awesome stuff, you have my witness vote.

Thanks for the update and I support you supporting Dan's goal!

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Great to see the witnesses working. Upvoted and following, thanks for your effort!

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