Resigning as a witness

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For some time I have found that external demands have made it challenging for me to devote the time and attention necessary to be a conscientious and committed top 20 witness. With the recent sale of Steemit Inc. to Justin Sun (Tron), it seems apparent that there will be new short- and long-term challenges facing witnesses, likely increasing the necessary level of time and commitment, which I would find very difficult to sustain. For these reasons I will be stepping down as a witness effectively immediately.

If you are voting for my witness, please re-allocate your votes to another deserving witness to help secure the chain.


Thank you very much for everything you have done for Steem. We will certainly feel and miss your wise, invaluable, objective guidance!

Respect & hats off to you. You have been dedicated to Steem from as long as I can remember and deep inside I know that you are always keeping the best interests of Steem at heart in all that you say and do.

Sorry to read this, yet at the same time, fully support your rationale and decision as an individual.

Can't wait to say "Welcome back" when/if you decide to do so.

Seriously? Why?

Please tell us the real reason, as I don't buy the reason your wrote. Sorry for being abrupt...

It is the real reason. See some other comments here

yes, reading all your comments. I hope you stay active. I honestly enjoy our discussions. Most of the time it is like drinking from a fire-hose for me, but I learned so much blockchain from you that way!

Thanks for your time, effort, and feedback smooth. I've learned a ton from you and am very grateful for the opportunity.

Thank you for the several years of supporting the chain, you have been one of the best witnesses. Regardless of where Steem ends up, hope to see you around in the future.

Sad to see this happen. But respect the decision and also appreciate your own respect for the commitment needed to be a top witness.

I hope you will still be around to provide your opinions and thoughts regardless. They are much appreciated and needed.

What do you know, what have you heard???

Joking aside, even though we disagreed on some things you were probably one of the witnesses i would last consider removing my witness vote from.
I hope you still stick around and continue providing your valuable insight into things...

Sleep over it, Steem has taken an emotional toll on a lot of members. This period emotional is quite emotional, you can feel it from the comments and posts, especially for the folks that would have invested a lot of time and money to ensure that this becomes a success.

I feel like having your around, more or less ensures we have a stable head around but also understand your time would be better serve elsewhere.

Sleep over it

From the moment I discovered that you were involved with Monero development, I knew you were one of the good ones. We've not had much direct interaction, but I am personally saddened by this nonetheless.

Your decision to step back, rather than become unable or uninterested in performing your responsibilities, should be taken as a general example for anyone involved in any organisation. Unfortunately, every time someone with that kind of integrity steps down from anything, it makes room for someone slightly less worried about that sort of thing.

Alas, that is how society eventually, inevitably separates those who should lead, from those who do.

Thank you, so much, for all you have done. Be well.

Appreciate the words of support.

Sad to see you leave but hope to see you stay around for a bit longer. Witnesses come and go. And thank you always for your witness vote since my early beginning as a witness. All the best.

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