I'm still here. My priority in resigning as a witness was being able to not be online for day or two, not have to be present for meetings, not be on call 24/7, etc. without being derelict. I know some witnesses have done all these things and stayed witnesses anyway, but I don't approve of that (and have removed my witness vote specifically for it).

I will also admit to not being terribly optimistic about "recent events". However, I am certainly willing to see how things play out as long as I don't have to be right in the front row every day while they do.

not be on call 24/7, etc

That's a fair point. Top witnesses especially cannot be complacent as we saw how fast things could go wrong with recent events.

Must feel like a boulder being lifted from your burden.

I am still in my quest to witnesses to vote for. This is the type of attitude which would convince me to vote for you as a witness. Fair and decent approach. Hope you stick around. People with this attitude are valuable for any project!

Thank you for the words of support.

Hi @smooth

Please let me know once you re-run the witness node.
One of my witness votes will be reserved for you.

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