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When I became a witness partner with @Sircork a couple months ago, I knew it would confound a lot of people. A little time has passed, and I haven’t regretted one moment of this decision.

Cork and I both can be cantankerous and outspoken. Oddly enough, put us together on the same team, and we work together seamlessly. In all the time I’ve known him (almost exactly a year now,) we’ve never had a cross word or crossed wires. There’s no power struggle behind the scenes. The partnership just works.

One thing he and I share is a similar vision for the future of the Steem blockchain. We’ve both been impressed by its efficiency and frustrated by the political maneuvering in upper-level witness ranks to "centralize" it. Both of us agree that users of the Steem blockchain should have a much louder voice in decisions that get made on their behalf. While this community is not a democratic society, witnesses are elected in the hopes that they will represent the best interest of the voters. This is not accomplished through tangible, delegated authority but with vests and hardfork voting potential of the Top 20 witnesses.

With all of this in mind, Cork and I both see that there is strength in numbers. Serving as Steemit witnesses has never been about profit for either of us, nor is it about attention or focus on our own accomplishments. Being a witness affords us a chance to amplify not only our voices, but the voices of users who entrust us with their votes. With my background in writing and publishing and Cork’s background in radio and other forms of media, we’re a sure bet for guaranteeing that the will of the people will impact the future of the Steem blockchain.

Recent events have done nothing but underscore the value of community, and how the combined efforts of many far outpace the efforts of one or two. As conversations heat up around the blockchain about the pros and cons of committee witnesses, we found far more reasons to love the idea than to resist it. This is especially true since we are both driven to see the Steem blockchain succeed at nearly any cost.

When the opportunity came to form a new witness from four existing ones, we tried to pick the idea to death in hopes it would go away. It didn’t. In fact, the more we talked, the better the idea seemed. The cool part is that nearly every current voter the four of us contacted was keen on the idea, too. This means we can come out swinging and push our ideas forward without losing momentum. The combined support for @noblewitness will give us serious legs in the witness rankings and empower four different witness partners to take a stand for your best interest on the platform.

@noblewitness will consist of @gmuxx, @anarcho-andrei, @sircork, and myself. You’ll no longer vote for any of us by name. Those witness nodes will be disabled. We will make every effort to be transparent and approachable, to demystify the role of witness for newer users, and never take any vote for granted.

We hit the ground running with the following server specs and plans to upgrade to 96GB, with an additional 96GB of backup:


Intel i7 Quad-Core Processor

2x240GB SSD

1 Gbit/s network connection

20TB bandwidth limit

Read more about the specs in the official Noblewitness announcement.

I have worked alongside @gmuxx and @anarcho-andrei for a year now, first in the Fiction Workshop at MSP and more recently in The Writers' Block. I consider them personal friends at this point as well as partners in community-building and now a witness. On the witness announcement linked above, you will find detailed information about all of us, our projects, and what we bring to the team. I have never been more confident that an idea will work than I am about this one. So here's to the future! Go vote Noblewitness. Find us HERE and click the green thumb's up, or go to the Steemit witness page HERE and write us in.

Other announcements from our team:

@noblewitness --

@gmuxx --

@sircork --

@anarcho-andrei --

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This is fantastic! Already switched my votes around. I'm so excited to see what you four do with your combined talents! Thanks for caring so much about the voices of the people. ;)

this is amazing! I am going over to read the witness announcement NEOW!



I am very excited to be involved in this.

Great stuff guys... I'll start sorting out my witness votes tonight. All-in-all this sounds like a great approach and a smart way to go.

Hi, I'm new to this platform. God bless your work and keep growing physically and mentally, I hope you go through my blog and follow me @carlosdap11 I follow you too


A word to the wise: follow4follow comments like that will get you flagged. I'm not going to do it because you said you're new on the platform. Keep your comments relevant to each post and show you've read them. Otherwise you'll earn the rep of a spammer and that will hurt you in the long run.

Thank you for the update I will need to update my witness votes then to reflect this as I have Sircork and Anarcho on my list.

What an exciting collaboration! And there is strength in numbers.


What an exciting
Collaboration! And there
Is strength in numbers.

                 - jayna

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(Okay that time I did it on purpose.)


haikubot is the coolest steemit thing I have seen in a long time, and probably the best bot on steemit.


I fell in love at first sight! 😊

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