Witness @prc Update #3: April 12th, 2018 and my response to my nomination from @sircork for the "Witness-blocks challenge"

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Hi Steemian friends! :)

This is my Witness Update, going through all the details about my Witness adventure, and for those of you who don't know me yet, here are some photos in my favorite playground: my music studio! :)


I am a life long Software Developer, working on Blockchain for last years on several projects, but I am also a DJ and Electronic Music Producer, my alter-ego "Kolatz" that you can browse for if interested... :)

I am also the creator of DSound, which has grown so much these last two months, like from 3000+ to 7500+ users, and quality wise, as subjective as it is, the growth has been maintained at the expected pace! :)

If you got curious about DSound, please check it out: https://dsound.audio

Update #3

I am so proud to have grown my fellow Steemians support and now counting with 778 people that vote on my witness and that believe in me and my work for Steem! Thank you guys so much! But votes count don't directly represent ranking places, so I went up from #42 to #40 and then down to #44 on the Witness rank during these months...

But, I continue on the top 50 Steem Witnesses list. And I am so proud of this! I will continue to deliver stability on the network, and my commitment on my Steem blockchain related projects and, most of all, to bring Music enthusiasts, Artists and Portuguese people to our favorite blockchain is higher than ever! :)

My biggest supporters in this journey are:


Thanks so much guys! I'll do my best for the community and to make you proud of your vote in me...

Technical Infrastructure

Related to technical stuff, my servers are rocking! This last month just had some network issues and that costed me my first 2 missed blocks... :(

My dedicated server boxes are still with the following specs, but planning to upgrade to 64GB RAM when needed. All boxes are behind firewalls, IDS and power redundancy systems. The server characteristics are subject to upgrade or revision as needed.

Witness nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.5 GHz
Disks256GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

Backup nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.5 GHz
Disks256GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

Seed nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.9 GHz
Disks256GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

What I am working on

I am currently working on DSound first open source release, that will be out soon, and I am also working on many improvements and mainly on DSound uploaders to make them a reality really soon! I want to get DSound on @utopian-io so that all the community can participate and contribute features...

On the community side, plenty of work to do and arrangements to fulfill the demand of a 7500+ community that is growing by the hour, so many improvements have been made on the social media side and to keep DSound Discord healthy while growing... DSound is always improving and I count with many people helping me out now! :)

Witness-blocks challenge

I was nominated by @sircork (here) for this "Witness-blocks challenge" run by @guiltyparties, so the point is to have witnesses clarify what they do with their witness income earned by processing blocks on the STEEM blockchain.

Here is an excerpt explaining what @guiltyparties has asked:

We figured it'd be fun to challenge witnesses to share with their stakeholders and supporters where the revenue they generate for producing blocks is going.

The premise is simple. Let's say your witness got to process 20 blocks this month. That's about 19 SP. What did you do with it? What are you planning to do with it to benefit the STEEM ecosystem?

The Witness Blocks Challenge

  1. Do something useful for others (ie. free delegation, account creation for others, etc.) with your witness blocks
  2. Write a post about it
  3. Tag it with #witness-blocks
  4. Nominate a witnesses

and my nomination by @sircork:

I am supposed to nominate another witness for the "Witness-Blocks Challenge". I hate to put anyone on the spot for this, but a witness I feel deserves more attention and love is @prc, the creator of http://dsound.audio which I highly admire.

The idea is to explain how much are my block rewards and what do I do with that to help the community, so let's start by showing what are witness @prc block rewards:

Please keep in mind that my first months of witness were a lot different as climbing the STEEM witness ranking is not an easy task, and even worse for non political guys like me, who are result driven and not social stars... back then I only started producing blocks way after my witness server was working and then I was making between 1 and 6 blocks a day.

These last 2 months were the first ones where I was able to be on the top 50 witness ranking, meaning that my servers are now making between 20 and 24 blocks per day. This means that per month I got between 600 and 720 STEEM Power, which valued at average $1.7 per STEEM make up between $1000 and $1200 USD.

What does this mean? It means that these months were the first that I was able to make reasonable income to pay for part of my investment on the infrastructure needed to run my witness servers. But I am still under water not yet reaching ROI.

In fact I am glad that I made the decision of using my datacenter that I already run for other projects and building dedicated servers for this witness investment, because otherwise I would be tied to a monthly expense of nearly $1000 USD for my 3 servers and barely making enough to cover costs.

But, since I developed DSound and it is growing well, it complements quite well and I am able to keep all my witness STEEM Power without ever powering down. So all the SP that my @prc account holds, besides some 500 STEEM that I invested in the beginning of my Steem account, is the total income from my witness so far... at the time of this writing around 2200 STEEM Power.

So what do I do with that power, well not much, since I am only one of the few top 50 witnesses that are still a Minnow...

But I delegated since long time for Minnow Support Project, and now I am delegating to some community projects from Portugal, as well as doing the first contacts to organize a Steem meetup in Portugal, but the weather is not helping... by this time it was supposed to be already nice spring weather, but yesterday snow fell down in Lisbon, do you believe it?!

So I think that I made it quite clear about my earnings and what I am trying to push on the community side and to help others in the Steem ecosystem. If you need any further clarifications, please ask in the comments...

Now comes the part where I have to nominate another fellow witness to this "Witness-blocks challenge"... who will be?!

Well, I will go to top 20 witnesses... and one of the top 20 witnesses that I know less about is @xeldal, so I'll nominate witness #18 @xeldal for this "Witness-blocks challenge"! Please let us know more about you and what you do to help the Steem community...

Apropos of Minnow Support Project

I am sad to announce that I will be removing the proxy I had setup for the @minnowsupport account for witness voting.

For those of you who were not aware, back in October last year @aggroed, one of the folks behind Minnow Support Project, came out with this idea of getting the witnesses that are part of his project to proxy their witness vote to the @minnowsupport account and that account would vote them back and use remaining votes to help minnow witnesses like myself to get higher on the witness ranking. Check the announcement post here.

For me, at the time that I launched my witness, it was really the only hope I had because I was so new on the platform and not even DSound was helping raising awareness of my witness project, so I jumped right in and in November I wrote my application. You can check it here.

Almost 5 months have passed and I was the first and only witness that proxied my witness votes through that account!

Not even @aggroed proxied his votes, as the originator of the idea, let alone the other witnesses that he mentioned like @ausbitbank, @teamsteem, @someguy123, @followbtcnews, @drakos or @netuoso.

This means that, besides some Minnow Support Project accounts, no other bigger accounts joined this "public service" idea, not even the creator, so I'll drop it and probably also drop in the witness ranking due to some of the votes I'll lose due to this, but I don't care!

For me what matters is what is fair and just! And this is not that at all... Just a big lie or illusion! As you can check in the announcement and I quote:

@aggroed is going to switch the proxy so that he is proxying @minnowsupport. We'll collect the other Minnow Support Project community accounts and try to get them to proxy to @minnowsupport as well. Between @aggroed and @minnowsupport the vote is already over 100MV (check steemdb.com/~witnesses to get a sense of what that means). MSP hopes to have a vote in the near future worth in the hundreds of MV as others start to proxy the account as well to give the projects a stronger voice on the platform through a united voice.

So I just want to manifest my sadness for the complete absence of support that the people with more power in this platform have for the many that put hard work in making Steem what it is! Instead they are afraid of being taken out, I think...

Well, I never asked for anything in this platform. All I have, including the DSound delegation was given to me, not asked for. And for that I am hugely grateful! That allowed me to work the hardest I can on DSound and curation, and means a lot. But most of us - Minnows - could use a lot more support from the bigger stakes in this community... and all I see is less and less!

Sorry guys, but I had to let it out...


I think that my Steem Witness adventure is going really well. My servers were rock solid and keeping up with the growth pretty well! :)

My involvement with the community continued to grow. The stake of Steem I already hold, as well as what will come from witnessing, will still be vested as I already do, as I never powered down.

I want to witness Steem growth and success, so count on me to help make it happen! :)

And If you trust me and approve what I do in the Steem ecosystem, please give me your Witness vote to help me continue...

You can vote for me as a Steem Witness here:


or if you cannot find me on the top 50 anymore (I hope you do, but votes come and go...)


or via cli_wallet with the command:
>>> vote_for_witness youraccount prc true true

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huge love to you @prc because of your genius a lot of my online hopes for the music industry have been realized. Dsound was exactly what we needed here on this platform and has helped make steemit what it is today. Your skills talents and efforts do not go unnoticed from @soundlegion and all involved with what I do here. DSound will continue to get heavy support in street and online promotions from here and nothing but love to you and your journey. Great witness got @soundlegion support all the way and will be delegating an extra 1000 steem to dsound in the next few weeks. HUGE love cant give enough praise also dropping in delegation support for utopian-io . look forward to all your progress here


Thanks so much for your words! You and all my DSound tribe are the reason that moves me! :) Loads of love to you all...

Hi, good to have news from you.
You are an example of witness for me.
Since 2 weeks we are witness with @siavach. Our witness account is @exnihilo.witness.
Your post gives me idea for our declaration. Thank you for sharing


Thanks a lot my friend! :)
Good to know that you took the chance and started witnessing! Will support you guys for sure! ;)


Thanks my friend! That is sooo true! To make the world a better place is just to start working on our integrity, each and every one of us... and the world will change overnight! :)


I had to choose my response to this post carefully due to my history with certain parties you mentioned, but you go get em, tiger. You made a solid case.


Well I don't want to get anyone... Actually I don't even care... What matters to me is what I do, and this way I explained why I will be doing that!
What I really don't like is all the bull shit that some people proclaim and start by doing exactly the opposite themselves... This is just an example, there are many more!
Anyway, as you said, integrity is the key! ;)


So much bullshit, and it seems to sell, for a while...

Integrity, accountability and responsibility. Add a dose of generosity and you are on to something in life.

That is my opinion anyway

there are 2 witnesses that even came to my house in Portugal to convince me to become a witness....I told them no and they came again....they want me to become a Jeovah witness


ahahah :D you're soooooo funny all the time man! ;)


specially when I don't take the pills...all the best man...and good luck with your witness
thing...teach these people the word of Jeovah

Awesome work youre doing @prc, ive always loved the dsound community.

Its sad that you commited so much and others didnt for the proxy stuff.

But your own work has spoken for itself via dsound.

More witness votes definitely will come your way soon.

Thanks for d platform, it works great.


Yeah, I couldn't help it, I had to speak it out...

Thanks for your kind words! That is what really matters! :)

Awesome stuff, @prc! Learning about how starting @dsound was such a big and herculean task from an interview, I think it's safe to say that we all know that you're committed to the progress of the awesome platform and the growth of the community :)

Thanks once again for creating dsound and for helping the community that's built upon it.


Thanks a lot my friend! :)

@prc you're really doing a great job improving on the steem blockchain and also setting up the dsound discord for interaction, it's been so helpful I must mention. I'll have to go update my witness votes asap to include you.
Thanks a million for all you do.


Thanks a lot! :)

I truly appreciate your amazing work @prc. I love what you do and I voted for you while ago. As for me personally, DSound is the best platform on the Steem. I have a faith in you and I truly and deeply hope that you will skyrocket in your witness venture and all of your projects will be successful! Thank you very much for all your hard work bro!


Thanks a lot for your kind words! :)


You very welcome! :-)

I really enjoyed reading this post because for some time now I have been wondering what to do with my Witness Votes being that I know very little about processing Steem transactions and the mining of Steem. I believe that our votes are valuable and should always be used wisely no matter what we are voting on. Because I use DSound, and plan to do so for as long as I can, to publish my smartcasts and other audio projects, I really want to do whatever I can to support your work, which is amazing! So I'm proud to say that my very first Witness Vote has gone to you @prc knowing that my Vote is really adding value to the growth of this Steemit community! I want to thank you for all of your important and valuable contributions and for your dedication!


Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks for the honesty, it will pay off, I can tell you that's what people want!
Great job, and hopefully the weather in Lisbon get better soon :)


I know it will my friend! :)
Thanks a lot for your words!


Pleasure bro :)

It's awesome to see people so committed to such a great cause. We love everything about the @DSound platform and everything you do with it, all the support you give to musicians, we hope many more artists join this great movement, we are trying our best to help artists in everyway we can too!


Thanks a lot guys! :)

Great write-up @prc and thanks for the update. Love what you're doing for (independent) artists, musicians and basically the entire music scene. You're a true pioneer and we're happy to experience that with you. There's awesome music to be discovered on @DSound. Good luck with everything you do :-)


Thanks a lot for your words! :)

Done and done! (voted) My favorite witness ;) If only everyone was as well-intentioned, fair, generous and good-hearted like you...


Wow! Your comment made my day my friend! :D
Thanks a lot for your kind words and for being who you are! The world is a so much better place with all of the DSound tribe around!!! ;)


❤️ DSound’s making a difference!

Thanks for doing what you do. It's very motivating knowing someone like you supports our music and what we do. We already voted for you a while back and will continue to do so in the future (or future projects). If there's anything we can do to make your work easier, let us know and we'll do.

We wish you the best of luck mate. Stay rude, stay rebel :-)


Thanks a lot for your support guys! I will! :)


Cool! Also looking forward to emanate. Just signed up as artist there. Good times ahead :-)

This is really cool to read, I'm happy the world has people like you who are willing to make this world a better one for musicians, since I joined steemit and DSound it's been an awesome adventure, thanks a lot for your great support @prc! Keep up the great work :)


Thanks a lot mate! :)

Regards @prc

Congrats for dsound

I've started to upload some of my artworks on your amazing platform

Still try to understand the criteria of the upvoting system ... the other days i've uploaded a composition "The Flight to Zamunda" and didn't got the upvote and yesterday i've uploaded a new composition on dsound "Bosphorus Strait" and it rceived attention ... i'm trying to understand the criteria. Thanks and great job. Still can check that composition as well here:


Regards @prc and @dsound

Thanks for your work
I witnessed you !
Good luck

Regards! Congrats for your involvement & sustainement for Music mainly. Hope to stay in touch and maybe someday we'll collaborate. Feel free and listen some of my music compositions. Regards. http://luciannagy.com/

hey @prc SUPER excited about dsound! I just can't sign in with my steem account rn. The Login button remains grey & unclickable when I enter my Steem WIF password. Is this problem unique to me? Hope it's a simple fix. Thanks!


Hey there! :) You cannot use your Steem password to login to DSound... You need your private posting key for that. Please check DSound introduction post, or for some help please head up to DSound Discord server here: https://discord.gg/hSsBw3b

hope you continue to make dSound the best! upvoted+followed.

done ............and love yors works

learning a lot in this 1 post! @prc thanks for the platform and hard work!

nice , ivoted and followed you and you might also vote and follow me.

It's awesome to see people so committed to such a great cause. We love everything about the @DSound platform.

Glad to see you again @prc <3 I wanted to thank you for all your kind supports, and for Dsound the best place for us (musicians/singers)
Peace and Love to you man!!

It is nice to meet the creator of Dsound which I have already begun uploading my musical portfolio to!

What I was surprised to discover is that you are personally running the servers for Dsound? Is there no other method where the collective group can control this? Perhaps I am wrong, and I am just confused, but it sounds as if it is not decentralized at all but rather the servers are located, owned and operated by you, so if you decided to pull the plug, bam there goes everything. Is this correct or am I misled?

Thank you for your time and your great contributions to the blockchain revolution and the creation of decentralized platforms for social interaction and media sharing!!!


I only run a few IPFS nodes to serve as gateways... but they don't pine any content. The idea is that users can use the public gateways for submitting freely their content that will be available while cached in many gateways around the world... If someone wants to have their content forever available, then there's the option of installing their own IPFS node locally on their machine and DSound will use it and pine the content there to be available forever to the IPFS network. DSound cannot host any content to avoid having problems due to copyright infringement. Hope this explains a bit. Please join DSound discord server for more support... Thanks! :)

I am here for music freedom too! I am a DJ and entry level producer. I'm just starting to connect with people from music industry and I really feel that this platform has something good to offer for musicians, dj's and producers.

I will now go and vote you as a witness! Keep the good work with DSound!


Sorry about my English! Just voted you as a witness!


Thanks a lot! :) Keep it up...

Hi! I cand add to sound mp3 or wav. Why? I recording to my phone.

Hey @prc maybe we had a discussion cum argument on discord. Man being a creator of this platform Are still unable to help me ? I am ok ok Musican but i really want to share my other Musicans on dsound. If can help plz help don't ignore me.


As I explained to you on Discord, being rude and insulting doesn't make your life easy on this community! Get used to play by the rules, to respect the other members, to act humble and to ask and patiently wait for help instead of demanding, and then you will have a better time around...


I use discord always when i stream my gameplay and being reckless, bit abusive and short tempered is common while playing games and no one before your group rasied my attitude as a issue. But now i understand that in this group i have to displine and be good human. And have to respect everyone. But Right now i need your help i want to know how can i get dsound upvote

I really love what you give to this community. Creating dsound is such a blessing in my life. I love being able to listen and share music with others around the world. I am a huge fan of music it is the biggest passion I have in my life. So being able to spread my music and listen to others music is like a dream of mine.

If I could make a living off of just listening, creating and critiquing music, that would be my ultimate dream job. I just voted for you for witnesses. I know this post was last month but I see you are rank #40 now. Congrats on that. Thank you for contributing so much to this platform.


Thanks a lot for being part of this community! This is really a passion thing! :) Thanks for your support and for sharing such great music with all of us... :)


thanks for building such a great thing....music and designing are my passions...and i love sharing and working with others

Hiii ... I am just Love to produce my all song in dsound, I really happy for this platform. I am also entry level producer and some mixing dj tune. Previously i join discord of dsound and meet lovely musician yes i am happy. Now i am voted as witness and ready to work with dsound to all my sounds. Happy love Dsound.

Love it! Keep it up!

my goodness you do and have done a lot! again thanks for your support on my tunes! so glad @d-vine has brought me to your attention! Thanks for real for all you have done and do! i have voted for you indeed!