Witness @prc Update #2: February 5th, 2018

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Hi Steemian friends! :)

This is my Witness Update, going through all the details about my Witness adventure, and for those of you who don't know me yet, here are some photos in my favorite playground: my music studio! :)


I am a life long Software Developer, working on Blockchain for last years on several projects, but I am also a DJ and Electronic Music Producer, my alter-ego "Kolatz" that you can browse for if interested... :)

I am also the creator of DSound, which has grown so much this year, like form 500+ to 3000+ users or from 20+ to 700+ uploads a day, and quality wise, as subjective as it is, the growth from my perspective is immense! :)

If you got curious about DSound, please check it out: https://dsound.audio

Update #2

So far I am just a few months online with my Steem nodes, but I am so proud to have already 187 fellow Steemians that believe in me and have voted me as a witness! Thank you guys for making me reach #42 place on the Witness rank!!!

Yes, now I am on the top 50 Steem Witnesses list. I am so proud of this, but aware of the responsibility it represents and willing to deliver stability on the network, my commitment on my Steem blockchain related projects and, most of all, to bring Music enthusiasts, Artists and Portuguese speaking people to our favorite blockchain. :)

My biggest supporters in this journey are:


Thanks so much guys! I'll do my best for the community and to make you proud of your vote in me...

Technical Infrastructure

Related to technical stuff, my servers are rocking! I just upgraded them to double the SSD space, as it was already getting quite constrained due to the huge growth of our user base.

Also my Seed node had some problem in the shared memory file and I had to replay it, so it had a few hours of downtime today, but will be soon back online.

My dedicated server boxes are now with the following specs. All boxes are behind firewalls, IDS and power redundancy systems. The server characteristics are subject to upgrade or revision as needed.

Witness nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.5 GHz
Disks256GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

Backup nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.5 GHz
Disks256GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

Seed nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.9 GHz
Disks256GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

What I am working on

I am currently finishing a DSound major update, that will be released soon, and I am also working on some scripting for witness related stuff, that I'll share with fellow witnesses when ready and tested, of course.

On the community side, plenty of work to do and arrangements to fulfill the demand of a 3000+ community that is growing by the hour, so I am recruiting people to help on the social media side and to keep DSound Discord healthy while growing, as I am not able to do all this myself... So expect more news on a DSound post soon! :)


My first months as a Steem Witness went really well. My servers were rock solid and I managed to perform my first upgrade of all servers without any missed blocks, so I continue proud of my 0 missed blocks accounting! :)

My involvement with the community continued to grow. The stake of Steem I already hold, as well as what will come from witnessing, will be invested in the ecosystem, and the remaining will be vested as I already do, as I never powered down.

I want to witness Steem growth and success, so count on me to help make it happen! :)

And If you trust me and approve what I do in the Steem ecosystem, please give me your Witness vote to help me continue...

You can vote for me as a Steem Witness here:


or if you cannot find me on the top 50 anymore (I hope you do, but votes come and go...)


or via cli_wallet with the command:
>>> vote_for_witness youraccount prc true true


hey man,

pardon the off-topic comment…

I made a post today regarding a large-scale idea to advance Steem’s development, and it was recommended to share with the witnesses to help get this in front of the audience who’d be in the position to do something with/about it:

The $1 Billion Steem Development Fund: How Steemit Inc.'s Stake Could Be Best Allocated To Grow A Thriving Network Of Applications And Users...

would be cool if you could have a read, and IF you feel it’d be a great idea that’d serve the community, forward to anyone in particular you know who might be in a position of influence to advance the discussion.

either way, I thank you for your continued service to this community, from the witness role, to dSound, and beyond. 🙏



Just got my first witness vote, sir. Thanks for all your hard work on the dsound platform. Absolutely has become a huge source of motivation for me and is a big part of why I stuck with Steemit (long enough to get hooked!)

what should i do, in order to get attention from @dsound .... tq brothe

Hello prc,

I just want to thanks for creating such a powerful platform for musicians. I am an independent artist myself and my first release will be in 5days time- May 23rd.

I am hoping to share all my original work with the steemit community.

Who knows we might collab some day lol🤞.

You got my witness vote from the very first time @prc and in a few seconds you get a second one! You are such an inspiration to the sound community and what you did with Dsound is just incredible! You know you and Dsound have my support and I delegate what I can. :) Greetings from Vietnam.

Waw ,, you are a Dj? Yours sincerely .. Thank you for opening a new opportunity for the steemian, and I hope your ranking can continue to rise on the list of witness ..

perfect job
Make me happy

Resteemed upvoted follow me for votes a chance to get resteemed I work like a bot

@dsoundtrack - dsound is that you?

DSound ONLY uses @dsound account and no other. Beware of fake accounts, they are scams!

K :) We got comments like "You will be appreciated" and people think that they will receive dsound upvotes now :D So annnoying ! :D

what is evidence? are you flagging without waiting for an explanation immediately?


Congratulations, man!

Ora bem.. votar para witness não posso porque já votei ;)
Portanto os meus parabéns pelo 42° lugar na lista e pelo Dsound.
Estou a pensar criar um conjunto de sound clips, postá-los do Dsound e disponibilizar para toda a comunidade.

voted! thanks for your hard work, can´t wait for the dsound update! :)

Thank you.

Sorte no trabalho e nos projetos!

You have been a blessing to all the music producers and sound lovers on this blockchain we are wishing you well and hoping to see you on the top #10 soon. keep the good work.

You created D-Sound? I had to vote yuo as witness!

Bagus sekali saya sangat menyukainya,

i love your equipments :) im a human beatboxer hoping i have that kind too

Great job i also love music.

@prc friend I voted you as a witness, greetings! I hope to learn and grow in your project @dsound every day.

Big shout out and Salute to u mah man! Kudos to all what you have done so far and for what to come!! Full support to our man @prc

Thanks for all that you are doing for us independent musicians, we appreciate it.

Great, can be an inspiration for us all .. hopefully your experience that give us useful for all stimians

I was a witness before......in a trial of a guy that brutally hit an old woman with a stick....the guy told me he would give me 100 euros if I would say that it was the lady that hit herself with the stick.....I answered: "Who do you think I am? I have principles" I am proud of myself for having said that because then he offered me 1000 euros instead and I could buy a lot of wine with that money.

cheers from portugal

Nice one. Keep the good work going. I also plan to become a witness one day and give SteemIt something back. But first I need to grow bigger.

I am recommending dsound to some of my DJ friends and soundcloud users. I am sure dsound will rise huge in the future.

Good Luck with dsound and your witness servers!

Parabéns pelo seu grande projeto! Muito sucesso!

Nice to meet you here! Nice work and workplace too XD I almost finished my recording studio, soon i will introduce it to steemians. Thx for D.sound,i will check it later.

Hello steemians please vote my post please make to morale i love dsound

Hello steemians please vote my post please make to morale i love dsound

Dsound has still no search feature

Hi there @prc, you have my vote! Thank you for all your work, your dedication to the community & bringing us DSound <3

I will vote you

Very much appreciate all the work you do here man, thank you! DSound is revolutionary. Will definitely be checking out your work too, I had no idea that you were a producer as well! That's awesome!

I've mentioned it before in Discord (but I know things get crowded in there), if you ever need help moderating the Discord channels, I'd be happy to give some of my time back to the platform! I know you must be a busy dude and I'm happy to lend my hands where I can.

You got my vote and delegation, hands down - cheers!

you got my vote for a witness....thanks for all you do and dedication you have....dsound is amazing....so is steemit and dtube...love the community

Yo Pedro!!
I will definitely consider adding you to my witness votes.
I started using d-sound for now a week following your invitation to do so and it run as expected so far. I am still a bit confuse about the tag and categories to use and what is the best approach for it. You should post some of your music on d-sound :)

Thank you very much for DSound. much appreciated.
I'm looking forward on how the DApp evolves and if it can replace soundcloud.
you have my vote

Hey @prc! Thank you so much for providing such an awesome platform in @dsound for us who utilize the audio space! Looking forward to the updates!

I have just voted you as witness :)

All the best and thanks again!

Yes you have my vote bro!Thanks for all the hard work !

Huge hugs. Witness powerup man. prc all the way! Peace

Ola aqui do Brasil, sou português e fui DJ ate o ano de 2003 tenho acompanhado a grande evolucao do Dsound pelos vistos temos no steemit muitos amantes da musica.
Conta com o meu voto.

Good song. I like your song.

Thank you for this update @prc, and for all you do!!


Review Of Witness Performance From Comments:

@prc has a flair for creative, original writing and makes an impact on the reader. Can adapt the style to the purpose. Never makes mistakes with grammar, spelling or style. A pleasant, outgoing personality who always gets on well with others. @prc will always be noticed and popular in a group. Meticulous in keeping the workplace clean and tidy. @prc makes a habit of keeping own area clean and hazard-free and also assists and encourages others to do the same. From a set of data, @prc is able to establish a principle, or work out a rule, or suggest a reason for failure or success. His analysis is always accurate and sometimes original.

Hi prc! This is kubby, glad to see you are doing so well, consider delegating to this new group on MSP/PAL. Glad to say the Brazilian community is growing!
Se você quiser delegar para o MSP Brasil, pode fazê-lo clicando nos seguintes links: 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP. Certifique-se de deixar pelo menos 50SP não-delegados em sua conta.

Many thanks bro Prc!! :)) thanks for all the kind works that you did and you do!!

Wicked that you're doing rounds with d.sound!
I remember it was the second day on steemit, when also discovered d.sound, then voted for you as a witness as a thank you for creating it and wanted to follow some of your footsteps...namely to become a witness too :) after 12 days of hustle, got things up and running. Anyway, keep up the d.sound platform man, it's brilliant! Definitely moving over from soundcloud to d.sound for sure!

also, a little cheeky gif ;)

Votes for votes

Congrats on your achievements as a witness. In the name of the portuguese speaking comunity, thanks for your work on Dsound, this plataform is about to get huge.
Good luck!

Hello prc i wasn't sure how i could reach out to you but i tried to use my login for steemit to login the program multiple times but it will not let me in. Do you have any tips? Thanks! - JB

Please join me at our the Discord server at: https://discord.gg/hSsBw3b
That is the best place to get help! :)

No doubt, i'll check in with you soon.

I am very proud to join the dsound platform here I can express myself to music, as I am a music lover, and my music player can publish very interesting posts for the public. I am very proud say to @prc that has created a dsound platform, and I will be promoting this platform for talented people in music.

Honored to be one of your top supporters thank you for the update!

Thanks a lot buddy! :)

I'll support you too. I hope you can achieve your goals. I'll be proud if you do. By the way thank you so much for making amateur musicians find their way on DSound.

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I hope the steemian friend will direct and guide me in working in this steemit.

So many of my introductions, greetings to all steemians friends and wish us all to be successful.
Thank you..!

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Good job brother @prc

Great job, keep up the good work !!! Voted !!!

I love dsounds and I am voting you @prc witness but I have small problem with ipfs. Can someone please help me. I cannot upload any sounds anymore because my computer is not configured to IPFS.

I tried to install it to windows but when I drag the file from the folder into the windows shell I get an X symbol and cant' drag it:

It looks like without IPFS we can't upload to Dsounds and working with IPFS has extended my computer ability. Can somebody write a tutorial for idiots like me?

Sorry to bother you.

Good luck sensei 🙏

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I'm loving Dsound and can't wait to see it grow.

thank you

Steemit all the way.
Great post tnx for sharing I just upvoted.
Check out my new posts if you can plz
upvote resteem comment @gclipse

what is evidence? are you flagging without waiting for an explanation immediately?


what is evidence? are you flagging without waiting for an explanation immediately?