The Witness Voting Engagement Report - 2017-10-18

How Engaged Are Steemit Users in Voting for Witnesses?

That's what this report is all about!

As I mentioned in the last report, the numbers didn't seem to be changing all that much weekly, so I'm doing it monthly instead.

This week's engagement rate for accounts with 100,000 VESTS or more is:


That's up 7.2% since last month, with a 9.5% increase in new users.

If you're not sure what a witness vote is, or why it's important, please see my older post Steemit is Free, But Your Witness Vote Determines its Future.

This report uses @arcange's STEEMSQL.

MV stands for Million VESTS.

VESTS are like vested shares in Steemit and relate to Steem by a ratio (485.471 Steem per MV as of this report).

VESTS impact the weight of your vote on posts and the influence of your vote for Steemit Witnesses.

Here's how I'm filtering the data:

  1. All Accounts: No filter applied, includes all accounts.
  2. > 100,000: Accounts with 100,000 or more VESTS.
  3. > 0 Posts: Accounts which have posted at least once.
  4. > 100k & > 0 Posts: Accounts with 100,000 or more VESTS who have also posted at least once.
  5. Active: Accounts which have voted, commented, and posted a root post in the last 30 days.

The percentage values in parentheses show the change since last week's report.


This shows the total number of accounts and VESTS (excluding steemit related accounts).

FilterAccounts% AccountsVESTS% VESTS
All Accounts411,701 (9.5%)100%187,722 (6.1%)100%
> 100,000 VESTS26,510 (1%)6.44% (-7.7%)183,475 (6.4%)97.74% (0.3%)
> 0 Posts176,266 (14.8%)42.81% (4.8%)127,271 (-0.6%)67.8% (-6.7%)
> 100k & > 0 Posts18,383 (3.3%)4.47% (5.5%)125,520 (0.6%)66.86% (-6.7%)
Active42,855 (8.6%)10.41% (-0.8%)50,514 (-10.8%)27.53% (-15.6%)


This shows the total number of accounts and VESTS which have voted for a witness or set a proxy.

FilterAccounts% AccountsVESTS% VESTS
All Accounts16,779 (11.8%)4.08% (12.1%)123,490 (-1.4%)65.78% (-1.4%)
> 100,000 VESTS6,215 (8.3%)23.44% (8.3%)123,313 (-1.4%)67.21% (-1.4%)
> 0 Posts12,968 (14.6%)7.36% (-14.6%)97,242 (-1%)76.41% (-1%)
> 100k & > 0 Posts5,709 (10.5%)31.06% (10.5%)97,100 (-1%)77.36% (-1%)
Active6,722 (4.6%)15.69% (-4.7%)40,008 (-13.1%)79.2% (-13.1%)

Voting For Inactive Witnesses

This shows the number of accounts which are currently voting for witness accounts in the top 100 there not currently active witnesses. This number should be 0.

FilterAccounts% AccountsVESTS% VESTS
All Accounts4,152 (66.7%)24.75% (49.2%)50,050 (43.2%)40.53% (45.2%)
> 100,000 VESTS1,620 (49.9%)26.07% (38.4%)50,003 (43.1%)40.55% (45.2%)
> 0 Posts3,916 (67.3%)30.2% (46%)49,288 (43.3%)50.69% (44.7%)
> 100k & > 0 Posts1,585 (51.2%)27.76% (36.8%)49,244 (43.3%)50.71% (44.7%)
Active2,027 (78.9%)30.15% (71%)18,723 (79.6%)46.8% (106.8%)

These are the inactive witnesses in the top 100 as of this report, but keep in mind some of them may only be temporarily inactive:

bitcoiner (active again)

Have You Voted for a Witness?

If you haven't voted yet, please consider setting @lukestokes as your proxy voter. Otherwise, go vote for some Steemit Witnesses you've interacted with and respect to do what's in the best interest of the network. I hope that includes my witness, @lukestokes.mhth. If you're not sure who to vote for, take a look at some witnesses you respect and see who they are voting for via their account on or

Again, if you're not sure what a witness vote is, or why it's important, please see my older post Steemit is Free, But Your Witness Vote Determines its Future.

Thank you! I hope you found this useful.

Previous Reports:

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, business owner, programmer, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Visit

I'm a Witness! Please vote for @lukestokes.mhth

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Hi Luke. I have only voted for a few witnesses. You are one of the ones I voted for, as I appreciate your philosophy and approach to Steemit and crypto-currencies.

I also voted for @teamsteem because his posts are epic!


Thank you, Matthew. I've been voting for teamsteem for quite a while was very happy to see him break into the top 50.

Thanks @lukestokes I already have you as a witness but I did have one on your list who was inactive. Thanks for the heads up.


Thank you for your support!

That's a nice increase in witness voting engagement. Any ideas as to why?

Perhaps Jerry Banfield has raised awareness of voting, voting for the right witnesses.

I'm not voting for an inactive
Have yourself on my list
Own a couple of spare votes, ready to apply as and when




Things ebb and flow. We like to create stories to explain data, but data just... is. I'm not sure anything in particular explains it though I imagine as more people get familiar with Steemit, they eventually figure out witness voting as well.


And anyone could potentially be a witness? IT skills help I guess, and what else? A trusted member of the community?


@jerrybanfield did a review of the top witnesses recently. To get an idea what's involved, check out his posts. You've got the basics down. Some work on projects related to Steemit. Some help with education and communication. All require some technical abilities to run a reliable witness node and seed node.


Thanks very much for the information Luke :)

For a new user this has been a very informative post on the current state of Steem, I'll be sure to keep up with your reports.

From someone who is just beginning to learn about and explore Steem, it seems like a very exciting platform with a bright future!

Thanks for sharing!


I'm really glad you're enjoying it so far! :)

That's it, you're my witness! Do I have to vote every month?


Set it and forget it!

It's a good idea to come back and adjust your votes every once in a while though.


I think you can vote for up to 20, and this vote sticks once made 👍🏾


You can vote up to 30 so make 'em count. :)


I have 8 spaces left.

Is it best to get to 30 asap and remove later, or add as you see fit?


You can do as you like. It doesn't matter too terribly much as long as the network has 21 top witnesses consistently producing blocks for the network.


ok, thank you!


Thanks a lot for the info, even though I can vote for 30 people, you are the first I voted for :))


Nope, once you vote, you're all set. As your Steem Power increases, the weight of your vote for your witnesses will automatically increase as well. It is a good idea to keep an eye on your votes to ensure they are set to those who deserve them. Sometimes witness go inactive in which case someone else may deserve your vote instead.

These are the witnesses I vote for:

And from today, I'll also vote for you @lukestokes.

I wrote an article about witnesses and how I vote and things like that a couple of months back... And I don't claim to be some sort of expert when it comes to these things. However, I do believe that my vote is worth something and the witnesses I vote for should value my vote.

If I can't find any real attempts of trying to get my vote, I won't bother to vote either. That's how I play this game.

Value my vote and I'll make sure to vote on the witnesses I believe would deserve my vote the most. - That being said, I might do myself a favor acting like this, and I might do our entire community as favor too... But I could on the other hand, "hurt" our community by doing this too. - So it's literally a "hit and miss" kind of act so to speak.

And I've most likely missed a couple of people I should've voted for too, but I'm nothing more than a simple, human being.


Thanks so much for your support.

Hello Luke, I vote for you for a number of reasons. I add people as I've gotten to know them on steemit.

I also include other information like you mentioned in a previous post on them being up to date.

I'm only up to voting for 6 but like that i have some kind of connection to each of them.