Witness Update - New VPS, No Missed Blocks: Witness Node Back Online for Realz Now!

in witness-category •  last year

I purchased a new VPS last night, set it up, and had my witness node verifying blocks, all within about 4 hours. Everything went well and fast. Then I went to bed.

The new VPS specs are better than the old one, but I think all the slowness and socket issues I was having was a result of a corrupted VPS or OS. Everything was really slow compared to the months before.

Anyways, the difference between that possibly malfunctioning lower-end VPS and this new one is night and day! :D

I had no missed blocks for a really long time as a witness. Then this past month there have been issues. But now everything is back to full operation and there shouldn't be any more hick-ups ;)

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support. :)

Have a great day!

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Well, you already have my vote... just happy to know you're still "actively onboard" here.


same here!

Man...you should receive rewards for your work!


You got that right!

Congrats dear! Upvoted!