Witness Server Updated..! A Solid FML Moment Missing a Critical Update Though..

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Well... Sort of Missed the Update Boat...

But even ole @KLYE sometimes manages to catch up and update his servers...

Glad to announce I've got my witness server upgraded to the newest stable version of steemd after completely spacing out on the news that negative VESTS had seemingly found their way onto power down path. Dropping from rank 32 to 42 certainly sucks but I deserve it entirely for not keeping up to date with what has been going on. My backup witness server has been decommissioned due to costs of servers not breaking even on funds collected by running said server in the case of a market crash or further rank falling. If I get back into the top 20 or close enough to be voted in on a whim I'll re-instate a backup server to bolster my infrastructure but as it sits was paying almost 200 Euro a month to run servers for STEEM and with my inactivity and inability lately to work on stuff for the network thought it would be best to attempt to minimize my costs.

I will be getting back into the groove as they say here in the upcoming weeks and look forward to working hard to earn my ranking back on the STEEM witness ladder.

Server is currently resyncing and I'll be signing the keys back to active as soon as that is over.. I see in the steem.chat witness room that it is taking some folks +16 hours to get the thing to run again after a resync, maybe my workhorse server will be faster..

Will update when I get er running!

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Glad to see you're kicking! That mould didn't keep ya down for too long. Wishing you all the best Klye as you keep moving on!


Have to re-settle somewhere and get back to work.. This off time and sickness was killing me.


Do you have somewhere safe to settle? I've been thinking of you for this reason ❤❤❤

You get my vote, keep at it and thanks for the honesty. Running Steem nodes is quite a feat in itself.

hi klye,
Good that you are back to job and your servers as well. One thing i would like to know as what witnesses are suoppsed to do and are is that a typical job that you do in Steemit ?
Or you are somewhat voluteering ? My question might look absurd but i am new on this platform...still learning.


A witness has the main duty of keeping servers in running order.

Other than that witnesses are not required to do much else.. Although the more you positively influence the network or bring to the table seems to coincide with how well your witness ranking does.

No question is absurd in the quest for knowledge. :)


thanks kyle for updating me. I appreciate this.


No worries captain.


Yup you need to come back with. Better idea.

This means that witnesses have servers at their places, I mean how they do this?


Due to the nature of liability I'd advise against hosting your own server in home.


Good to know that, my little is little when it comes to crypto's technical side :(

Love the honesty! Once I finish projects at work which require odd hours of work and out of hours support I am very interested in becoming a witness. Could you expand and what made you take the dive to starting up your own node and also whether you find the time worth it even when you don't break even or manage as many projects on the Steem platform?

If you could also share the following It would help me greatly;

  1. What has been the biggest learning curve in becoming a Steem witness.
  2. What areas if any are you most interested in improving ( even if you are unable to add to their value) but consider important.
  3. I've Voted you for Witness as I can imagine some might not even post that they've missed the news :) Honesty is appreciated.

Witnessing kind of started as a self initiated challenge for me, honestly became enthralled with the STEEM network and wanted to be part of something greater than myself. Even if my projects and servers end up costing me more than I earn on them I'll continue onwards.. but the backup server at this point was overkill considering how low my witness ranking now is. :P

My remaining witness server is a MONSTER 128GB RAM dedicated system that is Intel based.|

Biggest learning curve was diving into sysadmin stuff and realizing the politics involved behind the curtains.

I need to improve on my efficiency and get my projects launched after rigorous testing.

Likely one of the most honeest degenerate bastards you'll ever meet. :)


I totally relate to you - I was looking for ages for a blockchain that I can engage with that has more utility than just sitting in a wallet. Since I mined BTC on all my old crappy laptops and desktops i really wanted to do stuff with them, hence selling 11 btc for items I needed. Didn't expect the price rise but did the same thing with mining Monero and Ethereum and sold my initial earnings and bought 612 steem! :D Left it for a while and really want the blockchain to do well. It has its drawbacks but i feel there is more good on the Steem blockchain than other social media sites.

That's some spec for a dedicated server! Did you build up slowly with the server requirements until you went all out :)

What would you recommend for starting off as a witness in server specs, seed node and would you need any help testing any projects you've got in the works?

Really appreciate the reply and wish you the best! :D


STEEM has one of the largest and close knit communities I'ev seen in my over half decade in the crypto ecosystem for sure. A great "entry point" for non-crypto folks to get handsd on with blockchain tech.

I started out with small 8GB virtual machines back in the day and slowly expanded my servers upwards to keep in front of the demands the STEEMd software has to run properly.

The blockchain we have here is unique, quirky and still very much a public beta test, but I see the potential for sure, wouldn't be dedicating my efforts towards it if I did not believe.

For a witness server I'd recommend a "go big or go home" attitude as the requirements for running the steemd client grows as the blockchain does.. I think you can get away with a 64GB RAM server with decent single thread performance.,.. and SSD drives are incredibly effective at speeing up the otherwise disastrously long sync/restart on the software.

I've got to get my desktop workstation back into my possession then will be trying to get the steem roller investment dice service going, will certainly need testers, you're in.


Would of loved to be involved back in the earlier days on Steem but theres no best time to start than asap! :)

Amongst all the spam and negative aspects that occur there are plenty of good causes, skilled people who generally want to help and do something different - Thats what I think will make this awesome.

Excellent! I really do want to engage and add value here - Let me know as soon as I can help test any projects you have in mind.

I've just been sourcing some hosting and came across this on Online.net

[Dual] Xeon E5-1650
3.2 GHz 6 cores 64 GB
DDR3 2× 120 GB (SSD SATA)

Xeon E5-2620 v2
2.1 GHz 6 cores 128 GB
DDR3 2× 160 GB (SSD SATA)

I would like to get better spec but when starting up I can fully understand/manage it before upgrading. Any thoughts as I want cost to be low initially.

Thanks again for your help

Appreciate the update, best of luck with the re-sync 🤪

While waiting for things to sync, perhaps you'd have the time to peruse an old post of mine which suggested that non-proof of brain generation of steem, for example vot bots, is counterfeit according to white paper criteria. A link to the post is included below for your reading pleasure


One means to abate such counterfeiting was put forward in a more recent posting of mine, in the form of a proposed development of a decentralized anonynoys CAPCHA scheme. A link to the post is included below for your reading pleasure.


It would be of great interest, to me, to hear your position on voting bots.


I am happy that you are back Sir @klye and I hope that your ranking goes up. I think you can get to the top 20 if you spend time in MinnowSupportProject discord if you have the time.