KLYE Witness Update 08 / 12 / 2017

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Hail STEEM folks! Hope your week has been a good one.

Each week I try to write a short little blurb to let people to know what I've been up to as well as what's currently going on in my neck of the woods. This week has seen the first job posting from the STEEM.GLOBAL project, hoping to hire an intern to help with the new human verification process. The newly created ad-space on STEEM.GLOBAL was also up for auction, will be getting to finishing that tonight. Yesterday also finally saw the new office space finished, nearly got the old laptop moved over to the new rig as well, which seems to be running 100% stable now.

This Week as STEEM Witness

You Want Job? Come Apply to Join Team KLYE

The STEEM.GLOBAL site and myself is looking to hire an intern! This is a paid position geared towards users with low income or from developing countries looking to do a bit of work and earn a bit of STEEM. Further information can be gathered from clicking the image above and reading the post. Good luck to all applicants.

Ad-space up for Grabs Monthly on STEEM.GLOBAL

From now on each month I'll be offering up limited ad-space on STEEM.GLOBAL to people within the STEEM space to help promote their site or business. While I'm generally against advertisements when offered within the community I figured that would be acceptable rather than using an ad supplier and having little control on the content. This month's bidding is over but bidding on ad space for the next month will open shortly. Follow my blog to see the post on your feed in the near future.

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Kyle for Witness ! Vote accepted :)

You are doing great things for the community and I'm sure everyone already knows how great you are for making this platform a better place , I thank you for that !! I know my one vote won't really move you up , but it's the thought that counts , right ?

Thanks for the Update !

hi nice info bro
so i resteem ed ur post

I like this. You are considering these very useful posts above steemit. I look forward to receiving many of your posts. Thank you for sharing! good luck and happy in life! 🤗

i like that you guyz are using this platform in such a fashion, job creation is a serious issue in my country as alot of young people both with n without tertiary education are struggling to find jobs. So anyone creative jobs on any platform that can help is a friend of mine...a salute from me my mate

I can help with Romanian Translation :)

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Very good info 👍👍

Good post Follow me

You have a mention in my post, please be kind to read and reply. Technical help is needed.



Upvote your nice post. if you like art you can check my post.


Nice update Klye:) Resteemed and voted for you for witness!