STEEM.GLOBAL Monthly Ad-Space Rental Bidding Post

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Generally ads piss me right off. Nothing worse than going to a website and have countless advertisements shoveled into your eyeholes trying to sell you everything from bigger dick pills to mail order wives. While I've not got control over what ads I'm subjected to while cruising the wide open web I do have control over what ads are displayed on my own domains and thus would like to offer up ad space on STEEM.GLOBAL to users here on the network wishing to display their site or product to other STEEM users.

STEEM Based Ads for STEEM Based Traffic

Instead of just sticking google adwords or a-ads onto my STEEM.GLOBAL seed node and faucet it's been decided that advertising space on the site should be offered to users here on our network. How it will work is that each month users will be able to bid on selected ad slots on the site listed below and whomever has the highest bid at the end of the auction and pays their bid will get their advertisement and link featured on site for the whole next month.

In order to place a bid on advertising space you must have the following:

  • STEEM/Steemit Account
  • 468x60 Advertisement Banner
  • Link for Ad Banner
  • Which Ad Slot You Are Bidding For
  • Your Bid For The Slot (SBD or STEEM)

Advertisement slots are available on the following pages, please include one or more:

An example of what your bid should look like viewed below for reference:

Account: @KLYE

Bid: 10 STEEM

You are welcome to bid on as many slots as you would like. Your bid is for the entire month proceeding the bidding. Everyone is welcome to throw a bid in for ad slots!

There are a few rules as to what you can have in the advertisement banner / link:

  • Advertisement image should be STEEM related. (No porn or gore images please)
  • Should link to something related to STEEM in some way.
  • Linking to malicious downloads, porno or "illegal" content is forbidden.

Basically as long as you're not expecting me to upload, advertise and link your nasty porno sites or your 1337 warez depo it should be all right. Preferably STEEM, it's logo or it's mention is somewhere in your image although not mandatory. It's at my sole discretion to allow images and links in the STEEM.GLOBAL advertisements. I reserve the right to pull advertisements with no refund if the linked content ends up changed or re-directs users to unsafe or shady sites. Please don't try to abuse or expliot the ad space in any way as it will disqualify you from bidding in the future if caught doing so.

This current round of bidding is for August 11th 2017 through till August 31st 2017.

Ad space auction will finish at 12:00 UTC on August 11th with ads being deployed shortly thereafter once payment for the remainder of this months advertising slots is collected from the winning user. Thank you for your understanding and happy bidding!

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Bb if you want to swap links let me know <3 (perhaps!)


Aye bb. what page slots you thinking?

Account: @BayAreaCoins
Banner: will provide bb
Slot: all slots
Bid: 0.076 SBD

Swinging for a no bidder :P :D


You win bb with your bid of 0.076 SBD per slot.

0.076 SBD x 8 slots = 0.608 SBD for the rest of the month.

Get it while you can people 🔥😘


Bb spits that hot fire!

Sounds like a great idea...wish I had thought of it. ;)

Steem on Brother!

Hahaha I don't know why the word "eyehole" made me laugh so much! 😂😂😂

Anyways, cool concept for advertising. Will have to check back in to see how this is all going! 🙃

Account: @KLYE

Bid: 5 STEEM

All for 10 STEEM ;)

A 'no thanks' is ok, just testing the water :)


Sorry man. Sort of looks like a ponzi schema to me. :/


Fair though 👍🏾

Will there be a post after this rental period is over that we will bid on? Interested in getting some ads out for my steemit gaming blog :)

are referral ads accepted? if trust worthy referral of course!


Can;t remember who was the chap who hinted that this could be something people might like.. But it wasn't my idea off the bat sadly.. I'm sure whomever it was who put the idea in my head shall chime in. :)