Google's Bot Imposes a Large Impact on the Performance of

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In the last 24 hours, I have observed several alarms of the high CPU load average of I checked the logs and found out there were a huge spikes of the bots from Google (in the User-Agent header, it says Googlebot).

I checked the logs, most visits are the Blockchain Explorer of STEEM where there are many many many pages i.e. each block has a page which will be seen unqiue to Google bots.

There used to be a setting in Google's Webmaster to slow down the crawler access, however this was hidden in the new Version of Google's Web Master.

Anyway, a few solutions:

  1. Do nothing - the site experiences short downtime and will be back to normal once the bots are gone.
  2. Tell Googlebots to slow down by sending 429 Too Many Requests (e.g. by implementing a Rate Limiter)
  3. Buy a much powerful Server (e.g. Dedicated servers)

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I had the same issue!!! google bot and also Bing bot impacted my site.
I changed the robots.txt and limited the pages they can crawl and it seems to be working... not 100% because some bots ignore robots.txt

For me, I don't want to ban entirely the Bot, is there a way to rate limit bots in robots.txt?

I am not a robots.txt expert... but I think so...
at least you tell them which bots are allowed what pages and others are delayed crawling... or something like that

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