Following my Trail (Upvote or/and Downvote) by Authorizing Posting Key to Me

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If you want to join my trail (upvoting or/and downvoting), you can authorize your posting key to me:

*If you have less than 100 SP, I won't add you to the trail just to avoid draining up your Resource Credit


Follow this link:

Then, after you're done.
Please comment below - with request (either upvoting or downvoting or both) - so that I can add you to my trail.

Please note that you need ACTIVE key to authorize this - and in no way your ACTIVE key will be stored in any server.
You can revoke the permission anytime by:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thank you for reading ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Follow me for topics of Algorithms, Blockchain and Cloud.
I am @justyy - a Steem Witness

My contributions

Delegation Service

  1. Voting Algorithm Updated to Favor those High Delegations!
  • Delegate 1000 to justyy: Link
  • Delegate 5000 to justyy: Link
  • Delegate 10000 to justyy: Link

Support me

If you like my work, please:

  1. Delegate SP:
  2. Vote @justyy as Witness:
  3. Set @justyy as Proxy:
    Alternatively, you can vote witness or set proxy here:


Hi @justyy, I'm join the upvoting with you here.

Thanks boss

friends please support me

thanks for the information, I have followed it.
Thank you buddy @justyy

please help us, as a new member in this steemit community ...

Your idea is perfect, I am done, But some days our account has also been stolen. This can save us.

You've got a free upvote from witness fuli.
Peace & Love!

I’ll do this tomorrow Thankyou x

That'll be awesome! thanks

Greetings @justyy,I want to be a part of you because I see your idea is very interesting and very useful,I hope I can join you,I hope you like my heart.

I am done add me your upvoting trail

Thank you!

Just done it for upvoting. Thanks for the opportunity and after 3day 715 steem will add my power.


@justyy, sorry, i vote for you like witness and i delegated you sp ☺️ but i cant find your trail! 🥺

I've set up a follow-along, but I'm not sure what effect this has yet

Thank you. added to the trail.

Whats the benefit to doing this?

Thank you. added to the trail.

Nice day...

Sir am done with all the requirements I want to join your upvoting trail

thanks, done

Thank you sir

Please sir I need votes to join the club5050 program going on in steemit

Hei @justyy , I am here to make your vote.

Thanks you.

Hi @justyy, I'd love to follow the Upvote trail. Could you please confirm that we have to provide the posting key or the active key for this authorization?
Thank you
Steem On!

No.. you need to authorize your posting to me.

Ok, thank you I'll do that ASAP.

Hi @justyy, I have submitted my posting key; please add me to your Upvote Trail; thank you.

Excellent article.
I appreciate if you follow me too.

Hi @justyy! I have joined you gor up voting now add me to your trail.

Hello I just followed your trial


I wants to join the trail

I also voted you as witness.


Done for me sir. Just recognize this post..request to join for upvote trail only.

Thank you sir🙏

I have submitted my active key. Please add me to the trail.

Hy dear @justyy

Done for me sir. Just recognize this post..request to join for upvote trail only.

I have delegated 120sp.


Also, I voted you as a witness.


Best Regards @justyy.

Done sir Upvoting trial & Set Proxy

Hi @justyy, I'm ready to join the downvote with you here.

I'm done sir. Sir,please tell me how i upvoting by you?

Hello, @justyy sir , request to join for upvote trail only.i delegeted 1000 sp and upvoted your witness .thanks a lot sir.

Add me to upvote trail

Hi @justyy, I'm ready to join the upvoting with you here.

Hi @justyy, I have submitted my posting key; please add me to your Upvote Trail; thank you.

Done, thanks! !thumbup

Thank you.
Happy Tuesday!

Hello @globetrottergcc! You are great!

command: !thumbup is powered by witness @justyy and his contributions are:
More commands are coming!

"Justyy" is self-voting and spamming on a massive scale while pretending to be a white knight for steem. You can see by the actions that he is spamming and self-voting on the chain constantly through many many multi-accounts. Do not trust this loser/abuser/liar.

Just one of their many accounts spamming the chain and self-voting, to be self-voted with alts later on.

Warning: Do not trust @justyy, they are malicious and spamming.


The user @ezvote was blacklisted due to his involvement in:

  • Farming operations.

Be careful!

How to secure your account
Report any suspicious behavior on Steem Sentinels
Need help? Reach us on Discord

LOL.. this is not even my account.

You are @symbionts, @ecosynthesizer, @dr-frankenstein, @sentinels, and many many more. You are disgusting sitting here being such a pathetic hypocrite. Must be your micropenis. I don't blame you, but best you start acting right, you little bitch. Otherwise we'll show you what real fun with coding looks like and make the entire steem blockchain a game for ourselves. ;)

LOL... go eat your little micropenis yourself. i don't want to spend more time wasting on talking to you.. You went fucking crazy when your butt hurt.. What a loser!

Only loser here is stupid people like you! :) Baby dicked and tiny brained, you script kiddie fuck. I guess you want beef then since you're acting pussy as shit. You are bitch-made to your core, it's hilarious. Ah well, tried to reason with you, but I guess there is no reasoning with an absolute retard like you. :) I'll let my associates know we're going to have some fun with your dumb ass. ;)

You're @blockcleaner and @ety001 too. You're not fooling anyone but retards. You are stupid.

We see you trying to consolidate power as much as you can. Making alt accounts and pretending they're not you, pretending to be fighting spam while producing more of it than the majority of accounts, pretending to care about steem while voting on posts about hive and hive-engine tokens. You're a sad fucking joke and your life is something we laugh at. You are entertainment to us. Go full retard some more, we love seeing it. :)

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