Following my Trail (Upvote or/and Downvote) by Authorizing Posting Key to Me

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If you want to join my trail (upvoting or/and downvoting), you can authorize your posting key to me:

*If you have less than 100 SP, I won't add you to the trail just to avoid draining up your Resource Credit


Follow this link:

Then, after you're done.
Please comment below - with request (either upvoting or downvoting or both) - so that I can add you to my trail.

Please note that you need ACTIVE key to authorize this - and in no way your ACTIVE key will be stored in any server.
You can revoke the permission anytime by:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thank you for reading ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Follow me for topics of Algorithms, Blockchain and Cloud.
I am @justyy - a Steem Witness

My contributions

Delegation Service

  1. Voting Algorithm Updated to Favor those High Delegations!
  • Delegate 1000 to justyy: Link
  • Delegate 5000 to justyy: Link
  • Delegate 10000 to justyy: Link

Support me

If you like my work, please:

  1. Delegate SP:
  2. Vote @justyy as Witness:
  3. Set @justyy as Proxy:
    Alternatively, you can vote witness or set proxy here:


Hi @justyy, I'm join the upvoting with you here.

Thanks boss

friends please support me

thanks for the information, I have followed it.
Thank you buddy @justyy

please help us, as a new member in this steemit community ...

Your idea is perfect, I am done, But some days our account has also been stolen. This can save us.

You've got a free upvote from witness fuli.
Peace & Love!

I’ll do this tomorrow Thankyou x

That'll be awesome! thanks

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