Voting Power Considered in Voting Schema

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Apparently, the previous voting algorithm (fixed) can't run long - many are trying to drain the voting power or even with alt accounts.

So, from now on , the voting weight will be multiplied with the voting power.

Please no alt accounts - one account per person, if i know it is your alt account, it will not be voted (or down-weighted)

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thank you for reading ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Voting Power Considered in Voting Schema

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This surely a great change.

It would be great if you mark the alt accounts and blacklist them. You can track the alt accounts easily as most of them have a very predictable nature. Like-

  • No engagement with other users or community.
  • The posts are low quality or shows no proof of brain.
  • Repeating same type of posts.
  • Delegated around 1000$ worth of SP for the extra 5% bonus.

You can easily filter out most of alt accounts with these behaviors. Account with less then 2500SP delegation should be screened so that they cannot drain the voting power by cheating.

Whatever, this is just a suggestion from me, which I think, should be considered. Thank you!

Steem On

Friend many congratulations to you, may you keep getting success. Thanks for sharing

Sorry sir, there seems to be an error in voting to my account. because I have delegated more than 1000 dollars, and have done proxy settings.

I like your job. You are doing great here one steemit. I have a little sp. Among them I delegated you most except some for resources credit. Now I have voted you as a witness. I really like you. Thanks for everything.

Sorry Sir, I am a Delegation of 3000, usually I get Voted from you 11.67% , but on a day I get Voted 7.43%...? What's wrong Sir.....?
Thanks You for your attention.

Hi @justyy I am a bit upset with my received vote today, can you do something about it? I do not even have an Alt account ever.
Let's solve this issue, the votes are consistent anyway.
Thank you :)

very awesome broo👍

[WhereIn Android] (

Hi! If I can say something. Your mana is always at the level of 57-60% every day. Make a pause for 2 days and everyone will smile very well. We will understand such a step.

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