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Another week, another update on what I've been up to. It's been a very busy week and I've been sneaking in updates where I can. I think I may have broken my record for "most time spent actually being productive in chat" - helping others with development problems, talking strategy, exposing information and helping brainstorm new ideas.

This post is following along with my standard witness update format I'm working to establish.

1. Accomplished the week of 2016-09-02:

2. Upcoming projects/goals

  • One of my main goals over the coming week is to really explore a few technologies and determine if they are suitability for a possible combination of steemstats and steemdb. The more I work on each of these project, the more useful I think they would be if they were the same thing. Combining the real time updates with the historical perspective.
  • The memory leaks and crashes on steemstats are getting annoying, and it's been 15 days since my last commit (sounds a little like a confession lol). Depending on how fast the point above this goes, I may take a bit of time and see if I can streamline the way the data is stored and stop browsers from crashing every few hours.
  • This weekend I plan on starting a new prototype for a new service involving the steem community.
  • I didn't take a day for work over the last week - so I'm going to attempt to get one in next week, or at least a bit over the weekend. I put in a lot of contract hours this week which prevented me from focusing as much on steem related projects. I'm excited to only have a couple more weeks of contract work.
  • Finishing up this contract work I'm doing. I have to be done by the end of the month, but hope to be sooner!

3. Thoughts from this week

I've been thinking a lot about steem on the macro level the past few weeks, and my head is still somewhat spinning. Aspects of gamification, ways to distribute content, and methods to help users build communities have all been very present in my thoughts. I've started 3 individual documents to start outlining the concepts I think could be applied to each. Eventually I plan on writing blog posts on each topic, hopefully spurring some ideas of how the platform could evolve.

Putting the grandiose ideas aside, I still very much want to push the idea that we need to focus on the new user experience. I don't feel it's been getting better, it may have gotten slightly worse. From users not understanding posting restrictions, to new accounts not having enough SP, and the lack of guidance given to users when they sign up from the platform - it all really needs to be improved.

We have had some chats on the topic of the new user experience this week, which is a huge positive. The problems are starting to be identified and hopefully soon we will start finding solutions that will help with the growth of steemit immensely. We need to stay vigilant on this topic, because every time a new feature is added, it gets a little bit more complicated for new users to figure things out.

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A busy week, as always. You are doing great - even if you do neglect steemstats :)

This one:

and methods to help users build communities

interests me a lot. Check out my reply to @donkeypong 's comment here

You been had my vote! Thanks for the update, and the hard work Jesta

Voted. You definitely deserve this vote as a witness. Thanks for all your efforts and keep up your work

Great post, follow up vote done... @jesta

Sounds very busy :) I don't know how you could focus on so many things at once. Must take some real skill, as many people have trouble focusing on just one thing.

Great Job! voted for you

@jesta You rock!
You got my vote always ;)
Could you do me a slight favor and comment a little on this issue:
I've been helping the Steem network with 3 relatively powerful servers with no POW rewards for days.

Super Tool!

Thanks @jesta! I really enjoy reading about all the projects that you are working on, and appreciate everything that you are doing to make Steemit better! Great job identifying the issue with the new promotion feature, and getting the word out quickly!!

Great stuff @jesta Take a breather once in a while, before your head explodes. We need you healthy and on top of your game, not worn out and broken.

Keep plugging away! I'm excited for all the new stuff coming our way and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next. :D

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