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RE: Vote Luke Stokes for Witness as lukestokes.mhth!

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And I'm not just saying that because you used to pay me haha! You're one of the most genuine people on here, and you go to great lengths to help others out. You have become such a solid beacon here, and I'm glad that you've finally decided to put up a witness node. All hail!


Hahaha! Thanks Jed. I really appreciate your encouragement and support. It's surprising how nervous I feel about this. It's a big deal for me and a big responsibility. I know I'll learn a lot through the process, and I don't want to screw up. :)

@lukestokes @jedau @scaredycatguide @rok-sivante @jesta @aggroed Am following the people on this reply and trust them... If they all trust You, then I trust You because they've been here a lot longer and I trust their judgement & comments on this post. (( Quick note: Jed your post on getting engaged to your girlfriend was great !! ))

UpVoted, Following, Resteemed and Voting to be a Witness... Have a Great Week !!!

                  ~~~ STEEM On !!! ~~~

Thank you so much. I take this position seriously and will be learning and growing constantly in it.

Steem On indeed!

Hi Luke, Can You double check that I voted as a witness for You... the first 2 times I voted it didn't work. This last time I believe my vote went through okay, but I'm not 100% sure. Thank You Luke

Thank you! Yes, I see your vote right here: Much appreciated!

You're more than welcomed... I'm the one who is thankful to be here with so many great & giving people aka STEEMIANS.

Have a Great Week !!

You know, I've been waiting a while for you to do that, but I didn't want to push you because you have a lot on your plate. When I first understood what a witness does, I quickly thought of you. You are the very definition of it!

It's great that I'm able to encourage and support you like this. It is a huge responsibility, but I know that you're going to absolutely crush it. I have the utmost faith in you, man :D