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Merry Christmas! Witness #100 here and this is my status.

I'm trying to engage myself in technical discussions about the Steem and share my technical knowledge with others. I have come across several questions asked by Polish friends, mostly related to steemd, and I had great opportunity to explain the requirements and differences between different type of nodes and their configurations. I really felt well that I could help someone ;-)

My nodes

seed node (seed.jamzed.pl:2001)

Seed node works pretty well, every day the server download ~7GB and send ~8.5GB of data. There is still plenty of room to use.


witness nodes

No issues with primary and backup server, 0 missed blocks.

new server on the block ;-)

I ordered one more server (64GB RAM, 2x 240 SDD) to build test environment for HF20 Release Candidate. The server should be up and running in 2-3 days.

witness settings

  • price feed update every 4 hours
  • APR 0% (SBD is still pretty high, no need to change it)
  • account creation fee at 0.2 STEEM
  • block size 65536

If you think I'm a good witness, please vote for me.

Thank you!

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Thank you for being so helpful with node types :-).

And I have another question - is there specific date for HF20 to be deployed on witness nodes? Or is it something we have to wait for yet?


No problem I'm really happy I could help ;-)

The date of HF20 is not known yet but the Release Candidate version should be ready this year.

There is one more important thing to remember, HF20 won't take place until 17 of the top witnesses run the new version. STEEMIT_HARDFORK_REQUIRED_WITNESSES parameter is hardcoded in steemd and prevents changes that are not accepted by the "majority". ;-)


Thank you for your response, but as usual some new knowledge creates new questions.

HF20 won't take place until 17 of the top witnesses run the new version.

So this is done automatically? When the number of witnesses who upgraded to HF20 will reach 17, there will be loud ping and now suddenly steem blockchain is running HF20? :-)
I mean who is confirming blocks with HF19 code when almost 17 witnesses are already running newer version of code? Are there two versions of code running simultaneously on each node or the HF is somehow compatible to the previous HF (I do not think it is latter)?


Hello ;-)

I'm sorry for pasting the URL instead of answering here, but I won't explain it better than this comment from Core Dev Team. ;-)