intelliwitness UPDATE - March 30, 2018

Please vote for @intelliwitness as a steem blockchain witness.....


What is @intelliwitness and how, and why is it important to vote?

  • An article I wrote that explains it (with screen snapshots) is at this link.

We've been getting excited to run the next release of steem, which is coming before Steemit Velocity 0.20 which is known as Steem v0.19.4

It is an upgrade of the 0.19.2 "Steem Equality" release branch. Containing more things that may not be visible to users via the UI interface. However, as a witness node, we see a definite need for these changes that are coming soon.

One of these we're happy to see go is this one:

Removed login_api

The login_api was designed as a way to map the API names to numeric ids. Because the APIs are no longer called via id, there is now no need for the login_api, and so it has been removed.

To the layman, this problem doesn't mean anything significant. However not using numeric ID's makes developers work that much easier. Requiring apps to do the work of mapping or resolving id numbers to names causes extra work for each app to do and is unnecessary. This is a very valuable change.

We also like the new logging changes in the config file:

The logging config has always been a sore spot in the config file because of the number of options available. It was so complex that it required a different parser. We have changed to using a json format

Every system administrator knows, good logging is the core to running a successful server. It's the most important tool used to find out what is going on. :)

We also think that upgrading to 0.19.4 is the way to go BEFORE 0.20 Velocity is released. It's smart to get these smaller, but very important issues out of the way.

We're excited to see release 0.19.4 and run with that in production mode very soon.

More updates to come.

This post link below, explains how you can give your "free" support to intelliwitness by voting for it with your account: click here

Each time someone uses their account to vote for witness, we get alerted. Thank you to those people who have already done it. We're very, very, appreciative of each vote we get... It doesn't matter how big or small your account is.. every bit helps.


now you will be upset again but i do have questions....i voted for you the first time you made this i went again on the same voting page and i see that i have 30 votes i just voted for you again...
...why is that happening?? i have to vote for you every now and then???
...i thought you vote once and that vote counts for ever... :(

  1. You login with your posting key to steemit (just like you are here now in order to leave a comment)
  2. Go to
  3. Type in: intelliwitness for voting for non-top50 witness and submit
  4. It will show intelliwitness and as soon as you push the upvote icon next to it, a pop up window will open saying "You must login with your active key" which is different than your posting key. So you do that
  5. If you are successful, then it will be a green upvote next to intelliwitness
  6. DO NOTHING. Wait 30 full seconds, then go see if you were successful on this page:

If you did it right, after your vote makes into the blockchain and is approved it will show you voted for that witness successfully on that steemd website page

If you don't follow this exact procedure, you will still see a green upvote when logged in via your posting key, and it makes you think you upvoted the witness. But you really didn't. It is when you actually use your ACTIVE KEY in step 4 that it actually works.

I know it is confusing...

Once you vote for a witness successfully, it says voted until you remove it.

...another way to see who has successfully voted for someone, is look at anyone's page here: (replace funnel with any steemit username)

On the left side margin on the bottom it will say who you are currently voting for.... i think is ok.... i can see my nick says approve witness intelliwitness..... thanks!!!

Okay I'll include this steps in teaching my followers and friends on my new post to come

Looking at

I see you "approved intelliwitness"
"unapproved intelliwitness"

Please try again, and don't hit it the upvote more than once.

Hi @intelliguy. FYI, the 19.4 version (AppBase) is still technically a release candidate, which means it could have bugs. That is why most (possibly all) witnesses are not running it in production yet.

It is probably best to continue using the “stable” branch until “19.4” is turned into an official release (which should hopefully be soon).

Yes, I am not running it quite yet, but I am eager. :) Thanks for the note.

Double confirmed. :)

count with me friend ... count on my vote ... you helped me once now I help you ...

I see you're still doing very well on Steem, it is great to see. Best wishes to you and your family, and thanks!

thanks to you for giving me your help when I started in steemit .. and if thanks to God I am doing well .. my wife and I thank you very much you help..

@intelliguy apart from voting for you. I want to help you in a way I can. I'm gonna make a post inviting my friends and followers to vote for you but first I need to read a post of your witness thread so that I can understand how you wanna help us. So please reply me here with the link to your witness thread. Thanks
Yours sincerely

Alright I'll make an exciting and convining post to my followers and friend to vote for you soon, so follow up for more updates

voted for you as witness.. thank you for your hard work

i would like to bring you witness to my w/(h) ea L/L (t/h) D

hello i followed you
follow me back

Do not ask for follows. It get annoying when hundreds of users keep doing that...

it is bad. If people want to follow you, they will. Do not keep asking them.

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