intelliwitness UPDATE - March 24, 2018

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Please vote for @intelliwitness as a steem blockchain witness.....


What is @intelliwitness and how, and why is it important to vote?

  • An article I wrote that explains it (with screen snapshots) is at this link.

A lot has transpired since @intelliwitness was launched. We've received a lot of votes, but not nearly as enough as we need to get into the top 50 position.

If you have not voted before, or if you have wanted to do it, please see the above linked post for more information. Every little bit helps, and it does not cost you anything to do it. :)

One of strangest things we dealt with this week is price feeds. Having price feeds is key to the blockchain and internal market... We need to know at what price Steem and SBD are trading at. It's a way of giving extra intelligence to the blockchain code by feeding live data through witnesses publish transactions.

We take this responsibility seriously, so having an acurate price feed is mandatory. We are constantly self-curating our automated feeds, and at this time, we're making minor tweaks and adjustments as needed to ensure they are accurate.

We'll keep you informed. Running a witness is not about being secretive. It's about being open and transparent, and intelliwitness will provide regular updates so you know what we're doing, and how healthy the steem chain is...

Once again, if you haven't voted for @intelliwitness before, you can do so right now, by reading this previous article:

..thank you to all of those diligent steemians who have already voted. I know who did, and who has not... I'm very grateful to those people have done it. Thank you very much for this support. :)

More updates to come.


Hello intelliguy!

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The witness is still in many ways, but the witnesses who have to do here have different activities that are not currently present, I think they have a lot of activities here and their activities should be handled very soon.

You are right. It is a full time job to run a witness

I am not vote for any one but now i am going for you beacuse i appereciate your work hope i will find you first 50 soon so keep it up I always appereciate you

Thank you very much

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