Witness Application: @humanheart

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What will @humanheart do for Steem?

This witness has three purposes:

1-Securing the Network

By adding one more witness to the network the Steem Blockchain is more secured, the witness of @humanheart is aimed to provide a high reliability and miss as less blocks as possible if any.

  • @justyy will be handling the witness node, he has been a witness for over 4 months and has missed very few blocks with his witness node, here is his witness thread
  • As the witness @humanheart ranks higher, backup servers and a seed node will be added.

    2-Promoting Steem through charity

    This is what differentiates the @humanheart witness from other witnesses, the main purpose of this witness is to promote Steem by funding charity projects with its earnings, by doing so @humanheart will help those in need whilst the Steem name is carried with its good actions.
  • @safedeposit will be handling this part of the witness by choosing the charity projects to be funded, verifying their authenticity and following the process in which the funds donated are being distributed, last but not least @safedeposit will be the one keeping the Steem community updated about the work being done by @humanheart.
  • What do I have to do to receive funding for my charity project?

    In order to be able to receive funding for your charity project you'll need to use the tag #humanheartcharity, your charity project will then be reviewed and if your project is approved you'll receive support from @humanheart in the form of upvotes, resteems, delegations and liquid SBD/STEEM donations. You'll need to prove where the money is going to keep receiving donations. Both Spanish and English are languages accepted (the charity post can be either one of them).

    3-Helping Minnows to grow

    Minnows can now use the tag #humanheartminnow to receive upvotes, resteems and delegations from @humanheart if they are posting quality content, this are the requisites to receive upvotes, resteems and delegations:
  • Have less than 1000 SP
  • Post quality content
  • Post original content (copied content may receive flags)
  • #memes and #nsfw posts are not accepted
  • This posts can be written in English or Spanish
  • @safedeposit will be the one handling this part of the witness too.

    Witness server specs

    We have chosen Privex as the server provider for the witness, we have chosen the pack X64-SSD (DE), which contains the following specs:
  • 64 GB DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 2x240gb SSD
  • Intel i7 (4c/8t)
  • 20TB Bandwidth
  • 1 gbps
  • We are currently running the 0.19.5 version since we don't have a backup yet and it hasn't proven reliable yet, we will change when the 0.19.10 version is stable.
  • Price feed is updated every 4 hours
  • We have chosen Privex because it has proven itself as a reliable and high performance solution for a witness.

    Who is behind @humanheart?

  • @safedeposit
  • (Promoting Steem through charity & Helping Minnows to grow)
  • @justyy
  • (Securing the Network)

    How do I vote for @humanheart as witness?

    Since we are new and haven't reached the top 100 yet you can use SteemConnect to vote for us, click here if you want to do that.

    You can also use the steemit witness voting system: https://steemit.com/~witnesses

    We're glad to be a Steem Witness and will do everything in our hands to contribute to Steem



    Remember to use the tags #humanheartcharity & #humanheartminnow to receive upvotes, delegations, resteems and much more from @humanheart.

    It really seems to me that the actions that this witness shows are very promising, helping the less privileged people within steemit, as well as supporting and reviewing charity projects that seek to improve the lives of many people.
    should review the projects in my account @oneopportunity, recently created, my project helps low-income children in Maracay, Edo Aragua, Venezuela.
    It would be great to know if they have a discord server.
    Have an excellent day and thanks for making steemit a better place❤️

    Thanks @carlagonz, we have looked into @oneopportunity and find it to be a good project to be funded, we've added the project to the list so that when we have enough funds @oneopportunity receives some donations.

    So much thanks for your confidence and take the time for look my social work.
    Have a beautiful day 🤗🌻

    I vote for you like a witness. Gretings💪

    I really like witnesses that help minnows.

    I got a friend who is posting nice content (In my oppinion) and he is recieving nice votes, but he gets 0 payout because of flags.

    He is @mow

    Since we are a new witness we only have 3 SP now so not much that can be done for the moment, however we'll take it into account.
    Biggest way to support the witness is by voting for it, as @humanheart grows it will a have a higher efectiveness when it comes to helping minnows, donating to charity and securing the network.

    I will when I get behind a computer

    Thanks for trusting us with your vote @herverisson, you'll be able to see what @humanheart is doing in the updates.

    @humanheart, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

    Thank you in advance!

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    To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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    What an incredible mission of this witness, I am very happy to know that we are facing a more humanized world. It will be more and more people in the Steemit community who will have this important task of continuing to help people around the world with cryptomittals that know no barriers. I congratulate you and wish you every success @humanheart, @safedeposit @justyy.