월드컵 프랑스 우승을 축하합니다.

I will be attentive for the final results.

You got this one on the bag, gratz haha

I know I won the contest I just want to see who came second and third although I have an idea that was @tychoxi the second place.

Yeah, the 1 game advantage he got during the semis is a big thing. As for me, I tried to go for the long shots and ended up in a bigger disadvantage lol. But have I stick to the obvious choices I would have ended up losing anyway so I guess taking that leap is not that bad, gave me thrills after all.


@bidbots Congratulations for the 1st place my friend..

thank you.. flash07

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The number one on the leader board and the last last place in the same reply tread.
Congrats mate. 😉

I will come back with new update. If you like it comment me follow me on steemit.

Congratulations to France. Though Croatia tried all their best, but France also utilised all their chances well....,

The final match is really enjoyable. Both team is played well.

Congrats to France! I knew they would win :) Im also excited on the results !! yipee!

Extraordinary world cup final. VAR is for the referee to make right decision. Anyway, Congratulations to France on your second world cup title. What a new generation!!!

Everyone knew it was France that had the upper hand, Can't believe I was not introduced to this post earlier

I will come back with new update. If you like it comment me follow me on steemit.

Estoy a la espera del resultado final y lo vere por steemitboard.

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