Steemit Quebec Witness January 2018 Update

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Status updates

Hello Steemians, it has been a month now that the witness server is running and we have not missed a block. Truthfully, I have yet to be given the change to make one, and that is alright because I can feel it will happen soon.

Technically the server is doing fine, plenty of ram (120G) and of plenty of disk space left as well. The hardest part of being a witness for me is getting the votes, but I'm working on that.

I have received 8 new votes since my first post about becoming a witness for Steem and I'm now up to position #197 at the time of this post.

My new votes come in part because of my involvement with @utopian-io since my proposal to become a moderator for Utopian. I did indeed become a moderator thanks to @mkt 's support. With this little tool from @wehmoen I'm able to tell you that I've moderated 72 posts thus far. It is neither a lot or a little, it is just what I can do while keeping quality as my first priority.

The other way I got votes was from the presentation I did at a EOS Meetup in Montreal yesterday with @pnc where I installed and configured a witness/producer node of EOS live! I was really proud of my achievement when the crowd of 40 persons or more applauded as the created blocks started streaming on the projector.

I met great people as well yesterday, some new to Steem and some very involved like @transisto who has an abondance of knowledge about the steem and utopian platforms and is a great resource to the community.

My latest posts

How to vote

go to scroll to the bottom of the page
enter my name helo next to the @ symbol and click the VOTE button ONCE.

If you like to use SteemConnect, here is the one click link.

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I don't usually vote for witness but you earned my vote :)

I'm proud to annouce that today we've witnessed our first block at 12:08:15 UTC. The block number is 19373030

We at this moment 92nd place in the active rank, or 109th place in full rank as per @drakos tool

You've already got my vote @helo By the way thanks a lot because you are always eager to help our community!

I voted for you :)


That's awesome, thanks and keep up the good work.

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what are the advantages if I vote you?


I know @helo is a serious developer very engaged with the Steem community. I believe the main advantage that you will have is you will vote for a very good witness for the whole community benefit :)