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Hello Steemians, I am submitting my services as Steemit Quebec first Witness.

I got involved with Steemit Quebec and EOS Quebec thanks to @pnc and I plan to present and help organise meetups in and around Montreal.

I'm a DevOps with over 20 years of experience in the field. I've administered Unix / Linux systems since 1994 and began programming at the tender age of 10 with the Commodore VIC-20.

I was introduced to Steemit by @jerrybanfield last June and I've learned to appreciate the value it brings to the world and I've been looking for ways to contribute ever since.

Server Specifications

I've chosen a powerful server with a lot of ram and fast drive to be future proof as steem will for sure take off in a big way in 2018.

Witness nodeInfrastructure
Operating SystemUbuntu 16.04 LTS
Processor8 vCores X 2.4 Ghz
Hard Drive200 GB SSD
Bandwidth511 Mbps


  • Remote Hosting in Canada
  • SSH keys to login
  • Password authentication disabled
  • Root login disabled


  • Creation Fee: 0.1 STEEM (following @pfunk's lead)
  • Maximum Block Size: 65536
  • 0% APR since the SBD value is high
  • The price feed is being published hourly using conductor.

Here are some of my latest contributions to steem

You will find that most of my post are done on @utopian-io and for that reason I would like to thank @elear for his contributions and dedication; I feel right at home here.

The server went live on December 26th 2017 and has been ready to step in to make blocks ever since. Many thanks to @jamzed in the witness chat for helping me setup my witness config and answering my questions.

The future

I plan to setup a seed node and a backup witness server soon.

How to vote

go to
scroll to the bottom of the page
enter my name helo next to the @ symbol and click the VOTE button once.

If you like to use SteemConnect, here is the one click link.


good jod dear
keep it up
thank you for sharing

Thank you @siddik1092 for your kind words. Your vote will be greatly appreciated.

good article for friendship in steemit.

Excellent travail @helo ! You've got my vote !

You got a 5.03% upvote from @upyou thanks to @helo!

You got a 9.01% upvote from @minnowvotes thanks to @helo!

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