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Hello everyone,

I have been thinking running a witness in the last weeks, today I made it real. If you read this post and have no idea what is a witness, check out the related section on Steemit FAQ.

About myself

My name is Emre, a software developer from Istanbul, Turkey. I have been programming since high school which makes almost 12 years experience with programming languages. I currently lead a software development team in a B2B hotel provider company - biggest in Turkey.

I bought my first Bitcoin on 2014 and I am active on the scene since then. I have been studying blockchain technologies for a long time.

My contributions to STEEM

It has been 5 months since I have joined Steem network. I have been developing my own projects, contributing to others. There are just too many projects to list there, so I will just list some of them :)

An alternative activity feed for STEEM accounts. It has currently 200 daily unique users visiting the website. You can also see your potential earnings in SBD, SP, and USD.

I am running a steem-python fork with the fixes included and installable via pip.

Curobot is a personal curation bot, intended as the replacement of Steemvoter. You can get the same functionality (even more) without giving away your account's posting authorities.

I have documented steem-python with practical examples. Even, I go back and check these articles from time to time.

I have originally found the utopian tip bot's idea and implemented it. It's been serving without any problems for months.

I have automated lots of things at Utopian Discord for moderators. Probably we have saved countless hours of manual work in total after these bots came in place.

Page views at Steemit can indicate lots of things and used as a metric. However, getting that information programmatically was a challenge. I made a simple API giving that metric for posts.

I have also coded @abusereports' initial code in exchange of a bounty. However, I continue to give support and co-run it.

This is not all, I was like a project machine in the last couple of months. You can see more at my Github profile.

My Witness Server Specs

I have one witness server for now.

64x GB RAM
4 CORE Intel i7 CPU
2x2 TB HDD
1gbit/s network

If I go up on the list and start to get multiple blocks in a day, I will also open a backup witness server with automatic failover.

Vote for me as a witness!

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Am I the only one thinking it's totally inappropriate to do self-promoting through spamming people with 0.001 steem transfers?


& upvoting yourself looks good when you post negatively of others...


Indeed, I upvoted my own comment to make it visible as the top comment. It's cheeky and I don't do it often (and when I do it, I usually spend only 1% voting power to make my comment above most of the spam-comments, but still allowing others to curate the comments).

On Steem, people are quite concerned to come with criticism or opposing views, and there is an abundance of complimenting comments (for quite some of them it's even obvious that the complimenter didn't even care to read the article). At one hand, it's nice that open conflicts, ad-hominems, flag-wars and bitter arguments are rather rare at this platform, at the other hand I do think there is too few discussion going on. It may lead to echo-chamber effects and circle-jerking, where most people only bother reading things they agree on and avoid reading and commenting on things they disagree on. I find it very healthy when the most visible comment is a constructive criticism rather than the ordinary dull "great job!", "nice article!", etc.

In this case I felt that the spam was inappropriate and hence some kind of reaction was appropriate - like leaving a comment at the top of the article linked to.

Seeing the replies it seems like I'm quite alone on the opinion that this is "inappropriate spam". Either that, or out of all the people thinking it's "inappropriate spam", I was the only one actually bothering to follow it up.

Yes, inactive voters is most likely a problem, but I don't see the "wallet spam comments" making people much aware of it.


Great points! I like this spam as I only look at 10% or less and the little money sent adds up! Imagine if they used a bot to send to all 1 million accounts, would cost 1,000 sbd or my decimal off?

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probably you’re not the only one. Thanks for speaking out loudly and giving your input.

My promo script works like this:

  • listen account witness vote operations
  • if the voter has free slots, send a memo about my witness campaign.

There are a couple more checks (one memo for one user, etc.)

I do it because witness voting is underrated on the network. @freedom and a few whales decides which witness should be on top50.

More minnows, mote dolphins vote - than we have a healthy network about witnesses.

I am sorry you feel kinda spammy about me however I am doing it for the awareness.


I do it because witness voting is underrated on the network.

That may be a valid point, it's nice to bring around some awareness. Anyway, I've delegated my witness votes but still got spammed.


I didn't consider it as spam at all. I considered it as a new witness reaching out.

  • I think it's sad a muti-million $ corporation like Steemit, Inc. does such a poor job on their witness page.
    • Only listing 50 without pagination to the rest.
    • Allowing dead witnesses to be on the listing.
      • Check some of @ura-soul's posts about this situation. They are eye opening.

How would you recommend a new witness get noticed?

  • spending big bucks to get on the trending page?

I'll give you my witness vote since I'm not doing anything with them. And I don't think it's a spammy idea at all to promote yourself. If not you, then who?


I think its a great way to let people know what you are up to. Its super passive and non intrusive.

Well you definitely seem to know what you are doing!

Voted for you for your tools etc. I have a request for Would you be able to implement the STEEM part of post payout in it? I know it is a small part but its not in any tools I can find.

Hey @emrebeyler I was intrigued by your message!
I like what I've read in your post and have voted for your witness.
Music and creativity is why I joined Steemit and I hope to carry on writing and posting music here indefinitely.
If there are any musician promotional type tools or bots you can help me with please get in touch.
Cheers and the best of luck to you.
@darrenclaxton on Discord

I received your notification and have read your post, I think you have enough contributions to deserve the place of witness, from this moment on I will follow you, I will vote for you as a witness and I will mention you in my publications expressing my support and inviting at the users to support you, of course if you agree! :)


Thank you, followed back! :)


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@emrebeyler has been a great help to me so he certainly gets my vote!


Thanks my friend!

Hey @emrebeyler,
Thanks for being with us with your wonderful works.
I've just voted for you as a witness. 😉😉😉

Hi, @emrebeyler I voted for you!

Hi @emrebeyler

I got your memo.

I'm voting for you because a friend @seesladen likes (I doubt if he even knows you're the one behind it). Personally, I use


Emre çok sevindim, iç rahatlığı ile witness oyumu atıyorum.

Finally the right decision @emrebeyler. You always know what you are doing so i know you will be in first 50 soon. I always appreciate your works and will keep supporting you.

I willing, cast my vote with all pleasure for all your contribution to the steemit community.
Your contributions are worth more than just a vote.

Thanks @emrebeyler

I was going to be annoyed after seeing the memo sent in, but I just had to let it go seeing the conversation here.

Stemitə gəldiyimdən bəri işlərini izlədiyim insanlardansan Emre abi. Halal olsun sənə. Uğurlar daima. Səndən öyrənəcəyimiz hələ çox şey olacaq...

Başarılar @emrebeyler. Bir programcı, flagger olarak steemit'e pozitif katkın olacağına inanıyorum. Starcraft witness'ı ol. Buraya starcraft gelsin!


teşekkürler @omeratagun. my life for aiur :P

That's an impressive list of achievements. I've just voted for you as witness. Look forward to your continued contributions to the steemit community


thank you!

Hayırlı olsun. Umarım herşey istediğin gibi olur. Elimizden geldiğince yanındayız 💪

Hayırlı olsun Voteni verdim

You have my vote! Even if my vote may not mean much.


No worries, mate! Thank you.

gerçekten başarılı çalışmaların var.ben en çok steem rock'ı kullanıyorum. bunun için şimdi oyumuda kullanacağım. başarılarının devamını dilerim.

Hayırlı olsun, bir haftadır aktifim. Hiç sohbetim olmadı sizinle ama hep fark ettiğim biriydiniz inşallah daha da güzel şeylere muvaffak olursunuz. :)

Hayırlı olsun

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Hayirli olsun, umarim devami da guzel olur. Biz de oyumuzu attik. :)

@emrebeyler a great guy of automation you deserve a lot of votes, happy to know that you are a witness now :) :) :)


Thank you for the vote @ruah :)

Hayırlı olsun @emrebeyler



First of all, itself rocks! And then there's all your work for the @utopian-io and @abusereports projects. I'm happy to cast my vote to support a new witness who has supported the community so much!


Thanks for the support! :)

Congratulations @emrebeyler, I was so close to say that "Why you're not a witness?". Now you are!


Thanks @monomyth. :)

you have my vote ! ;)


thanks! :)

Bu güzel bir haber, hayırlı olsun tekrardan. :)

Thanks for your efforts to develop steemit and utopian. I will give my vote to you as a witness.

I expect many steemians will vote you too. Good Luck brother, @emrebeyler

Good luck!
Once you pass by me, I will disapprove you:)


Thanks for the vote!

Çok güzel haber, hayırlı olsun :)


teşekkür ederim, oy vermeyi unutmayalım. :)


verdik bile ;)

Nice to see that more people are coming forward and contributing to the network by establishing these types of nodes. I just donated a witness and seed myself. If you haven't already, Please consider also running a seed. We are in dire need of more of these. Good work!

Congratulations @emrebeyler ! I wish you success as you have until now. Good Luck!

  ·  last year (edited)

ok. I did vote for you. good luck.

Hayırlı olsun dostum. Umarım en kısa sürede ilk 50 içine de girersin.



Hey Emre, congratulations. Good move. Will give you my vote. I think you deserve it because of your continued support for the platform.


Thank you for the support @cutemachine! :)

Nice introduction. You've convinced me to vote you as witness and followed you. Good luck!


Thanks! Waiting to see your vote. :)

BitShares çevirisi yaparken benzer şeyler geçiyordu ama karmaşık cümleler olduğu için şimdi net hatırlamıyorum.. o yüzden en bilene sorayım;

Oy yüzdesine göre, sistem onaylaman için sana (sunucuna) rastgele blocklar mı gönderilecek,

Yoksa reismiz sen olduğun için ;) bizim blocklarımızı direk sen mi onaylayacaksın?
(böyleyse TR lokasyonlu bir sunucu bizler için daha güzel olacak demektir)


Rastgele hocam, sıralamaya göre :)


Ok. Teşekkürler.
// Üye sayısı 10 milyonlarla ölçülmeye başlasın, load-balancing-for-witnesses gibi atraksiyonlar gelecektir diye düşünüyorum.



Witness olayı da olduğuna göre artık,
Bi zapl, bi dMania, bi SteepShot gibi Steem Blok Zinciri üzerinde koşan, bunlardan farklı / ya da daha güzel bir proje bekliyoruz ;)

I voted you for witness my friend. @emrebeyler - Show some love in steem/sbd if you'd like :P

You got a 22.53% upvote from @upmyvote courtesy of @emrebeyler!
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masz mój głos


Thank you!

Hayırlı olsun, İlk 50'ye girmen dileğiyle 👊


Teşekkürler. 🤞

Good Luck!

You'll certainly get my vote

I willing, cast my vote with all pleasure for all your contribution to the steemit community.
Your contributions are worth more than just a vote

Hi @emrebeyler one of my free slot was closed for your upvote.
Plese see my introduce and feedback( articles. Thanks for impressing your opinion.

Hey buddy its great to know your running witness server now, You have my vote :) :)

Good luck! :)

Wow awesome post... I really appreciate your hardworking.... And I respect your experience.. Best of luck..Thanks

Excelente, gracias por contribuir con muchos de los usuarios de steemit como yo que trato de crecer y la verdad me sirve muchisimo te felicito amigo exitos

Ill give you a shot.. I appreciate the initiative

Hayırlı olsun. İnşallah ilk 50'ye girersin.

I just had a great time checking you out as a witness. Your it! Voted for you. Just keep the cool stuff coming guy!

Hello , I Upvote Your Post

Hey...Upvoted... :)

good article friend

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Hocam oyumuzu kullandık, hayırlı olsun. İnşallah ilk 50 de görürüz.

Thanks for the gift and i will follow and learn more about your contributions over time.

No problem to Vote you as witness. But may I have a request? Can I have your support to my post once a week? Or whichever support that is convenient? Please... @emrebeyler


As a writer I only hope for consistent support from you. And I will continue write my posts. Thank you!! Appreciate it!! I have voted you!! Cheers!!




Thank you too! I have new posts again, welcome! Wish you success!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello, @emrebeyler!! I've seen you have developed several things for utopian platform and partners. I have a question rounding my mind since a while. Why if utopian have a great platform where you can search for almost any information of the utopian posts, is Steemit left to only have good info about the 7 day monetization posts. Lots of good quality information, documents and opinions are lost. A researcher have to forget to search in here or have to search with random results with the google tool. I'm always questioning everyone I see could have some answer to this. I understand utopian have the best of the best of the developers, and their platform is growing fast in options, reputation and steem-pool rewards. Why is not doing so the Steem platform in general?
In the other hand, I will vote for you for your other projects, there´s a lot to learn in your steem-phython tutorials and other oportunities to grow!!!
All the best in the journey!!!

you've got my vote.

I already voted you dude!

voted for you, enjoy!


Thank you so much! :)

You have obviously done just as much for steemit! I am going in to vote you now for witness.


Thank you. :)


My best wishes.



I am Jan23com in discord. If you message me there, I would have 1 question, of which groups do you support.

Bir Türk arkadaşımızın böyle bir başarıya imza atması çok gurur verici. Başarılarınızın devamını dilerim.

I was thinking before who are the other witnesses that I should vote because I still got lots of available slots. And I can see that you have contributed so much to this community so I am voting for you, sir. Best wishes to you!

Voted, do good and improve this platform

You got a 12.16% upvote from @buildawhale courtesy of @emrebeyler!
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If you want to support our Curation Digest or our Spam & Abuse prevention efforts, please vote @themarkymark as witness.

I wish you more success

hadi hayırlısı

Hey @emrebeyler. I voted for you!

hayırlısı olsun hocam iyi yerlere gelmen dileğiyle.

Hi @emrebeyler.

Thanks for reaching out and good luck with being a witness. I have voted for you.

I can see that you have done a lot in such a short time and committed in this work.

better late than never, I just added one of my witness votes to your name. good luck and thanks for the 0.001 steem contribution

You have our vote! What is your discord channel? We have some potential Steem blockchain development projects that we would like to talk to you about.

I write python myself too. You have my vote!

Good luck sir , I hope the best for you :)

I approved @emrebeyler as witness.

I went ahead and voted you as witness :)

Do witnesses mine? Or just run servers? I have a water cooled amd ryzen 32 core threadripper cpu and was thinking of supporting this blockchain but its cornfusing...

You got a 1.48% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @emrebeyler!

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added you mate of course i would! :)

Sending out 0.001 Steem to people will not get you witness votes and isn't the way witnesses should operate.