Witness Update - DragosRoua

in witness-category •  8 months ago

Technical and Economical

  • kept my node running smoothly, with no missed blocks
  • kept my price feed bias at 50%. SBD price is trending lower towards the peg, so the need for a bigger supply is slowly decreaing
  • kept my SBD APR at 1%
  • kept my account registration fee at 0.1 STEEM, synchronizing with the majority of witnesses (I use a script called steem witness toolbox, available for free on Github, for publishing the feed price and adjusting a few blockchain props)
  • kept the block size at 65,536


I''m currently sitting at 58th position in the witnesses ranking, down one spot from last week, thank you for your support.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

Wanna know when you're getting paid?

I know the feeling. That's why I created steem.supply, an easy to use and accurate tool for calculating your Steemit rewards

It's free to use, but if you think this is a useful addition, I'd appreciate your witness vote.

Thank you!

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Keep it up @dragosroua ... " no missed blocks" is a big achievement!

You are one of the most consistent witnesses that i've seen so far around here on steemit, i'm sure you'll be able to reach top 50 soon enough!


Thank you for your nice words and for your support. I hope you're right :)


Consistency and hard work always pays off :-D

Awesome @dragosroua we love what you do, in full support always

well done , you become better and better from week to week

Great challenges and a great must to vote as a witness
But getting money needs patience and responsibility

Keep it up. I will support you all the way!

Great work keep up

this is called the consummation of a witness blogger...proud to be a follower..
thanks ,,wish you to get a good reward,,@dragosroua

Sorry to see you're down a spot @dragosroua although I suppose that just how it goes when you're in the middle-ish places?

I've been meaning to ask you . . .

kept my account registration fee at 0.1 STEEM

what does that refer to?


Every time an account is created on the Steem network, a small fee is paid (theoretically, the equivalent of GAS in the ETH network, but quite different in practice). That fee is paid from the @steemit official account and it becomes the initial funding in the new user's wallet, helping him interact from the day one. Sort of a user acquisition fee.

This was changed a few times during the last year, at some point even resorting to delegation for creating new accounts. In the next hardforks it might be possible to actually mine an account, as it was in the early days of Steemit.

You are one of the few witnesses that is fairly consistent and helping educate people.

You also run the kick ass steem.supply which is very useful.

Your activities Inspire us, keep going man...

It's people like you @dragosroua that make STEEMIT run smooth and the Social Media place to be. Produce Content & Comment and get paid with Real Crypto, How is that a Bad Thing ??

Wonderful work again as a witness this is great to know :) all the best

I'm behind you all the way @dragosroua, keep up the excellent work

Nice going...keep it up...Sir
Your consistency is immaculate...

Great work!
Good luck to the top! @dragosroua

We appreciate the updates. Keep up the good work!