Steemit, DTube Mentioned On Bloomberg, Following Social Media Giants Popularity Crisis

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Thanks to one of my followers, @hms818, I learned the Steemit has been mentioned in a longer piece published on Bloomberg, which tries to analyze the shift in social media caused by the latest crisis of giants like Facebook and YouTube.

It's interesting to note that the first mention on the article was @dtube, and after that came Steemit. @ned was also quoted saying that we've added more than 120,000 new users on the platform during last month, crossing the 1,000,000 threshold. Another interesting fact is that Libry only has 600,000 active users.

If you want to read the whole article, go ahead, and follow the link above.

I think it's a balanced view, overall, and it accounts for the slow, albeit consistent penetration of blockchain-based social media platforms in today's reality, despite the obvious difficulties of the start.

The market didn't seem to price in this news, so far, in any direction, STEEM is trading rather flat.

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I thought I began to loose awareness , but this will help speed the game up don’t you think. It’s also going to hvw an effect on prices and future of steemit

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Thanks for the mention @dragosroua ... highly appreciated!

thanks for the contribution :)

There is some good publicity in the article but it doesn't really show much about steem or the system. For people who don't know about it, the article could have given a bit more background.
Can't be a bad thing to make more people aware though.

It's another good bit of publicity. Steemit was mentioned on Forbes too this week. I'd hope that those with money to invest read these. I saw someone saying that Steemit seemed to be creating lots of accounts that look like bots. That's not what we need.

There's lots of bots. But the more popular Steem gets, the less power and influence those bots will ultimately have.

What I'm concerned with is the censoring of people on here by flagging their accounts to hell for differing opinions or 'wrong-think'. That is a system that is very flawed. Thankfully most of the Steem platforms show flagged posts by default unlike Steemit. However, it's still easy for the little guys to get their rewards stolen away for dumb reasons.

Flagging has uses to deal with abuse of the system, but some use it to suppress and criticism of what they do.

Yeah exactly. I think it would be better if X amount of flags got it forwarded to a moderator of some kind or a witness for review. Allowing others to remove peoples money for no reason is kind of messed up unless they're actually breaking rules.

It's all a compromise. People want freedom, but then they want to be protected. It's up to the community to do this

That's what I read

This is definitely good news for the community. It is somehow reassuring of Steem's eventual comeback. My fingers are crossed.

Flat before the flight.... We are rising soon.

This is a big step, we are not done yet, until we take steemit to jupiter. Bloomberg will boom it.

It might not have affected the price that much for now but that will surely attract at least few hundred users to the platform.

A bit of good and healthy advertising never hurts. I strongly believe in Steemit and I believe that there are still plenty of room for growth. We can still do a lot!

This is great publicity for Steem.

I've always wondered why they haven't dedicated any funds towards advertising the platform. It's awfully big with 0 advertising. Imagine what they could do with some good ol' marketing.

I'm not sure they feel ready for it yet. We need the next Hardfork before steemit can handle millions of new users. It's still a small player for now

Good point. As long as they have plans for it in the future. I'm sure a little advertising now wouldn't hurt though.

Oh well, more for us then right? :P

120,000 new users on the platform during last month !!!! Its really a huge amount.. Thanks @hms818 and also you for such good informative content

Really cool to see Steemit and DTube getting some press.

nice post

That's a pretty big number sir, but I have not tried @dtube, to be honest I still do not understand the whole about @dtube

Wooow its great its a huge number i did not know about this thanks for sharing its great information
120,000 new users on the platform during last month, crossing the 1,000,000 threshold. Another interesting fact is that Libry only has 600,000 active users.


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Thanks your good post,i appreciate you.

Thanks, that excelent, my regards from venezuela!

Steem moonshot soon pls :))
Great news

i don't knew about bloomberg. now i know about bloomberg. thanks to you & your one of the best follower. best of luck.

That's great for steemit and the main positive impact will be seen in upcoming day :)

I have read this article...good go see steemit and dtube getting mainstream attention...

Little drops of water makes an ocean,Lets keep at it,we gonna hit them hard...

it is a good news @dragosroua
i hope you will do same and teach also.
active member on steemit is 600000..
only half!!!

valuable content.
thanks for sharing.

good news