Witness Update - DragosRoua

in witness-category •  7 months ago

Technical and Economical

  • updated my witness node to 0.19.5 and it's now running smoothly, with no missed blocks
  • updated my price feed bias at 12%, SBD had a few small spikes lately
  • kept my SBD APR at 1%
  • kept my account registration fee at 0.1 STEEM, (I use a script called steem witness toolbox, available for free on Github, for publishing the feed price and adjusting a few blockchain props)
  • kept the block size at 65,536


I''m currently sitting at 59th position in the witnesses ranking, same as last week.

Vote for my witness with one click: Vote for @dragosroua witness

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Voted already @dragosroua for you to be witness. Happy to hear that you're on the 59th rank ... soon on the 1st 10 witness area.

Wish you all the best.

Great platform, the one you've created



Thanks for your support, appreciated :)

Nice work my friend

Awh, I never knew you're a witness already, I thought you are vying for the post. I've voted you as a witness. I wanna be like you someday.

Besides, what does it takes to be a witness?


Thank you for your support.

As for the question, I think it needs quite a bit of technical knowledge (both software and hardware) and a consistent amount of political and negotiating skills. On top of that, it requires to be very close to the community.

Excellent work you are the most active witness on steemit : )

Good job brother 👍
Please follback
Thanks u so much 😊

Good work brother..

Thank you Sir. To share a very nice post again. From this new post I can learn a lot about Steemit. Steemit is a very good web side. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the heads up

Nice update , thank you so much for your update news . Good job , carry on .

Thanks for sharing @dragosroua
Upvote you .