Update on the Witness thing that we do.

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Hi Everyone,

Since the Earth stopped spinning yesterday and @idikuci nearly got 3 restraining orders for trying "upvote" people in real life, we thought it best to acknowledge the occurrence that occured yesterday and caused no less than 15 minor heart attacks. While you think about that, look at our logo.

Thank you to @gnarlyanimations for designing our new logo

It's like magic! It Draws itself! over and over...

If you want to know exactly what happened in a technical way please
click here Our own quick german friend

or here warning: English is his second or third language.

or here Get some magical Goatee Action, now on Video

Or here Pretty sure Bob Bobinson was first to the punch with this one

Basically there is a lot of people explaining what went wrong. So, let's talk about what went right.

Ok, I got nothing, So instead let me distract you with a donkey.


Ok, so there is some good news, we've been running @comedyopenmic as a witness now for about 2-3 months (so many things have happened it's hard to track) and in that time we've produced 123 blocks, which is awesome. We now produce about 3 blocks per day at rank 99 (active rank 89).

But we still have a long way to go. We would love to rise up in the ranks enough to be able to give away even more prizes. For those wondering if you can trust a bunch of clowns to run a witness. The Answer is YES! And stop asking silly questions.

So come join our ranks we take comedy very seriously.

Check out the #comedyopenmic tag for great laughs

Check out the #comedyschool tag to learn how to make others laugh

Check out the #nsfw tag, when the wife is out of town. (We're not affiliated with that one, but it's a good one to know).

Check out the #comedyopenmicespanol tag, if you can habla.

If you want only the best comedy on steem check out the latest winners post

Click To Vote @ComedyOpenMic For Witness And Disrupt The Steem Blockchain With Laughter!
Support COM Banner

Thank you to @matytan for the great banner

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This looks like fun...exploring more of Steemit for a good time and a laugh. So important - thanks for all you do.

The tag is #comedyopenmic. Any time. Any day. Enjoy ;)

Fuck me, that's a cute donkey. What did we witness? Do you mean that thing we caught @diebitch doing?

You said we were to never speak of that.

No hablo espanol

I trust a bunch of clowns to run a witness.

I am a Spanish clown for #comedyopenmicespanol

Woop woop. Clowns from all nations is good for steem amigo

We are creating and bringing fun to the Blockchain.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

people in real life, we thought it best to acknowledge the occurrence that occured yesterday and caused no less than 15 minor heart attacks.
It should be occurred instead of occured.



You can't tell me what to do!!

Hahaha… now this made me laugh! 👏

😁😁😁😁😁!! Sweet savage, damn. Nice reply from @idikuci to a popping nose @grammarnazi


What a dcik.

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I still remember that dreaded night. I was trying to make a few posts before I had to sleep and start another dreaded work week the next day but nothing worked.