@blockbrothers SPS vote list update (January 2020).

Many Steemians have entrusted us with their proxy witness vote and this proxy vote also counts for SPS proposals.

As usual we want to be as transparent in our choices as we can.

We like to back several new proposals this month with our vote.




If anyone is against these choices let us know. Votes go out in a couple of days.


Other proposals we are currently backing:



If you support us please vote here for @blockbrothers or set us as proxy
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Hi there, sounds great how you held yourselves accountable to those who proxied their vote to you, that speaks highly of you.

I would like to have a word with you to discuss one of the proposals out there that you're probably not convinced about supporting, perhaps with your feedback we'll be able to tweak the proposal enough to get your support.

The proposal is the one from Steem onboarding.

With whom can I speak with to get your feedback?

Thanks in advance!

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