SPS Proposal for Steem Keychain Development

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About Steem Keychain

Steem Keychain is a browser extension currently available for the Chrome, Brave, and Firefox web browsers that allows users to securely store their Steem keys for multiple accounts and seamlessly interact with nearly all available Steem apps. It also provides a number of convenient features right within the extension such as:

  • Checking balances, resource credits, and voting power;
  • Transferring STEEM / SBD and viewing transaction history;
  • Managing power ups, power downs, and SP delegations;
  • Managing witness votes; and
  • Viewing and transferring Steem Engine tokens.

It is available to download and install from the following locations:

Request for Funding

@aggroed and I have been personally funding the initial creation and ongoing development of the Steem Keychain extension over the past year or so and we are extremely fortunate to have been in a position to do that - all thanks to the Steem platform and community.

Going forward, we would like to utilize the new Steem Proposal System to ask the Steem community to help support the costs of continued development and maintenance of this project in the future.

We are requesting 100 SBD per day for the next 6 months. This comes to 3000 SBD per month, which is approximately $2000 USD per month at current market prices for SBD.

The funds will be used to pay for development and/or design work to add new features to the extension, keep it updated with any changes released to Steem or Steem Engine, and fix bugs and issues that are reported. The amount of funds requested is an estimate of what may be needed based on past history, and any unused funds will be returned to the @steem.dao account to be put back into other projects.

At the end of each month we will publish a report detailing what work was done and what funds were used for the community to review. The list of tasks currently in progress or planned for the near future are as follows:

  1. Add the ability for apps to choose which RPC node the extension should use to broadcast transactions (from a pre-approved list of available nodes only for security reasons)
  2. Allow a default RPC node to be set and updated remotely by the development team
  3. Code cleanup and refactor
  4. Add ability for sites/apps that create accounts to automatically add the new account to the keychain extension if it is available
  5. Advanced design and planning for SMT / communities integration
  6. Improved documentation & error messaging
  7. Localization support

Why This is Important for Steem

Steem is a platform primarily focused on powering web applications, and as such it's very important that it be as simple and secure as possible for users to interact with those applications if we want to have any hope of serious growth. While there are a number of different ways to store keys and sign/broadcast transactions, a browser extension provides the best overall user experience without trading off security, which is essential.

Steem, unfortunately, doesn't have the best reputation within the cryptocurrency community, so if we want to have any chance of changing that perception we need to not only have all of the tools users are expecting, but they must be easy to use, well designed, and be actively updated and maintained.

Professional, user-friendly, well maintained products give people confidence in a project while buggy, complicated, and poorly-designed products drive people away. If Steem can inspire confidence in the community through the quality of its products and apps then that confidence should eventually be reflected in the markets.

Of course, professional, user-friendly, well maintained products require funding to create. It's usually pretty easy to tell which products were created by a couple people in their spare time vs the ones that have a properly funded team. Many of the projects on Steem in the past have fallen in the former category, but our hope is that via the new Steem Proposal System that will start to change.

That's why the SPS is such an important addition to the Steem ecosystem, but it won't achieve that goal by itself. It will require good teams to submit and deliver on great proposals, and it will require the Steem stakeholders to make smart decisions in the allocation of the available funds and to ensure that the teams behind funded projects actually deliver at the level of quality that we need.

We Need Your Vote!

The Steem Keychain extension currently has over 5000 users and growing (according to data from the Chrome and Mozilla web stores), and I like to think that the team behind it (including myself, @aggroed, @stoodkev, and @nateaguila) has a decent track record of delivering results. So if you feel that this is a worthwhile project and would like it to receive funding through the SPS, please consider giving it your vote!

You can view and vote for proposals at the following sites:

Note: This post has a 100% beneficiary set to @steem.dao


I just supported the proposal (transaction 7883f372b40065634f10e0a453032ddccf43fd36) and suggest others do the same! Keychain is critical for secure management of Steem private keys and as a fully open source project released under the permissive MIT license, I am happy to support it.

Very useful and convenient extension, I use it regularly.

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Voted. One of the best tools on Steem. So much easier to manage all the transactions involved with splinterlands, peakmonsters, nextcolony, and all the dapps of the future.

This has become an essential browser plugin for me, and given the project is open source, community support is a no-brainer.

Voted - thanks for all your hard work everyone! Love Keychain.

Sure why not.. So far we need this extension to make our life more easier..

best tool ever, could you please think about mobile solution as well? That would be so cool :-)

Missed you in Bangkok, had a list of questions, next time!

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We are definitely thinking about a mobile solution, but in the meantime you can try the Steem Wallet app created by roelandp. It has keychain support in its embedded web browser so you can use steem-based sites without having to log in with your keys.

You can use kiwi browser, it works perfect. Feel free to ask if any trouble you may encounter.

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You have my vote all day. Keychain is a huge addition to the blockchain and the team behind it have been part of the most consistent and positive developers on the platform. Keep up the good work.

I can't see why anyone would be against improving something most active users use.


Your proposal is now competing with my SCATTER proposal :D

jk they both are badly needed! no competition!

I use keychain all the time but would much rather use scatter now cuz i can SEARCH stuff :D i sit there SCROLLING through my keychain sometimes and i have to scroll twice because ill miss the token im looking for :D first world problems for sure.... counting my money takes too long lol

but when wallet pack is enabled we will finally get to use scatter like real blockchains :D haha then you can focus on STEEM monsters soon to be EOS and TELOS monsters too!!!! Cant wait to see DEC and ENG on newdex soon along with steemp ;) my SAND token paved the way! first triple chain token on steem eos and telos and soon, Dark Energy Crystals will be too and will make you so rich when newdex eos community sees a token for a game that already works and on steem so no cpu congestion lol. The future is using steem for games and social media, and just using eos to get the investors lol

While I still have to use keychain, I would really like the addition of search bars for my accounts and tokens :D I have SO many its really costing me time now lol

Good info, you are doing well for community awareness.

You've got my support man! Keychain is a great project and I use it on my services. Cheers!

hell yeah man! you should do a video about how to add keychain to a website, @achatainga showed me when he made that great accomplishment into developer land. i m learning to add scatter to things but when i do ill have something that can add scatter to any wordpress site via plugin! I even asked @ramijames about that idea he said he had teh similar idea, and seeing wordproof scatter login ON my wordpress with my 'sandiegocoin.org" with scatter showing up, its liek i ceated and got A scatter login insidemy wordpress, lol i couldnt believe it, i didnt have to do ANy hard developer work! then the "hard developer work' looks so easy when its done!

Anyway iof we could teach more people to install keychain into their website we could make anm ARMY of developers!

Of course, we vote yes.

Btw, I don't know if it's a bug that affects everyone, but when I sign transactions with keychain I am thrown out of the browser and back to my desktop screen. Can this be fixed? It is very annoying. I am using chrome on Mac.

Hi! It seems that it s a Mac related issue and Im developing on Linux env + testing on Windows, I ll check with the rest of the team for a way to pinpoint and fix the issue. Thanks for reporting it!

Yes I also experience a similar type of behaviour when using the 'fullscreen' browsing in Firefox (Only in Fullscreen, otherwise keychain shows up in it's 'regular sized' dialog box)

yea, I have the same, it is really annoying, I have my browser filling the screen but not on fullscreen and then it works... but still...

Same here with Brave on my mac.

Hi, @yabapmatt!

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It already works in Opera, I am actively using it thanks @yabapmatt

70 dollar a day for some browser plugin ? why wasnt i born in the land of milk and leaders of the free world hm ?

if you can get it get it, the application itself is pretty good

Good developers can make more than that in a single hour, I don't think that's much to ask.

Makes sense to me to fund with the DAO, voted.

Awesome. Voted and re-steemed.

Steem Keychain is a browser extension currently available for the Chrome, Brave, and Firefox web browsers

What is plans about support of opera or explorer/edge?

It already works on Opera, Im actively using it.

This is an awesome proposal and I specially am exited about item 6 on your list. Our users at steempeak.com will be greatly benefitted by better intuitive error messaging.

@proxy.token and KR community support your proposal! That's I voted on your proposal now.

I’d love to see added support for revoking app authorizations. I’ve found SteemConnect to be glitchy for me recently and unable to clean up & maintain some of my outstanding auths! Second everyone else on the mobile support as well.

It took me forever to finally get Keychain because I didn't understand how it really worked so didn't feel the need to get it. Now I wish I had installed it sooner! Logging in, completing transactions, checking balances; all seamlessly transacted with Keychain. I hope the team will receive the funding needed to make it even better (is that even possible?).

My first time trying the voting functionality with the Steem Proposal System. Seems easy enough, voted!

Wow excellent work keep it up

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I'm with mixed feelings about this one.
Its no doubt a great project, something that I use daily and a big congrats on you for doing it.

On the other hand, you are already top witness, both of you, have a working businesses with SM, and SE on the way.

Can you do this pro bono and leave some of the SPS pool for the other projects out there.

steem key chain has made life so much easier! I had to support this proejct

Steem Keychain is pretty awesome and has made things much easier and quicker for me.

..any unused funds will be returned to the @steem.dao account to be put back into other projects. ✅

At the end of each month we will publish a report detailing what work was done and what funds were used for... ✅


You guys have always delivered and I use SC everyday so you have my vote.

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Definitely voting for this.

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Using steem key chain and already voted your proposal. 🇵🇭

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It's a great tool, which I am using daily. You have my support!



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Emailed 👌

Powered by witness untersatz!

It's refreshing to see an excellent proposal, just need a couple more votes and you'll be there!

Yes! Keychain is amazing!
Voted and reblogged!

Supported. Any chance we can get a permissions manager integrated?

Sorry we're a little late to the voting... but seeing as this is an important feature for https://steempeak.com/ and all of STEEM we have voted it. Hope it goes well and look forward to seeing the potential changes.

@yabapmatt thanks a lot for developing so much things for steem blockchain, I updated my witness votes and still voting on you because you really deserve it. Check that here : [Updating my witness votes once in a few months !](Updating my witness votes once in a few months !)

Keychains is the best tool I have ever encountered compared to others. My proposal vote only for you. Cheers.

I have a question you may be able to answer. I had the keychain but somehow during a clean up of my computer it's no longer sitting in my browser extension. Do I have to apply for a new one or what steps to I have to take to reinstall the old one? It is a great tool, simplifies things greatly.

Unless you deleted and reinstalled your browser, it should still be there.
If you use chrome , right click on any extension icon and select manage my extensions, check if Keychain is disabled somewhere and reenable it, if you can't find it, Keychain is not installed, which means you have to download it from the store

Thank you, found it. lol.

Thanks for your nice work in the past,
you get my vote & resteem

I'd love an update on this project. It's been about 9-10 weeks of payouts since the last update. Looks like there have been a few bug fixes this year but not sure where the proposed additions are at.

At the end of each month we will publish a report detailing what work was done and what funds were used for the community to review. The list of tasks currently in progress or planned for the near future are as follows:

Also 3000sbd is now closer to $3000 usd ... does that change anything hopefully the ability to pay some new developers?

@jarvie the updates are being posted from the @steem-keychain account. Here is the latest: https://steemit.com/steem-keychain/@steem-keychain/keychain-progress-update-2

I will try to remember to resteem them from my account in the future.

Oh i guess i should have seen that since it'sa recepient of these badges i follow

Probably just make an update/edit to this post above that should do the trick

Vote from me. I wiss you best of luck

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