bitcoiner - Witness Update #23 - 2017-06-11

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My fellow Steemians,

Welcome to my witness update. This is something I do as some other witnesses do too. Hopefully, this will keep my followers and the community up-to-date with what I've been up to. Ultimately, I hope I may gain your witness approval vote.

  • Powered up all participants from my last giveaway, Steem Power Giveaway #7 - Completely Free!. In total, there were 83 STEEM powered up to 83 participants.

  • I've reached 900 followers! It was very recent that I reached 800 and 700 before that. At this rate, it'll be 1000 soon!

  • Became a PeerPlays witness! The PeerPlays blockchain has launched, and the GUI wallets have released. Earlier, I was in their testing phase and already went through 3 testnet versions as a test witness. There are many Steem witnesses there, so it's a friendly and familiar place. If you have a PPY balance from their ICO, you can now claim them and vote on witnesses. Please note that the inactive witnesses aren't listed inside the wallet, so you will have to enter their names manually. Mine is bitcoiner! =)

Steem and Steemit continue to grow larger and larger! This is evident in the dollar price it's being traded on the open market, currently more than two dollars, but also in the traffic on @steemitblog has more in their post State of Steemit: Big changes in Steemit recently!.

Thanks to everyone who have voted for me as witness. I am currently at rank 29! Thanks to all who support me and like what I do. It is all very much appreciated!

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Like my work?

Please vote for me as witness, every vote is important to me!

And Follow me! @bitcoiner

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Go @bitcoiner Go!!!!
soon you will have more then 1000


It's very exciting!

Congrats on 900 followers... thanks for being witness to this great community.


Thank you!

Thanks for the update


My pleasure!

thanks for the giveaway! i got 1 SP from you
gl on reaching 1000

Thank you for the update. Followed you.

Thanks for the giveaway - much appreciated


Aloha @bitcoiner! Have followed and upvoted witness in appreciation of the work you do for the community! Regards, a keen newbie-minnow :-)

hello @bitcoiner, followed and upvoted your witness! thanks for the updates :)

Wow, your .me site is cool... I like it.

thanks for the steem power giveaway

Thank you for upvoting my photo. If you like that one you may like my other ones.

Can you upvote my post,thanks.
And I need steem power!
Up voted you and just follow you!

Woah what a blog post... Great one!

Check out also BTC tips&tricks posts

Thanks for the giveaway. I got 1SP from you. I really appreciate it.